Zhan Long

Chapter 385

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Chapter 385 Sowing Discord

Fang Ge Que used several AOE skills as usual to run up his score. Meanwhile, Simple became the person with the highest score from Ba Huang City since [Vanguard], [Prague] and [Legend] all had conflicts during the City Battle. Simple probably managed to cut down quite a few people, but she still couldn’t manage to be as brutal as Fang Ge Que. Even as a top tier Mage herself, there was too much of a disparity between the two.

It was within expectations that long distance players like Bai Li Ruo Feng and Mu Xuan managed to collect many points in this city war. As for close combat players, I came in on top. Jian Feng Han, Ye Lai and Lu Chun Yang came afterwards. What gave me the greatest joy was seeing Li Mu and Old K both on the rankings as well. In such a large scale event where hundreds of guilds were participating, [Zhan Long] managed to get three people into the top ten places. It was practically a miracle!

All in all, of the top ten rankings, Ba Huang City took five places while Jiu Li City took the remaining five. There was definitely much more to this battle, and we were so evenly matched that it would definitely take a while before we got to the end!

On top of the Fort Zi Feng wall, a line of energetic barbarians began pounding their war drums. As the drums rang through the air, they began to energize the numerous barbarian soldiers at the foot of the wall who charged out to attack. However, a loud drum doesn’t necessarily mean a strong army; the Ba Huang City players coordinated with the NPC army as they rigidly held their formations. The rest racked up kills with auxiliary support from the back.


“Ka cha!”

With a swing, I cut down a barbarian soldier, getting a card at the same time. It was a “Barbarian Soldier Card” and raised critical damage by 15%. It seemed pretty good, since my attack was already high enough, another 15% increase to my critical attacks would be extremely advantageous. Besides, my full suit of Valkyrie and Emperor Tier equipment added three points to all of my stats, that would mean that my agility would have an overall increase of 300+ points. These agility points could also increase my critical by 20%. Adding 15% to that would give me an almost 40% boost in critical damage. That meant that practically every two hits would result in critical damage. The effects would be extremely great!


Once I used the card, I raised my sword and activated [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. Consequently, a group of barbarian soldiers cried out as several high damage numbers flew out——






When One Second Hero saw this, he was stunned and exclaimed, “Eh… Aren’t those attacks from Guild Master just a little too much? With that one slash, he practically dealt 300,000 damage. That’s way too OP…..”

Wang Jian laughed out and said, “If you get some barbarian cards then you should use it as well! The effect is pretty awesome. That 15% critical boost is actually pretty terrifying. Li Mu and I have both used it already, and we have risen into the rankings as a result!”

“Got it!” One Second Hero continued to spam kill the monsters.

Qing Qian gripped her daggers as she darted around the front line, killing barbarians one after another. She put forth all her energy, activating [Grip of the Firefox] and [Flame Beacon] frequently. The barbarian soldiers basically couldn’t fight back at all against this beautiful Assassin’s attacks. There was a reason for Qian Qian’s determination. Before the battle, we made a deal that during this City War battle, whoever got the highest number of city war points would be considered as having given a contribution to the guild, and so that’s why Qing Qian has been so determined in killing the monsters. Her completely determined face would melt any heart.

Old K and Li Mu fearlessly charged forward as the monsters left standing before[Zhan Long] decreased more and more. Numerous monsters soon became scattered teams, as the dead barbarians became experience, equipment, and other rewards. I was very satisfied, to see that my efforts in establishing [Zhan Long Hall] had not gone to waste, and that this function was truly helping the guild. The rewards from killing the monsters only incited more competition between the elite of [Zhan Long] as it was a rare honor to be able to enter [Zhan Long Hall], and everyone was doing their best to achieve that.


Close to two hours of fighting, we had successfully repelled the barbarians time and time again. In the beginning, we lost a few of our brothers because our formation hadn’t stabilized yet. But after fighting for an hour, we practically suffered zero loses while our experience skyrocketed. Finally, under a golden ray of light, I had risen from Lv 74 to Lv 75. I finally met the requirements for using the battle cape!

“Damn, Brother Xiao Yao is finally Lv 75!” Qing Qian looked over and smiled, “Soon, soon. You should put on the cape and show everyone! It’ll definitely be very hot!”

“Got it!”

I was also very impatient, as I pulled the off Cloak of Disillusionment, and donned the War Swept Cloak. “Ka La,” the snow white cape on my back fluttered. A violet-gold armor plate gradually formed on my shoulders, displaying an imposing spiral blade edge. Adding onto the luster of my bright orange armor, the impression I gave off had changed drastically.


Matcha was in a daze; a pair of beautiful eyes looked on with amazement, before turning around and lowering her head as her cheeks flushed.

Song Han exclaimed, “Matcha Sis, why are you blushing?”

Matcha stroked her blade handle, pouting as she shyly replied, “Ahwoo… Boss is so dashing….”

Song Han, “….”

Yue Qing Qian and Dancing Forest both nodded in unison, “Y..Yes.. so handsome….”

