Zhan Long

Chapter 285

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Chapter 285 – Who Gets It?

Carrying the Soul Barrier Shield, Wang Ze Cheng resolutely led the squad to rush under the city. As soon as they entered the shooting range of the strong NPC archers located on top of the city, numerous arrows immediately darted down. However, Wang Ze Cheng possessed 2900+ basic defense. As the arrows left trails of red sparks on the shield, each arrow only produced about 100 damage number, thus making the effect of the [Heavenly Shield Wall] even stronger. Although arrows were everywhere, through ceaseless healings of the 20 Healers following Wang Ze Cheng, they amazingly persevered!

“F*ck…… “

At [Prague]’s camp, the jaw of the Vice Guild Master, Wind Walker, dropped at the sight and he muttered, “Cang Cheng’s defense is seriously superb. I see why everyone claims he’s the Knight in Ba Huang City with the best defense. His reputation is true…..”

Yan Zhao Warrior grasped the blade, and ground his teeth, “Hmph!”

“Guild Master. Should we still kill him?” Inquired [Prague]’s elder, the Lv. 63 Swordsman, Heavenly Hero.

Yan Zhao Warrior calmly replied, “A promise can’t be taken back once it is made. As long as Cang Cheng doesn’t approach our defense, we won’t kill him……”



Seeing that Wang Ze Cheng would soon be leading 300+ players of the first rank guild [Hero’s Mound] across [Prague]’s camp,  Li Mu clenched his fist and asked, “Should…… should we just sit and watch Cang Cheng leave? [Hero’s Mound], the first rank guild, still wishes to eliminate [Zhan Long]….”

Lian Po flashed a crooked smile, “Hmph,  maybe it’s better if we let him go. He’s just a homeless dog……”


I unsheathed my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and held the sword in my hand as it glowed brightly.

“Xiao Yao, what are you doing?”  Lian Po questioned in astonishment.

I stared at Wang Ze Cheng in the distance and answered coolly,  “I will never have mercy on a person like this. You guys wait for me here, I will return after I slay Wang Ze Cheng.”

“You…… Alright……” Lian Po helplessly replied.

Yue Qing Qian chuckled, “I just admire this character of Brother Xiao Yao. Brother, let’s go. I will accompany you there!”


Dashing there with her blade in hand, Yue Qing Qian activated [Absolute Step], and her speed became faster than mine. Both of us quickly arrived near [Prague]’s defense, which we needed to break through in order to reach Wang Ze Cheng’s attack range.


Heavenly Hero lifted his sword and roared, “[Prague] reorganize your troops.  [Zhan Long]’s Guild Master, Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Vice Guild Master, Yue Qing Qian, please stay away. I hoped you two are able understand our difficulty!”

“What difficulty?” Yue Qing Qian glared with her beautiful eyes and uttered coldly, “Brother Xiao Yao. I will help you dash across! ”

The beautiful Assassin used [God’s Dance] for support and suddenly smashed against the defense. Waving her arms, she used [Twin Blade Harmony] and thrust the between the gaps of the shield wall. With a “Shua” sound, she forced back a few of [Prague]’s Knights. Yue Qing Qian stared emotionlessly, “Don’t stop me, or else don’t blame me when I retaliate later!”

Immediately, a group of [Prague] players were dumbstruck; they were all veteran players from [Prague], so they naturally understood the extraordinary strength of the beautiful female Vice Guild Master, Yue Qing Qian. Once she said those words, quite a few of the members already started to back off.

Yet, Heaven’s Hero kept his sword raised and resisted. With a sweep of his sword, “Keng” it collided with Yue Qing Qian’s dagger. The precise amount of strength put in jolted Yue Qing Qian, and abruptly pushed her back a few steps, spinning as she was flung backward!


