Zhan Long

Chapter 238

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Chapter 238 – Who is the Prey?


Jian Feng Han’s eyes burned with anger, his Flaming Cloud Sword carried a [Skyshaker Slash] as his sword came towards me towards me. He wanted to finish me in one move; this I already knew. After Jian Feng Han forced me back with [Skyshaker Slash], he would then follow up with [Corrupt Wolf Edge]. Under such a combo, my health of only 700+ had no way of handling it.

Under the effects of [Shield of the Crimson Dragon], I lifted my sword to try blocking Jian Feng Han’s [Skyshaker Slash]. There was no way to avoid it. Jian Feng Han’s agility was about the same as mine, so his hit rate was very high. He definitely wouldn’t give the attack a chance to “MISS”.


Sparks lit up the surrounding forest; Flaming Cloud Sword’s attack was really high, I was losing by quite a bit. As I quickly retreated backward, I turned to look at the ground behind me. Behind me there was a short, solid stump. Piercing the Frost Rain Sword, I twisted around with a “peng” while my Purple Dawn Boots stepped onto the short stump. Using strength to propel myself, my entire body landed in a field of grass with a “swoosh”!

With a “Peng” sound, [Corrupt Wolf Edge] arrived behind me, right after I moved out of the way. It directly broke the short stump into pieces; Jian Feng Han’s attack was really showy!



Flaming Tiger God’s roar disturbed the entire forest. Its body suddenly grew bigger, and [Burstfire Raid] swept through the group of people. Jian Feng Han brought along 9 people, one of them was already dead, while the other two archers had lost more than half their health from the [Burstfire Raid]. Before they could react, my Flaming Tiger God let out [Fierce Roar].


The sound wave swept across the grassland, and the 2 archers died immediately. Another Lv 60 third advancement mage’s mana shield was also shattered. With a quiet shout, I locked onto the mage with my hand and activated [Great Realm of Desolation].


After that, Jian Feng Han had only 5 people around him. That group included Fushen Thousand Blade the monk, 2 swordsmen and 2 archers; both were DPS classes. They no longer had any healers!

Quietly waiting in the grass field, I used [Heal] 3 times consecutively to fully recover my health. Flaming Tiger God, using its powerful mobility, leapt into the grass to escape the attacks. However it still took one of Jian Feng Han’s [Skyshaker Slash]s and only had 1400+ health left. Good thing it was a Valkyrie Tier BOSS pet, so its health regeneration speed was fast. If it was not attacked within 2 minutes, it could almost completely recover its health. We hid under the cover of darkness. There would be another chance; we could wait.

Twisting my head to look toward the west, the last ray of sunlight disappeared from the sky. In game, night time had arrived.


Fushen Thousand Blade holding his staff, raised a fist, and said in anger, “Xiao Yao is really crafty. He killed so many of us in this way and can still retreat without dying…”

Jian Feng Han held the Flaming Cloud Sword tightly. With a pair of clear eyes that was full of battle intent, he smiled slightly, “It looks like I have taken Xiao Yao too lightly. His current battle tactics and decision-making have grown a lot since I first saw him. His strength is growing at a very fast pace; even the Fang Ge Que from the past would be slightly inferior. Such a terrifying opponent; only this kind of opponent is worthy of our [Vanguard]’s respect!”

One of the archers asked, “Guildmaster, what should we do now? That little rascal hid again …”

Jian Feng Han didn’t look too far away, then waved his hand to summon the system tools and said, “He is in that area. You two archers use multiple [Triple shot]’s to sweep. I will summon a group of musketeers and mages over. Using [Bombardment] on the entire area, I will show Xiao Yao that you can temporarily hide in the grass field but you can’t hide forever. In the end, he is still the prey of Jian Feng Han!”

The archer smiled, “Guildmaster, I will also gather troops here. They are really too eager to kill him; I’ll summon 100 elite long range players, the best of the best in our [Vanguard]!

Jian Feng Han furrowed his brows and said, “Alright, gather them quickly. Let’s finish this battle soon and kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai. We have to get rid of him; otherwise [Misty Palace], [Ruined Bones] and [Winds of Battle] will see us as a joke!”

Fushen Thousand Blade coughed, “Actually, we, the 28 main members of [Vanguard], grouped together to kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai and only have 6 members left now. Aren’t we a joke already? Hahaha….”

The corners of Jian Feng Han’s mouth twitched, “Don’t make fun of us, prepare for battle!”


In the bushes, I didn’t move an inch. The situation right now was extremely difficult. I had to take the initiative instead of being passive. I needed to rush over and kill the few people left first. Otherwise, when 100 long ranged players arrive and start using [Bombardment] on the whole area, I wouldn’t even have to come out from the bushes; I’d die on the spot.

After waiting for around a minute, Flaming Tiger God’s health had regenerated back to full. Yeah, this was my chance! I had to use a different strategy this time: divide and conquer the enemies together with Flaming Tiger God. We waited for the opportunity to start the attack!


Under the twilight of the setting sun, Flaming Tiger God flew out from the bushes suddenly, its body alight with fire. Its four paws leapt off the ground, leaving a flaming path as it swept past 2 archers on the enemy side. Raising its claws, [Flaming Claws] struck a swordsman’s chestplate!


Raising its head, [Flaming Roar] was activated!

