Zhan Long

Chapter 397

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Chapter 397 Battle with Ye Lai


The sound of the swords smashing into shields echoed continuously. As Lu Chun Yang struck down heavily, Goodbye Tears was forced back many steps while his feet dragged a deep cut in the sand. After experiencing such a fierce blow, Goodbye Tears raised his head, and a sneer formed at the corner of his mouth, “Lu Chun Yang, is this all you got? I dare you to kill me! If you dare, I will recognize you as my father!”

Lu Chun Yang knit his brows and remained silent. He took his sword and positioned it horizontally, as he lowered his body and he continued attacking. With a “Shua shua shua” sound, his long sword trailed three fierce slashes in the air and successively struck Goodbye Tear’s shield as a “Keng keng keng” sound burst forth. No matter how sturdy Goodbye Tear’s defense was, his health still dropped below half.

“What are you guys waiting for? Bombard him!” Goodbye Tears roared in anger.

North Pole held his staff and laughed aloud, “What for? Just let Lu Chun Yang keep attacking. I’m still waiting for you to call him ‘honorable father’…”

Don’t Be Foolish also grasped his shield and snickered, “Yes, Bald Donkey, you’re so blessed to be able to get a new dad….”

Goodbye Tears raised his long knife and attacked Lu Chun Yang’s shoulder and sneered, “What are you laughing about? You two better not forget that we three are good brothers. So if he’s my dad, then he’s your dad too!”

Don’t Be Foolish shuddered, “F*ck. North Pole, let’s go! Today, it’s either Lu Chun Yang dying or us!”

North Pole raised his hand and continuously chained multiple spells as Lu Chun Yang’s health immediately dropped below 50%. Don’t Be Foolish charged directly forward and positioned his shield, and smashed into Lu Chun Yang with a “Peng” sound, Knocking him over. Lu Chun Yang miserably tumbled numerous meters away on the ground before he managed to stand up. He then held his sword and fled back to [Legend]’s army line. As he ran back, he yelled, “These three people of [Vanguard], you guys better wait! I will return to take your heads!

Goodbye Tears patted his bald head and shouted back in high spirits, “You better f*cking come! If you don’t come and kill me, I will look down on you!”

“Pa Pa Pa……”

Before Goodbye Tears’ voice faded away, numerous arrows thudded into his bright and clear forehead. In the distance, two [Legend] Archers held their longbows and exclaimed with an astonished expression, “The defense of this bald donkey is so high! He isn’t dead even after being shot by so many arrows…”

Carrying his long knife, Goodbye Tears backed away, face blanched, as he uttered, “Brothers, I am hurt….”

Don’t Be Foolish reddened, and exclaimed, “Brother, don’t die! If you die, how should I care for your wife…..”

Goodbye Tears widened his eyes and yelled, “F*ck you. Just because of you, I will definitely build an invincible body and stay alive!”

Don’t Be Foolish was speechless.


Jian Feng Han held his sword and slashed continuously, killing a dozen of [Legend]’s players. He raised his hand, and used [Corrupt Wolf Edge] to instantly kill an Archer. He knit his brows and bellowed, “North Pole, Don’t Be Foolish, and Goodbye Tears, stop acting cute. Hurry up and restore the array! This attack from [Legend] is truly too fierce! Command the array to stick close to [Prague] and fight by their side. If not, we won’t be able to defend against [Legend]. In addition, command our Wind Elf Mages, Musketeers and Archers to fly up and attack [Legend] from the sky! Kill and wound them to the greatest extent! [Legend] is a sword that is too sharp! We’ll only die miserably if we keep defending!”

North Pole nodded his head, “ Got it. Guild Master leave it to me. We three brothers will take on the responsibility for the future of [Vanguard].”

Jian Feng Han’s mouth twitched, “ How can I feel reassured by this… cough cough, forget it. Do your best…”

On the other side, Fallen Wolf carried his battle axe, and charged into the mass, loudly yelling, “ Players of [Vanguard] strike back for me! Tear up [Legend]’s array, and crush this myth of the world of online games. [Vanguard] will never lose to them, and especially not to to Fang Ge Que!”

