Zhan Long

Chapter 399

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Chapter 399 World Disparity

Letting my two swords drop, I charged at the front. My Magic Spite Armor gave off a glow, and behind me, my bloody War Swept Cloak fluttered in the wind. With a jerk of my left shoulder, I cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash], and killed a group of [Legend] Mages. At the same time, I yelled out, “Charge with me! If I’m killed, then you guys will just continue to advance!”

Clearly, going up against these 500 Mages, I didn’t have the confidence to survive. The most I could do in my current state was to break down the [Mana Shield]’s so that the other players of [Zhan Long] had the chance to kill them.

“Hong hong hong…”

Bursts of fire blossomed from my chest as my Magic Spite Armor took effect. One after another, numerous MISS-es flew up. On top of that, I was completely equipped with magic defense armor. Each of these Mages dealt 300-900 damage, nothing too critical. On top of that, Darling Duck followed not too far behind me with seven to eight other Healers also constantly healing. It wasn’t going to be that easy killing me when I had 8000 health.

My Flaming Tiger God had activated [Flame Armor] and sent long ranged attacks into the group. Unfortunately, he was killed within moments. My tiger had long been on the blacklist of [Legend]’s players. Xuan Yuan Feng had probably given a command to a team to specifically target my Flaming Tiger God.


My little tiger gave out a dying growl, and evaporated into a light which sent him into the pet dimension. At the same time, my [Soul Army] appeared in the air as seven stars began to move. I had already activated my teleportation, and disappeared in a flash of light to another place. My Emperor Qin’s Sword and my Cold Iron Sword crossed as I cut into the group, tearing down three Mages. Right afterwards, I immediately teleported again. Just like that, I used my [Seven Stars Teleportation] to move again and again. Within a short 30 seconds, I managed to kill several dozen Mages and Archers.

“F*ck, there’s no way to catch Xiao Yao Zi Zai. What should we do?” One of the [Legend] flag bearers stared wide eyed as he talked.

Xuan Yuan Feng’s eyes turned cold. He immediately locked onto a red target on the map and yelled out, “Based on some intelligence, this is a skill from the [Mohist Five Scrolls]. The [Seven Stars Teleportation] can only teleport seven places. Lock onto these seven places and keep spamming your skills. Xiao Yao Zi Zai can’t survive no matter how hard he tries. Now!”

In the blink of an eye, a blanket of firepower covered the sky, and my health hit rock bottom. I immediately retreated to let Darling Duck and the other Healers heal me. Xuan Yuan Feng was a smart player, and easily figured out the weakness of [Seven Stars Teleportation]. Indeed, I could only teleport between 7 different places. I can’t do anymore. The skill was ok for killing just one person, but once the enemy figures it out, it’s extremely difficult for it to succeed against a group.

On the frontline, Old K, Li Mu, and Wang Jian all charged forward. They took with them a group of heavy armor players. With a sharp blade, Gentle Touch stabbed a Mage in the chest, killing him. At the same time, he was swallowed up in a raging fire. His death in battle meant that [Zhan Long] was starting to lose their top level players.

In the midst of painful cries, I charged at the formation. Even I was killing one enemy for every guild member that was killed. As their numbers began decreasing, our frontline was continuously cutting into [Legend]’s core formation. Finally, at the price of many brothers that had died in battle, the team of long range players that Xuan Yuan Feng had was basically killed by us, while the [Zhan Long] frontline close combat players had only had a hundred people left. Adding the long range players and support players, we didn’t have more than 300 people.



On the other side, Misty Cloud’s voice reached me. He had brought the remaining [Enemies At the Gate] players, and wildly charged forward. It was a completely desperate attempt. He cast several Four Symbol Guardian skills, cutting the [Legend] players so much that they were constantly wailing in pain. Unfortunately, both sides were exchanging a life for a life, and there were much fewer [Enemies at the Gate] players. They went from the initial 11,000 people to only a 1000 people.

[Blood Contract] was even more desolate. There was probably around a hundred players left. They were even more miserable than [Zhan Long]!


I pointed my blade forward and shouted, “Brothers, we’ve almost killed our way to [Legend]’s main formation. If we continue to attack, we’ll waste them away, and make sure that [Legend] disappears from Hell’s Core!”

Everyone charged forward. This was the nth time that I summoned my Flaming Tiger God. I was continuously advancing, letting my two swords dance wildly through the battlefield. There were countless souls who had died under my blades. I looked like I had just come out of a blood bath. With a wave, I cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash,] and cut through the group of people. Like this, I became the first person to reach [Legend]’s main formation. I gripped my sword, and wanted to return to get the rest of [Zhan Long]’s players.

Right at that moment, a familiar wail traveled across the battlefield. It was Bai Qi’s voice. His two legs had been bound by frost, and his chest filled with arrows and balls of magic. His body was practically torn to shreds. With a grunt he fell to his knees, his battle axe dropping from his hand and his eyes swollen, “Motherf*cker, you again, Fang Ge Que….”

It was Fang Ge Que’s [Spiral Ice Dance] that had killed him. On top of that, Fang Ge Que had also brought 3000 of the main guild’s elite. Finally, [Zhan Long] had attracted his attention.


Old K raised his battle axe, “I’m going to f*cking cut down Fang Ge Que!”

I immediately yelled from afar, “Old K, get the f*ck back here! You want to take your brothers to their graves!?”

As I said that, I began advancing forward again. I opened my hand and cast [Great Realm of Desolation] into the distance!