Unfortunately, Jian Feng Han was too close. With a slash of his Flaming Cloud Sword, he started a showcase of his S-ranked combo, inflicting a series of attacks on the tiger’s chest. Not only did his attack intercept [Flaming Roar], it also left the tiger with only 1200 health. His Flaming Cloud Sword began to shake again as [Skyshaker Slash] began. He wanted to kill my pet first!


In this critical moment, I rushed out of the bushes. Running in an arc, I quickly found the correct angle and unleashed [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


With dust scattering in the wind, 2 archers fell on the ground!

Moving back, I parried the other swordsman’s combo attack. My shoulders slammed into his chest and I bent my body slightly. Bathed in the light of the sword, the tip of my blade suddenly pierced through the bodies of the two swordsmen!


One of them had received my tiger’s [Flaming Claw] attack, so he immediately died. The other still had a small amount of health left and was scampering away, running for his life. But there was no way I’d let him run away; I chased after him and killed him with a swing of my sword.

Flaming Tiger God roared in anguish as its health dropped even more. It had received yet another attack from Rock Spirit Fighter’s [Great Penetration Strike]!


Its claws drenched with blood, Flaming Tiger God ferociously slashed at Rock Spirit Fighter’s chest, activating [Blood Drain]!


Flaming Tiger God received 50% of the damage it delivered with its attack back as health as I raised my hands from afar. With a low command, I activated [Great Realm of Desolation]. Three blades pierced through Rock Spirit Fighter’s body!


As expected, Rock Spirit Fighter was a pet that had 10 points added to strength each time it leveled up. Its level was not as high as Flaming Tiger God and its health was also at most 3500. It let out a pitiful howl as it dropped dead on the ground.

Fushen Thousand Blade raised his staff as he unleashed [Mountain Strike] and [Put Down The Knife] yet again on Flaming Tiger God. Jian Feng Han also slashed his sword, unleashing his combo attack!


Flaming Tiger God’s last thread of health faded away as it turned into a white light, flying back to my pet slot. At that moment, there were only 3 people left on the battle ground. Me with full health on one side, and Jian Feng Han and Fushen Thousand Blade with full health on the other side!


Fushen Thousand Blade waved his staff as he inflicted [Put Down The Knife] on me from afar. My attack went down by 10%!

I furrowed my brows, as there was an even greater problem. From far away, a bunch of people were rushing here through the open space. They were all [Vanguard]’s elite long-ranged players; this battle situation could not be continued!


As the late night wind blew and the bushes parted, I saw the battleground in front of me. [Misty Palace], [Ruined Bones] and [Winds of Battle], these three guilds, had only 20 people left, desperately fighting. On the other side, [Vanguard] players were reviving in large numbers. It was a one-sided massacre!



As his axe hacked through a swordsman’s armor, tearing it to shreds, Misty Clouds looked at me. He couldn’t help but laugh aloud, “Jian Feng Han, aren’t you called Ba Huang City’s number one? How could you, even with 28 people hunting Xiao Yao Zi Zai, be annihilated down to 2 people now? What happened to your bold, visionary speech just now? Looks like [Vanguard] is not invincible, just one single Xiao Yao Zi Zai could make you guys so pitiful. If Zhan Long’s General Li Mu, General Wang Jian and Yue Qing Qian attacked you together, wouldn’t [Vanguard]’s troops all be annihilated?!”

Jian Feng Han, even after hearing such insults, still smiled lightly and replied loudly from afar, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai is indeed a strong opponent, worthy of [Vanguard]’s respect! Today, [Vanguard] has crushed [Misty Palace], [Ruined Bones], and [Winds of Battle] these three guilds, this is also an undeniable fact. Arctic Fox Forest will from today onwards be [Vanguard]’s. We’ll stay here, and hope that you three guilds will give me, Jian Feng Han, some face. After this battle, we are still fellow soldiers, the battle just now was a friendly competition!”

Misty Clouds couldn’t stop his laugh, “What? Is terrorizing the weak the way you treat other players? Let me tell you, Jian Feng Han. I, Misty Clouds, will never acknowledge you. We, [Misty Palace], will never acknowledge [Vanguard]. Kill us all if you have the balls, sweep us away from Ba Huang City’s map. If you can’t do it, then [Vanguard] doesn’t have the right to be called Ba Huang City’s Ruler!”

Jian Feng Han didn’t reply, and simply bit his lips. Waving his fists, a team leader replied from afar. Wielding his sword, he bellowed, “Kill, it’s the last annihilation!”

Misty Clouds roared as he parried an attack with his axe. At the same time, he yelled, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, run away quickly; you have no more business here!”


I nodded, and without saying anything, I slowly retreated back into the forest behind me.

Jian Feng Han looked at me, and said lightly, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, our battle has just begun…:”

I also looked at him and smiled slowly, “Then you should work hard to improve your skills. Otherwise, you’ve already lost our next battle.”


Jian Feng Han froze, and coldly looked at me. Clenching his fist, he didn’t say anything, not even to deny my words.


Leaving the fight, I quickly got away from the battleground. This place was all surrounded by [Vanguard] players; I couldn’t remain here to train. However, this trip hadn’t been in vain, since killing so many elite players from [Vanguard] boosted my rank on the CBN rankings by a lot.

Looking at my skills window, although the first three skills of Mohist Five Scrolls were green, denoting that they could be used, it was something that could not be helped since I lacked the necessary materials to activate them. First I’ll return to Ba Huang City and look for a way to find The God Army card that’s necessary for Mohist Five Scrolls. If I have no God Army Cards’, then having a powerful Mohist attack is nearly useless. Such a shame!

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