I quickly flew forward, catching the beautiful female Vice Guild Master in my embrace, while seizing the opportunity to brandish my Emperor’s Qin Sword and aim a [Wind Blade] towards Heaven’s Hero. He trembled with fear as he too, raised his sword to use [Skyshaker Slash] to meet my attack. Had he gone crazy, trying to contest me in strength?!


Energy swirled and raged about as a shock wave surged forth with the two of us as its epicenter. I dashed forward a number of meters while Heaven’s Hero was thrown up into the air with his sword, and they both raggedly fell into the crowd. In regards to our current attack power and strength, mine were at least 50% higher than his; thinking of competing with me based on strength was a fool’s dream.

With Yue Qing Qian in my embrace, I pointed the tip of my sword and yelled in a low voice, “Whoever dares to make a move of Yue Qing Qian will be declaring war on I, Li Xiao Yao. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try it!”

Yue Qing Qian snuggled into my chest with a red face, not saying a single word.

Yan Zhao Warrior’s voice sounded out from behind me, “Relax, let Xiao Yao Zi Zai and Yue Qing Qian go. Li Xiao Yao, leave quickly; if you dally any further, Cang Cheng will bring his men and leave the firing range of the NPCs!”

The shield formation immediately moved apart. I looked towards Yan Zhao Warrior with gratitude, before putting down Yue Qing Qian and leaping over, buffing myself with [Haste] as I looked towards [Hero’s Mound] in the distance. Humph, Wang Ze Cheng must be killed, else [Zhan Long] would never be able to establish itself in Ba Huang City. I had to tell Q-Sword not to use the First Division to probe us out; if he dared to, then he would have to give up on [Hero’s Mound]’s main division’s ruling position in Fan Shu City and come to Ba Huang City to duke it out with [Zhan Long]. What was there for us to fear?!



My Purple Boots kicked up the grass and dirt as I rushed near. Soon after, [Hero’s Mound]’s people had already detected me. A female Archer pulled back her bow, and shouted, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai has come, this is bad!”


A [Scattered Shot] flew towards me, but I suddenly paused and greatly dropped my speed. The arrow flew straight past my nose, causing a huge MISS to fly over my head. I also felt excited; having been in the game for more than a month now, I was already accustomed to all the operations in the game. My ability to manipulate the controls had greatly increased. As long as I focused on battle tactics, my overall PK abilities were not any less than Q-Sword’s or Jian Feng Han’s.

“Protect the Guild Master!”

A group of [Hero’s Mounds]’s Knights began to form a defense to protect Wang Ze Cheng, who had receiving the NPCs’ arrows and only had 50% health remaining. It was precisely because he was screening this way that his guild members had not been immediately killed!

I slid toward the defense, and suddenly lowered my body, [Blade Rush]!


Piercing through the defense, the tip of my blade trembled, and I directly sent a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] in Wang Ze Cheng’s direction. At the same time, a group of Healers were also along my line of attack, killing multiple birds with one stone.



A chain of damage numbers flew up. Wang Ze Cheng had lost 2019 health; as for the Archers and Healers, they had been instantly killed!


Seeing his health drop so much, Wang Ze Cheng’s face grew ashen. He was smart enough to realize that his current terrain was completely out of his control range. Besides, my second attack was approaching!

Extending out my five fingers, [Great Realm of Desolation]!

Three images of my Emperor’s Qin Sword appeared and abruptly pierced through Wang Ze Cheng’s body, causing a huge damage number to fly up, while also one shotting the person who possessed 2900+ basic defence power. What could I say, even though he had 2900+ basic defence power, at this moment, I possessed almost 8000 points of basic attack power. This difference was too overwhelming!


As the damage points flew up in the air, both of Wang Ze Cheng’s knees fell weakly to the ground, and he gazed at me with hatred, “Li Xiao Yao, you’d better make sure you remember this moment!”

I returned my sword to its sheath and coldly replied, “I never remember the times when I kill noobs……”

I turned around and left, leaving the players of the [Hero’s Mound]’s First Division an incomparably respectful view of my back. They did not dare to chase after me, since even their iron-like leader had been dispatched; the rest of them would not be even worth mentioning.