Li Mu laughed out loud, “ Xiao Yao, the important thing is that your attributes should have increased a lot. Afterall, it’s a Lv 75 Valkyrie Tier equipment…”

I nodded and looked at the attributes. Seeing my stats, they were indeed mind-blowing. I smiled and announced: “Health 8005, Defense 3448, Attack 3157-4231, Mana 2746. Anything you wish to comment on?”

Li Mu was speechless, “What more can I say? This armor is just too sick…Even I believe that my own equipment was already strong; after all, it’s one of the top in Ba Huang City: Health 6100, Defense 2659, Attack 2431-3667, Mana 1740.. but how could our attributes have such a big difference… Especially the defense. If you are an Iron plate, I’m just paper….”

Dancing Forest widen her eyes and said, “Don’t be like this, with a defense of 2659 you claim to be paper, how about my defense of just 1600, it just makes me not want to live anymore…..”

Wang Jian smiled, “Alright, because Brother Xiao Yao has the strongest attributes, from now on we can just hand over everything for him to deal with!”

I grinned, “ OK, let’s continue to finish up these barbarians, we should be getting the next mission after this!”


In a blink of an eye, another hour passed. The group of barbarians had all been cut down. The gates were flooded with corpses, and the City War had been going on for 7 hours. People were getting tired as Fort Zi Feng’s gates were closing. Defense officers held onto their heavy swords and growled, “Close the gates. Nightfall is approaching, we need to survive through the night. We’ll start fighting tomorrow morning! If anyone attempts a raid, properly receive them with our arrows!”

“Yes, your honor!”

On the fort, numerous barbarians were ready with their bow in hand, eyes full of killing intent.


Lifting my hands, I placed my Emperor Qin’s Sword back to its sheath. I lifted my head to observe the situation, and turned around to face a ground full of tired Zhan Long players, “Li Mu, it’s already 7pm, let’s have everybody go offline and take a break? Let them have their meals and chat for a bit. Killing monsters and PKing at such a high rate is just making everyone tired, we should be ready for a fierce battle around midnight.”

Li Mu nodded, “Ok, let’s do just that, so shall all of [Zhan Long] go offline?”

“Yes! Ba Huang City army of 100,000 wouldn’t be affected by a mere 3000 of us going off ! Let me go to [Prague], [Vanguard] and [Flying Dragon] and inform them!”


Li Mu went offline to to deal with the matters. I took my Flaming Tiger God, and went to the eastern part of the city. From afar, a few large guilds were preparing for combat. I began to walk forward. Seeing me, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior, Soaring Dragon, Tyrant of Western Chu, and Wang Ze Cheng also brought their people and walked towards me. The large groups of people met one another.

“What’s the current status?” I asked

Jian Feng Han frowned, “ Not too good, [Legend]’s strength is too powerful. Even with our [Vanguard] joining with [Prague], we did not manage to get the upperhand. Adding in [House of Prestige] flanking us and [Appearance Alliance]’s sudden surprise attack, our [Vanguard] has lost 65% of our effectiveness now, [Prague] is the same. We can only rely on the small guilds to fight some of their players. We must save our effectiveness for later on to counter our current decline. Although Fang Ge Que isn’t too smart, a master like him would not be baited so easily.”

I looked up into the sky as the waning moon began to rise and took a deep breath, “[Zhan Long] will log off first and take a rest. [Enemies At the Gate] and [Blood Contract] should do the same. Everyone else should look after Ba Huang City. Don’t make any rash decisions. Now that night has fallen, the big guilds from Jiu Li City will probably maintain their current strength. If we were to make any sudden movements, they might ambush us. There’s only so many guilds from Ba Huang City, losing even a single one is a significant loss.”

Yan Zhao followed up, “Yup, we know. Come back soon [Zhan Long]. We still need you to defend the southwest side of the fort!”

Wang Ze Cheng smirked, “That’s right, how many of [Zhan Long]’s players are even left?”

I rubbed my chin and said, “Around 3500+.”

At that point, the Vice Guild Master next to Wang Ze Cheng, Windy Walker, laughed out and said, “The rumored undefeated [Zhan Long] only has 3500 left? Hahaha, what a joke. They don’t even have as many people left as our [Hero’s Mound: First Division]! That’s just hilarious!”

“You better shut the f*ck up right now!” I glared at him.

Yan Zhao growled out, “Cang Cheng, you better reign in your subordinates! What do you know, Windy Walker? Even though [Zhan Long] doesn’t have many men, I, Yan Zhao Warrior, know that these 3500 men under Xiao Yao have the strength of 35000 men. With just 5000 men, they had the courage to take on [Judgement] and [House of Prestige] who have formations of over 30,000. Does [Hero’s Mound: First Division] have that kind of courage? If you don’t then you better shut up quick. What we need right now at the front lines are warriors, not scum who try to spread discord!”

Wang Ze Cheng hesitated for a second, before smiling and saying, “Yea, alright. Windy Walker’s words were rather senseless. Guild Master Yan Zhao, please don’t get angry. Think of it as a favor to me, and [Hero’s Mound]. In the next battle, we, [Hero’s Mound: First Division] will use our all to continuously advance and defend. We’ll definitely reserve no force!”

“Yeah, That would be good!”

I nodded, “Alright, then I wish you all a safe journey. I’m logging off!”

After bringing up the system dashboard, I logged off to rest!