Zhan Long

Chapter 274

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Chapter 274 – Through the Clouds Slash

With the Emperor Qin’s Sword on my shoulder, I smiled: “Too bad there aren’t many PK fights here, or else I could trigger my Emperor Qin’s Sword’s [Kill For Blood] effect. Yesterday, during the group battle at Magic Tracking Forest, I added 221% to my weapon’s attack power. It was too awesome! Haha….. ”

Note: [Kill For Blood] With each kill, the weapon increases 1% attack power. Adds the damage done by the weapon, instead of the one dealt onto the player.


Li Mu, glanced at the [Flying Dragons] that were not far off and said with an evil smile, “Actually, you could go there to pick a fight and kill some people in [Flying Dragons]. Then, the weapon damage would grow, and the probability of seizing the final BOSS would also increase. Tsk tsk, honestly, your Emperor Qin’s Sword is seriously omnipotent. If it killed 1000 players, 1000% weapon damage would be added, and your attack power would be 20000? Cang Cheng, with 2900 defense, would probably die in one strike……”

I continued shouldering the Emperor Qin’s Sword and replied, “Nah. Respecting life is an attitude towards life. It also wasn’t easy for others to level up. As long as they aren’t the enemy, I won’t willingly kill them.”

Behind me, an Archer helplessly interrupted, “Guild Master, your sword is jabbing me…..”

“Oh. Sorry, Brother……”

“It’s alright. Just promote me to senior leader and I will forgive you.”

“Go away. You dare threaten me, a minor leader? Discharged……”

“Brilliant leader, don’t fire me. I planned to use this position to pick up ladies. Based on the fact that I’m a 34 year old who’s still not married and goes on blind dates daily, please forgive me. I will repay you with loyalty and devotedly serve [Zhan Long]…… ”

“…… ”

Matcha’s beautiful lips quirked up slightly. She had already gotten used to these shameless conversations from the different kinds of people in the [Zhan Long] guild. While staring off into the distance and carrying the Glass Spear of the Dragon Soul, she uttered, “Each wave will have one BOSS. We don’t know which gate the first wave’s BOSS will come out from either. Wuwu…I hope it’s where [Zhan long] is located. That would be good…..”

“I am afraid it’s the opposite……” Li Mu answered with his fist clenched. “Newest update. A Purple Tier goblin leader BOSS appeared south of the City of the Ancients. [Vanguard]’s 17000 main players are defending there. If nothing unexpected happens, that BOSS will definitely fall in the hands of Jian Feng Han. A Purple Tier BOSS would definitely be killed in five minutes max……”

Holding his war axe, Old K laughed in high fighting spirit, “Li brat, should we bring some people over there to snatch this boss?”


I calmly explained, “It’s just a Purple Tier BOSS, we won’t benefit anyways. [Vanguard] also has about 20 times more people than we do. Let’s just wait here quietly and concentrate on slaughtering monsters. I’ve already checked: a wave of monsters increases our guild’s level up progress by 5%. After we slay 9 more waves of monsters, our guild will rise to Level 4. This is more important.”

Old K nodded, “Alright, we’ll listen to you!”

After less than three minutes of resting and waiting, the system bell rang in the air. As expected, Jian Feng Han had killed the BOSS——


System notification: Congratulations to player Jian Feng Han, who successfully killed the first boss of the [City of the Ancients] in Ba Huang City. He was rewarded +1 Charm, 5% experience in his current level, and receives the S rank Skill book【Through the Clouds Slash】!


“So sad…..” Matcha chuckled bitterly as she held the spear, “I thought it was only a Purple Tier BOSS, so the results would be simple. It actually also rewarded charm stats and an S rank skill book. Er.. let me check…… [Through the Clouds Slash] is an AOE skill book. It’s great for Swordsmen and Knights to learn, and it has a 20 meter attack range. Now Jian Feng Han’s attack stats will be even more perfect……”

Li Mu was jealous to death, “A Swordsman that possesses an AOE skill is a perfect Swordsman. So far, in [Zhan Long], only Guild Master is a perfect Swordsman….Wang Jian, the others, and I don’t even count. So sad……”

I smiled, “Stop bullshiting. It’s just a BOSS. There will be 9 more major BOSSes in the City of the Ancients. Keep working hard. A BOSS will definitely come out from here, the north gate, and we will seize it then……”

“And fight against the [Flying Dragons]?” Li Mu questioned with a smile.

I laughed as the Emperor Qin’s Sword in my hands flashed, “Yup. Why should the current [Zhan Long] yield to to [Flying Dragons]? Let’s fight. I wouldn’t want the [Flying Dragons] to acquire skill books to strengthen our enemies……”



Around 10 minutes later, the gate of the City of the Ancients slowly opened, and a blood-colored flood flowed out. This time, it was a troop of dwarf warriors clad in blood red armor. These Lv 67 Dwarf Berserkers were just skeleton warriors. These lifeless beings that had been dead for years, rushed into the battlefield with war axes, coming to give us experience!

“Defend! The levels of these monsters are higher and their attack is even greater!”

I swung the Emperor Qin’s Sword and bellowed, “Don’t try to attract the monsters to the front of our camp. Let them come looking here in hostility by themselves, and we’ll kill them when they approach. Don’t allow the Dwarf Berserkers to assemble in front of us. We won’t be able to handle them!”