Before Fallen Wolf’s voice died away, a spiral of ice rose up from beneath his feet and immediately bound him, restricting his movement for 2 seconds. The spiral of ice was the product of Fang Ge Que’s [Spiral Ice Dance]. Unknowingly, Fang Ge Que had already arrived the frontline under the cover of the large crowd. With the [Spiral Ice Dance] targeting Fallen Wolf, Fang Ge Que commanded, “Kill him!”


As many ice arrows flew forward, “Pu Pu Pu” sounds burst forth, and a gush of blood splashed in all directions. Fallen Wolf’s body trembled violently as he was almost turned into a hedgehog in an instant. His battle axe had already dropped when he knelt slowly onto the ground, and his eyes widened as he cursed, “ Damn you, Fan Ge Que…”

As Fallen Wolf fell, Fushen Thousand Blade immediately came over to take his place. Carrying his spear he began to furiously swing it killing three [Legend] players while shouting, “ Lock your [Heal]’s onto me, we must defend this position. All Swordsmen come with me and rush, Fan Ge Que would never allow [Legend] to retreat, let them meet their demise!”

Fan Ge Que’s eyes turned cold, and flames lingered around him, he commanded, “ I’ll use a triple attack on him, no amount of health will save him. Follow my orders!”

After Fan Ge Que commanded, at least 20+ [Scattered Shots] slammed into Fushen Thousand Blades. Fan Ge Que raised his arm as his whole body became a wild flurry. He sent out three spells, [Blazewind Lock], [Ice Rock Blast], and a [Fire Ice Storm]. They flew directly at Fushen Thousand Blades, causing large damage numbers appeared above his head.




Terrifying damage numbers appeared, however the attacks did not kill their target as too many people were around Fushen Thousand Blades. Even though his health had already reached more than 10,000, right now he had less than 10% of his remaining health, and he was on the the verge of dying.

“Outta my way!”

A raging roar was heard from the side, and a ferocious warrior stormed forward with a battle axe in hand. The badge representing the Guild Master of [Judgement] was seen on his shoulder. Under the effect of [Consequence of Pride], he swung his battle axe horizontally, and the combo of [Holy Fire Cut]+[Divine Weapon Breaker] fell on the shoulder of Fu Shen Thousand Blade as he yelled furiously, “Die!”



It was the effect of two successive fatal strikes. Ye Lai’s attacks were not ordinarily overbearingly ferocious. The time between these two attacks was not more than 0.1 seconds. The Healers could not heal in time, and Fu Shen Thousand Blade fell on his knees to the ground with eyes filled with incredulity as he muttered, “This…How is this possible… What the f*ck is this damage…”

Ye Lai did not back away after killing Fu Shen Thousand Blade, but held his battle axe and slashed his way into the formation. His hands opened and another whirlwind of flames strangled dozens of [Vanguard] players while the fiery phoenix on his shoulder cast fire spells repeatedly. Behind him, hundreds of [Judgement]’s melee players followed, and the battle situation seemed to have descended suddenly, forcing [Vanguard] to concentrate on their formation.


Jian Feng Han’s [Through the Clouds Slash] fell among the crowd of [Legend] players, and killed numerous people as he hastily retreated, shouting in anger, “Come! Kill Ye Lai with me! Kill him!”

Ye Lai held his battle axe and burst out in laughter, “Do you think I will be afraid of you?”

His battle axe dragged a beautiful trail in the air. After the “Keng” sound rang out from the clash, Jian Feng Han and Ye Lai each went several steps back! Their strength was basically equal! Jian Feng Han raised his hand, and a [Corrupt Wolf Edge] blasted away 3000+ points of Ye Lai’s health, while Ye Lai slashed Jian Feng with [Holy Fire Cut], forcing him to back away continually. There were no longer techniques in this messy battle, but just ferocious all out heavy swings.