Three Emperor Qin’s Swords cut through the air and hit with a “keng!”. Fang Ge Que retreated several steps, dodging the skill. His eyes glared at me from the distance, as he sneered, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai. You’re still alive. He he, such a strong bastard….”

Maybe my existence threatened Fang Ge Que, so he did not continue pursuing. Old K and Li Mu led 300 of [Zhan Long]’s men and charged out of the field. They then assisted [Enemies At The Gate] and [Blood Contract] in the slaughter of the encircled troops. In less than one hour, we went from 5000 people to 1500 during the struggling battle. [Legend] was having a rough time too. At least 4000 of their people were cut up and killed by us, causing their major force to suffer huge losses.

“Let’s go!”

I waved my sword and pointed directly at a highland in the distance as I said, “Let’s retreat to that area to occupy a position of high ground. If Fang Ge Que and his men dare to approach us, we will suppress them. If they don’t dare to come, we will find a new chance to attack!”

Misty Cloud picked up his longsword, “Yup, whatever you say!”

The 1500 people rushed straight towards the highland. The people occupying the highlands were mostly the members of [Enemies At The Gate]. As they looked down on the battlefield, they noticed that the fires of Jiu Li City badges were almost linked up into a single long line. On the other hand, not a lot of our Ba Huang badges were left. On the interface of the city war, the comparison between the numbers of both sides began to differ greatly again——

Jiu Li City : 52737 people

Ba Huang City: 17639 people

Looking slightly tired, Misty Clouds sat on a huge rock. He stared at the long sword in his hand as he muttered, “I thought we could win, but I didn’t expect that the gap between [Zhan Long] and [Legend] would be so large. Xiao Yao, did you also feel that fear that fills your heart when you were battling against [Legend]? We can’t win against [Legend] with our condition now…..”

I nodded, “Yes, [Legend] still has a major force of 10000 men, yet our Ba Huang City’s major force were already worn out and depleted.”

Han Bei Song clenched his fists and exclaimed, “No! Are we really going accept this? Should we just watch that arrogant Fang Ge Que take away the Citadel Defending Decree? All of the brothers from Ba Huang City did not fight and struggle to watch ourselves result in failure!”
General Li Mu said, “Maybe there’s another chance. We just need patience now.”

Wang Jian agreed, “Yeah, There are still 17 hours until the City War ends. Fort Zi Feng has still not been taken by anyone, and the winner in the NPC war between Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City is still undecided. Therefore, we still stand a chance.”

Misty Cloud said, “Actually, [Legend]’s 10,000 men are the only ones that we really cannot win against. If we can annihilate them, then……then maybe the rest of the 40,000 Jiu Li City Players are all just cannon fodder.”

I took a deep breath and said, “Everyone, rest for some time. There are still almost 3000 Jiu Li City players defending against us under the highland. We don’t have a lot of potions, equipment, and cards in stock, so now isn’t a good time to struggle in a battle.”

Qing Qian pulled my wrist and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, Look. I think they withdrew their garrison?”


I looked down the mountain with the help of the moonlight and saw one of [Legend]’s flagbearer leading the evacuation of 3000 men. However, a small guild soon came, and guarded the bottom of the mountain with the same number of 3000 people. Seeing this, the corner of my mouth curved up as I replied, “They are not withdrawing their garrison, but relieving their garrison!”

Wolf looked down the mountain and asked, “Does Jiu Li City plan to use just 3000 people to trap us?”

I shook my head and answered, “Unlikely. Fang Ge Que also knows that these 3000 people definitely cannot trap us. He is probably just trying to gain some time. Now, the thing that Fang Ge Que most desires to do is to annihilate [Vanguard], [Prague] and [Flying Dragon]. Once these three guilds are destroyed, the last hope of Ba Huang City will disappear as well.”

Misty Clouds chuckled, “I smell a massacre again.”

I laughed out loud, “Have everyone prepare, we will charge down the highland five minutes later, and get rid of these 3000 people. Then, we will attack the tail of [Legend] and suppress them!”


Five minutes later, 1500 people charged down the highland, and wiped out their 3000 people like fierce tigers springing down on prey from the top of the mountain. We slaughtered them with only a loss of 100 men. The difference between the strength of the individual players is too big. Our first class players would suffer almost no damage when slaughtering them.

Yet, news arrived at this moment——

[Prague] defeated!

Yan Zhao Warrior dead!

[Prague] has only less than 50 members left and retreated into the city, struggling to eke out a living by relying on Ba Huang City’s NPC army.

[Flying Dragon] defeated!

Soaring Dragon and Drunken Spear all dead!”

[Hero’s Mound: First Division] defeated!

Cang Cheng dead!

[Thousand Burial] defeated!

Not Ordinary, You Yi and Bai Mo Yan all dead!

Under the attack of [Legend]’s major force, [Vanguard] also suffered a disastrous defeat!

With less than 200 people, [Vanguard] traveled to the south of the Fort, and was no longer able to battle.

A harsh reality was laid before our eyes. Ba Huang City’s 10,000 combined elite force was slaughtered by the 20,000 [Legend]’s members. Most of our major force had been annihilated. In fact, [Enemies At The Gate] is now the only guild that remains somewhat intact.

Staring at the data and information floating on my screen, I gritted my teeth, and clenched my fists tightly and asked, “How did this happen……. How are our men so vulnerable?”

Li Mu patted my shoulder and said, “It’s because Fang Ge Que is too powerful. This has nothing to do with our strength……”