Miserable howls echoed in my ears. Having lost Wang Ze Cheng’s ability to draw away and tank the firepower, a huge group of [Hero’s Mound] First Division’s players had completely become easy targets for the strong NPC archers atop the city walls; only a few dozen people managed to escape, while the rest could only turn into corpses under the city walls, It was unfortunate that no one dared to pick up the dazzling golden ring that had been dropped by Wang Ze Cheng in fear of being killed…… although [Prague] had the strength to obtain this ring, even the shrewd Yan Zhao Warrior would not exchange the lives of players for equipment, as this would harm the trust within the guild.


Returning to the front of [Zhan Long]’s camp, I looked to the side and saw the BOSS had 7% health now. However, there weren’t really any guilds attacking it. There was only a group of smaller guilds recklessly attacking while also being massacred by them. For an Emperor Tier BOSS to not die after this long, it was truly hard to kill it. But if [Vanguard] and [Prague] were added into the equation, then it would take no more than 10 minutes to finish this fight.

“Guild Master, do we attack the BOSS now?” Li Mu asked.

I looked at the Dragon Tortoise’s remaining health and shook my head, “There’s no need to rush, let’s not move out for now…but come with me for now and approach the BOSS. Prepare yourself for now, there will definitely be a lot of people ready to attack at this opportunity, but we still have an advantage…”

“What advantage?”  Old K asked.

Yue Qing Qian laughed, “Brother Xiao Yao has the superiority in attack power. The Dragon Tortoise only has 3000 Defense, but if you add the tortoise shell, then it’ll have over 15,000 defense! If you look at the Archers, they can only attack the smaller units; when the BOSS’s health drops, then within Ba Huang City, only Brother Xiao Yao could immediately end the life of the BOSS. That is our chance!”

I nodded my head and laughed, “Yea, the Dragon Tortoise has 700,000 health, so 1% of his health is around 7000. I estimate a single [Combo] and [Great Realm of Desolation] would be able to cause enough damage to it. If we wait for the BOSS to drop to 3% health before we move out. then it’ll be a definite success! Li Mu, Wang Jian, Qing Qian, Old K, you guys help me get rid of all the distractions like [Vanguard], and [Prague]. They won’t let us kill the BOSS easily…”


A group of people were rapidly approaching; it was our 50 players from [Zhan Long]. They were around 40 meters away now; any closer, and they would be in the Dragon Tortoise’s range of attack, which would become a spectacle too horrible to watch.

Not too far away, the Guild Master of [Misty Palace], Misty Cloud, hacked away at the Dragon Tortoise’s shell and yelled, “Xiao Yao, why aren’t we attacking?”

I looked off into a distance, “Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior haven’t made their moves yet. Be careful, and don’t let them mount sneak attacks!”

Misty Cloud immediately lifted his battle axe and laughed, “Forget it, even I’m not that foolish. When it reaches 2% health, we’ll even risk our lives to charge forward and get the last hit…”


An endless sonata of players screaming played in my ear as countless of players started to die. At the same time, the Dragon Tortoise’s* health was getting lower and lower. [Vanguards]’s men did not hold back as Jian Feng Han lifted his own sword up. However, the 13 Eagles stayed behind; This was their strategy: a group of heavy armor players would lead the charge and use [Skyshaker Slash] to bring the BOSS to 2% health.


When the BOSS’s health reached 5%, I growled out, “We can’t afford to wait anymore, charge in! Misty Cloud, you lead the assault. Let’s see who can land the final attack!”


In the distance, Jian Feng Han raised his Flaming Cloud Sword, “13 Eagles, attack!”

Yan Zhao Warrior’s lowered his sword, “Forward!”


* Originally Dragon Turtle, which is wrong, since Turtles live in water, while Tortoise live on land

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