“Guild Master!” One of the team leaders of [Judgement] gnashed his teeth and said, “Let’s retreat! There are too many [Vanguard] players here! No human can endure this rain of arrows that they just unleashed…”

Ye Lai’s chest was pierced by arrows and he replied with tightly knitted brows, “Yes. Let’s retreat! A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. We have done everything to help [Legend]! Let’s go slaughter the people of [Blood Contract], and kill Han Bei Song first!”



I unsheathed my Emperor Qin’s Sword abruptly and bellowed, “Brothers, it’s our time to act!”

Li Mu exclaimed excitingly, “Who should we attack first? [Legend] or [Appearance Alliance]?”

I shook my head as I looked at Ye Lai who was charging back and forth among the crowds, and answered, “Let’s kill Ye Lai first. This guy is too strong. If he continues to attack like this, the elite players of Ba Huang City will all be sliced to death. Dancing Forest and Qing Qian, work with me. We must strive to kill Ye Lai in an instant!”

“How? Ye Lai’s control and consciousness is unordinarily powerful. He won’t let our long range skills get close to him…… If we did get close to him, it might only result in us dying…..” Dancing Forest said with a slightly worried tone.

I nodded, “Yeah, I know. I will be going backwards for some distance when I fight Ye Lai later, and it all depends on you two during this time. I am Lv 75 now and Ye Lai is Lv 74; one level higher than him. When he uses [Divine Weapon Breaker] he will be stunned for at least 1 second, we will use this chance to kill him! He won’t get away!”

“Yes, alright!”

I led the 1200+ people of [Zhan Long] and charged towards Ye Lai. In the distance,Ye Lai also saw me and laughed as he asked, “Guild Master Zi Zai, you are finally here?”

I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword and shouted, “Ye Lai! Let’s fight a battle of life and death!”

Ye Lai replied, “Yes! Just what I wanted!”

Ye Lai led hundreds of [Judgement]’s players that survived and charged forward. Although these fellows looked shabby, they possessed extremely explosive force, and everyone knew about this. Plus, I knew that Ye Lai’s goal was very simple: to kill me before all of [Legend] got annihilated. Killing me would be eliminate a terrifying opponent for Jiu Li City in the battle for the Citadel Defending Decree. Knowing this, I had to fight because I wanted to kill Ye Lai as well. Even though we were friends, it was impossible for us to coexist in this battle!


With the blessing of [Conflagration] , scarlet flames materialized above Ye Lai’s battle axe as he led a group of players toward us. With a loud roar, he leapt up, and struck heavily with his axe, sending out a [Holy Fire Cut]. His attack was simple yet quick and fierce, and all my ways of retreat were blocked.

I positioned my Cold Iron Sword horizontally and parried!!


Sparks flew up in all directions as I managed to block the attacks but suffered around 20% of the damage. I took two steps back and hurriedly used [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]. Two “Pa Pa” sounds were made on my chest as I was stunned by a [Scattered Shot]. Ye Lai thundered as [Divine Weapon Breaker] and [Skyshaker Slash] were dropped together. He opened his hand as a [Flame Beacon] burst out almost simultaneously. These big combo skills erupted with the fiercest speed. At the same time, two Swordsmen darted towards me from the side with five golden hexagrams floating above their swords. It’s the effect of [Combo]!

I bellowed in the guild channel, “Heal me! Quick!”

Darling Duck and the other Healers were already healing me at full speed, but my health still dropped rapidly. It instantly dropped to around 20%. In critical health, [Combo]s from two Swordsmen came towards me. Regret filled my heart as I asked myself, “Is this how it ends?”

Behind me, the shadow of a beautiful figure shuddered slightly. It was sister Matcha’s protection skill!”

“Pa Pa Pa……”

The attacks of the [Combo]s had all been transferred, and Matcha took all the damage for me!