The crowd nodded. [Pillars of Fire and Ice] flew into the air, as [Zhan Long] continued to maintain the advantage of higher damage output. Compared to [Zhan Long], the nearby [Flying Dragons] seemed more conservative. Although they definitely had the advantage in numbers, they only dared to attack after they had arranged five rows of defense. But this was also why they could hold their ground!


The Dwarf Berserker brandished his war axe and struck the Knight’s shield. Immediately, more than ten people in the [Flying Dragons]’s first line of defense died. The Healers almost couldn’t keep up with their healing. Soaring Dragon’s face turned slightly pale. and he thundered, “Hold it. All third advancement Knights use [Heavenly Shield Wall] now and hold your ground!”

Black Tortoise faintly replied, “Leader, we only have 7 third advancement Knights. There’s no point in giving us this specific command……”

Soaring Dragon’s face turned green, “Damn. You should have told me that earlier……”


Not far away, [Zhan Long]’s large group of people burst into laughter. Although [Flying Dragons] had more people, [Zhan Long] did better in the area of developing talented people.

Li Mu questioned as he struck out with a [Skyshaker Slash]. “Eh. Who’s our statistician? Let’s see how many third advancement players we have?”

“It’s me……”

Matcha said as she waved her hand, causing a [Phantom Ray Slash] to slice through the monsters. “The leveling progress of [Zhan Long] is advancing well these days. Our guild has a total of 117 third advancement players. Among these players, there are 19 third advancement Swordsmen, 14 third advancement Knights, 21 third advancement Mages, and 11 third advancement Berserkers. The rest are of other professions.”

I asked with a smile, “What about our [Heavenly Shield Wall]?”

“Wanna see?”

“Show me……”


Matcha suddenly moved her shield and roared, “Complete Shield Wall!”

Instantly, the 14 Knights in the front line all raised their shields. Buzzing sounds burst forth as shields magically appeared, grew larger, then solidified and froze in front, forming a metallic wall before [Zhan Long]’s camp. This was the effect of the shield wall, the skill that the third advancement Knights were all proud of. This [Heavenly Shield Wall] formed by a group of Knights was impregnable; even the elite forces wouldn’t be able to destroy it instantly. Of course, if a group of third advancement Swordsmen used [Blade Rush], which could thrust through any obstacles, then even the shield walls would not be able to defend against it.

The Dwarf Berserkers’ war axes clashed against the shield wall. Not much damage was caused; it was totally endurable. The difference between third advancement Knights and second advancement Knights could instantly be recognized. Levels meant everything. With the support of advanced skills and resistibility, even those with weak equipment could resist.


Flaming Tiger God raged through the monsters. With 1800+ defense, it had around the same defense as middle or high level Knights, and with its ability to recover through [Blood Drain], it had no problems keeping its health up. Also, the three main skills, [Flame Claw], [Fierce Roar] and [Burstfire Raid], could focus on targeted killing. It immediately cleared a path within the swarm of monsters. As a group of Dwarf Berserkers charged towards the tiger for blood, I controlled and activated the skill [Flame Armor]!

Pieces of flame armor appeared around the little tiger, one by one. All of the Dwarf Berserkers’ attack damages decreased to about 200. The defending effect of this [Flame Armor] was even better than my [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]. It was also why the tiger could charge through monsters as if the area was deserted…….

Experience kept rising like crazy. Not long after, someone had even received a Devil Token, and was beyond ecstatic.

After nearly an hour, numerous carcasses of the Dwarf Berserkers lay beneath the city. The battle was at its end. The second wave of monsters had been blocked by us, and [Zhan Long] hadn’t really suffered any losses either. We had replaced a few groups on the left side; it was too easy to die when group members did not have good teamwork.

“This time the BOSS should be coming to our side right?” While holding her staff, Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands flew up to look into the distance. Suddenly, her eyes widened, and she chuckled, “Boss, the BOSS is really coming out of the north gate. It’s really the BOSS, a Lv 67 Purple Tier BOSS…… ”

I stared into the distance. Sure enough, among the swarm of Dwarf Berserkers, a brawny dwarf holding a black war hammer strode out. With a rotten body covered by armor, he looked distantly with bloodshot eyes and roared, “For the glory of the war hammer tribe, we will never yield to the shameful humans. We will never be slaves again. KILL. Kill all of the humans!”

Finally, about 100+ monsters led by the BOSS rushed toward us. With our [Zhan Long]’s position just in front of the gate, we were the first to face them. Of course, the BOSS would naturally be ours.


However, just at that moment, within the nearby camp of the [Flying Dragons], Soaring Dragon waved his hands and bellowed, “Fierce Tiger, bring our first team to steal the BOSS. This King Of The Berserkers is ours. No one else can take it away!”

“Brother Xiao Yao!” Wolf also panicked, as he raised his dagger and looked towards me.

Wordlessly, I lifted the tip of my Emperor Qin’s Sword and bellowed. “I will go below the city and attract the BOSS here. Li Mu and Matcha, prepare men to assist me!”

Almost at the same time as me, Fierce Tiger led a troop of a hundred men, and darted below the city. 100 yards below the city was still within the elite NPC archers’ attack range. Despite knowing this, nobody cared, for the sake of going after the BOSS!


“Quick. Draw the BOSS’ aggro! Wind Elves Archers, attack from afar!” Fierce Tiger yelled, as he ran with the war axe in hand.

“Shua shua……”

Two Wind Elves flew up at the same time. Unfortunately, before they even reached the sky, they were shot down by the Lv 70 elite archers defending the walls!

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