Zhan Long

Chapter 352

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Chapter 352 A Trap!

The next day, I continued to search around the Icy Forest Graveyard map. Once again I found a large amount of Spirit Recovering Grass. In the afternoon, Matcha sent me a message.

“Boss, Our First Division’s Wang Jiang is coming to Suzhou from Hangzhou. He’ll be here at around 1. Did you know about this?”

“I didn’t. What happened?” I asked.

Matcha opened her voice message and said, “It seems like it’s about Rainy’s problems. After Rainy is finished with her classes, she’ll come here as well. She’ll probably be here in an hour or so. It should be the problem regarding her brother, so…..”

I frowned, “Why didn’t Rainy listen to me. Hmph. If they come, then they’ll come. Go pick them up later and I’ll come over to the studio as well.

“Okay. I’ll contact them then. They’re probably almost here. I’ll make a reservation at Hu Spices then.

“Okay. Thanks for telling me. I’ll come over right now.”


In the afternoon, I wasn’t with Wan Er and Dong Cheng like usual. Instead, I was standing in front of Hu Spices.

In the restaurant, Matcha, Song Han, Old K and Fox were there already. There were also two others. One was the 20 year old Rainy who was still in college. She was fairly pretty so I’d give her a 7. The other one was Wang Jiang. A 20 year old youngster with large eyes. Seeing me come over, he immediately stood up and respectfully said, “Guild Master!”

I laughed. “No need to be too polite. Sit.”

Rainy’s eyes were red and swollen as she looked at me and said, “Boss, I really…. I really don’t know what to do. There isn’t any information regarding my brother. The police couldn’t find any clues about his whereabouts either. I think…. If I stay in Suzhou, I’ll be able to find him. At least… at least I’ll be closer to him…….”

I took a deep breath and said, “Rainy, don’t worry too much. They’ll find your brother. You…. You should stay over at the studio tonight. Stay with Matcha. That way I’ll feel a little more assured about your safety.


After settling Rainy and Wang Jiang down, I stayed at the studio for a bit to check over what’s been happening. Although we have a large shop with a massive fortune, the studio did not meddle with any of [Zhan Long]’s funds. All the profits were used to buy equipment for the guild members. Good thing Matcha and Old K were able to level fast, the studio’s improvement was very impressive.

In the afternoon, Rainy cried a few more times. Wang Jiang carefully comforted and looked after her. We could all tell that this kid really cared for Rainy. Maybe it was the result of love. As for what happened to Rainy, we can’t do anything but pray. Qin Meng ending up in Blood Scythe hands means that his life was left up to fate.

I waited until around 10 at night before changing into a nice shirt and bringing out Xiao Hei.

Matcha smiled, “Boss, Where are you going in the middle of the night all dressed up like that?”

“Uh….” I wavered. “To help Rainy look for her brother. Haha. Leaving in the middle of the night is a bit more convenient.”

Sitting on the sofa, Rainy stood up, “Boss. Really? But… but somehow I feel like you’re lying to me. I feel like you’re going to a bar, dressing all nicely and stuff. You also brought along a guitar….”

I replied, “Rainy, you gotta trust me. If I say I’m helping you find him, then I’ll be looking for him.”


Rainy forced a smile, “Then work hard, Boss!”

“Okay. Stay here and wait for my good news!”


After leaving, I went straight to the base. There, a twenty-person squad was all ready. I quickly changed into my battle gear as well, and put my badge onto my shoulder with a “Pa” sound. Next, I put two army knifes on each of my holster and strapped Xiao Hei onto my back. I had my handgun as well. Since the operation didn’t need it, there was no need to bring a sniper rifle.

Everyone was ready. Wang Xin waved his hands and said, “Li Xiao Yao will lead. Since Shen Bing is familiar with the area, she’ll go as well.”

On the side, a fully equipped Shen Bing smiled and nodded, “Okay!”

I stared, “Sister Shen Bing, you’re going as well?”

“What? Afraid that I’ll drag you down?”

“Not, But…..”

“No buts. Let’s go!”



After getting into the car, we ventured deep into the city at night. At around 12PM, the car stopped in a small alleyway. I gave my signal, and the group quickly got off the car without a sound. Shen Bing carried a sub-machine gun and was trying to get off as well. I grabbed her hand, and she turned to stare at me, “Hey. What are you doing?”

I looked at her. “Sister Shen Bing, you’ll follow me. Make sure to be careful……”


In front, a member unlocked the door to the mall and with his signal, everyone entered. When we got in, Shen Bing turned on her flashlight and thoroughly scouted the mall. Shen Bing whispered, “That door, it’ll lead us underground. Let’s go!”

Two members swiftly opened the door and went straight down.

I also extended my Yi Hai and didn’t feel any super powers within a 5 kilometer radius. I could tell that something was wrong, but we couldn’t turn back now. After following them, we entered the secret room in the basement. The hall was dark and felt damp on my skin. My shoes made a crackling sound with every step. There was also a strange odor pervading the air.

“What happened?” Shen Bing asked when she noticed my reaction.

I blinked a bit. “I smell something……”

“What do you smell?”

“The scent of human blood…..”


By then, three members surrounded the door in front of us and said, “Boss, behind this is the 3rd level basement. It’s locked electronically. What do we do? Force it open?”


I unsheathed Xiao Hei and rushed forward and slashed the lock with one stroke!


The lock broke in half and activated the alarms. Shen Bing quickly moved forward and disabled a wire, causing the alarms to shut off. After the doors opened, an even more foul scent wafted through.

I quickly lifted my hands and turned on the flashlight on the gun to scan the dark room. There were large containers all over the room; all of them were filled with human body parts. Some of them only had limbs soaked in some sort of water. There were some scales on the limbs as well. These were probably some failed experiments.

“Don’t touch anything!” I yelled.

Shen Bing held a heat detector, “Li Xiao Yao, I see…. I see that the container in front of us has a strong life force. What’s going on?”

“What? It detected a strong life force?”


One of the members quickly moved forward, extended his hands to try and turn off the switch connected to the container.


I quickly yelled and walked forward. Looking at it, there was a message lighting up on the top. I couldn’t understand it at all. Shen Bing walked up as well and said, “It seems like there should be a human…. or should I say, some sort of animal in here…..”

“Boss, do we open it or not?” One of the members asked.

I gritted my teeth. “If we don’t open it, we’ll be going back empty-handed. You guys move away. I’ll open it!”

“Why?” Shen Bing asked.

“It’s safer this way!”

Shen Bing pulled me away. “No, you’re the leader. How can you go and do such dangerous task?!”

I sighed and said, “Sister Shen Bing, just listen to my order. It’s because I’m the leader that I have to do it. Everyone fall back until I make sure it’s safe. Quickly.”

The members all quickly retreated. I walked up and extended my hands towards the lever for the huge container and slowly opened it. After opening it, a “Chi Chi Ya Ya” sounded out and steam began leaking out. After looking inside, I was surprised to find half a human body in there, containing only the chest area to the head. The rest were cut off already. However, this person’s eyes were still open. He revealed a mocking smile and stared at me, “You’re finally here?”

I suddenly noticed a trigger beside his head that activated time bomb. It was starting to tick!


I quickly yelled, “Fall back now, there’s a bomb!”

The countdown was set to only a second. As I started yelling, I could already see the bomb starting to explode. I quickly raised my internal energy to the maximum level, as the air around me started to spin. This was the only mode of protection that I could think of. After turning, I quickly hugged Shen Bing who was the closest to me.



A loud explosion echo sounded from behind me. My body felt scorching hot as Shen Bing screamed. The explosion hit at least 10 meters around us. The other members quickly ducked for cover in order to dodge the incoming debris.

I felt a piercing pain on my back. I knew that no matter how strong my internal energy was, I couldn’t block a modern day bomb, So I gathered all my energy around me to protect Shen Bing.

My mind went blank. All I could think about was Shen Bing’s desperate screams.


“Li Xiao Yao…… Li Xiao Yao…..”

After waking up again, I was lying down in the center of a hall. Shen Bing was crying while hugging onto me. After seeing that I woke up, she rubbed her tears and said, “You finally woke up. You finally woke up. Thank god…. Thank god…..”

I used my strength to try and move my body. After looking around, I said, “Sister Shen Bing, We…. We fell into a trap, didn’t we?”

Shen Bing nodded with tears in her eyes, “Yeah. Those Blood Scythe bastards. Planning a trap like this for us…..”

“What are the casualties?”

“One dead and six injured. You’re also heavily injured……”

I tried to feel my body’s situation and said, “Two bomb fragments are piercing my back….. Take me back to the base quickly.”


Fortunately I began gathering my energy before the blast. If I hadn’t, those two bomb fragments would’ve pierced my body. Then I would’ve really been dead.


Back at the base, Wang Xin’s eyes were red from waiting. He slammed his fist on the desk, “Bastards. Those bastards are really fucking crazy. I…… I’ll… definitely destroy them all!”

I shakily stood up and extended my arms towards Wang Xin’s shoulders, “Did the medics arrive? Get the bomb fragments.. out…..”

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