Zhan Long

Chapter 212

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Chapter 212 – Suspended Map
Translated by: SoloNeko, Vk
Edited by: Zero, Zephir, Hendricksen-sama, mrbaconator

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With the sound of rocks scraping against each other, the ground in front opened to show a deep underground passage. It looked like the ground had been split by a sword. A path of stone steps covered with moss exuded a smell of decay. The passage continued all the way into the depths becoming an unseen bottomless pit, while the two sides of the walls were engraved with ancient inscriptions. It looked like this passage had been sealed for a long time, there was no way of knowing how much time had passed since someone had last stepped in here.

Looking down at the depths of the stone trail, Matcha stuck out her tongue and managed a weak laugh, “This SSS-ranked quest sure lives up to it’s name. The opening scene itself is already so extraordinary……”

Yue Qing Qian blinked her eyes, “Oh, the quest reward, only Big Brother Xiao Yao alone will get the【Mohist’s Fifth Volume】series?”

Wan Er nodded, “Yeah, that’s what’s written on the quest description.”

Yue Qing Qian laughed softly, “No matter, if it is for the sake of Big Brother Xiao Yao, I’ll gladly help him~”

Dong Cheng Yue lifted her staff, “Then we should prepare to enter; this time there are two tanks, Li Xiao Yao and Matcha, and 3 Healers. We should have enough manpower, let’s go!”

I took a glance at the depth of the passage, the atmosphere was so eerie that I could almost hear the sound of howling from the depths of the temple. We had no idea what was inside. Taking a deep breath, I turned towards my beautiful NPC master and said, “Frost, we’ll enter first.”
Frost held her sword as she nodded softly, “Yeah, be careful. I will monitor your situation at all times. However…I can’t enter the Dragon Temple. This is a thousand year iron-clad rule of Dragon City. Only an Adventurer from Dragon City has the right to enter the temple. I would incur a great disaster should I even try to enter the temple….”

I laughed as I pulled out the Frost Rain Sword on my back, “Alright then, we’ll be going now.”

“Take care!”



My purple dawn boots slowly stepped on the stone steps which were completely covered with moss. I stepped on the moss with all my strength and regained my balance before I took another step. Behind me, Wan Er held her dagger in one hand and grabbed the stone walls with the other, carefully following behind me. Dong Cheng Yue and Matcha flapped open their wings; Wind Elves didn’t need to travel on the ground.

The deeper we advanced, the darker it got, to the extent that we almost couldn’t see any of our fingers in front of us. I raised my Frost Rain Sword high in the air, but it only lit up an area of a few meters. On the other hand, Wan Er’s Scarlet Edge could light up nearly ten meters of the area. Emperor Tier equipment obviously wasn’t the same; its luster and shine far exceeded that of Purple Tier equipment.

About five minutes into our slow advance, Matcha’s eyes grew large as she cried out loudly from behind me, “Boss, careful!”


I suddenly stepped on empty air and my whole body immediately plunged down!


Lin Wan Er cried out in distress as she hastily jumped forward to catch me. I also reached out my hands with panicked eyes. I hugged her snow white and slender right leg with both of my hands tight, my body was halfway down the abyss, thus her thigh prevented myself from falling even further down. An exquisite, smooth and soft feeling came through my palms, making this short moment glorious…

“Oh my……” Wan Er’s face was pale as she looked at me and asked: “Are you okay?”

I nodded: “Yeah……”

Matcha fluttered her wings and looked down: “This map is really strange. Halfway through, the stone steps are suddenly cut off and there’s no other path……. and Boss, can you stop hugging Beautiful Miss’ thighs already……”

Wan Er’s face blushed and she reached out her hand to grab onto my arm, dragging me up.

Fox hefted his gun and snickered: “Hugging her thigh……. how fortunate……”

Wan Er’s face blushed even more.

My eyes flashed coldly as I said: “Stop teasing Wan Er already, hurry up and think of a way to navigate this map……”

Lin Wan Er’s beautiful oval shaped face was still burning red as she looked up, blinked her long eyelashes and suddenly raised her hand to point, “Look, the solution should be right there…”

We all looked up and saw a string of iron chain hanging a meter above our heads. It led straight down into the darkness. The thickness of the iron chain was around the size of a baby’s wrist, and it swayed slowly in the midst of the wind. A piece of barren land and empty space greeted us at the front, with nothing else to be seen.

“I don’t know…” Lin Wan Er pursed her lips, “I don’t know what place this iron rope leads to, could it be our destination?”

Yuzi Chengshuo laughed lightly: “It should be. Where else could it lead us?”

“How do we we get there?” Who’s Blue asked.

Dong Cheng Yue laughed faintly: “It’s simple, we just have to use our cloaks as cloth ropes, and simply swing it over the chain to slide down. This iron chain’s incline is steep enough, so there shouldn’t be any problems. This is the only path, so we have to go this way.”

Fox mused aloud: “Or we could try to get on the iron chain and walk across……”

Wan Er couldn’t help but burst into laughter: “Uncle, do you think you are an acrobat? What if you fell……”

Fox’s face was all purple: “Uncle? I’m only a little older than Li Xiao Yao……”

Yue Qing Qian hefted her dagger and said casually: “ Who cares. You’re still an uncle……”

Fox’s face was white: “I can’t even talk to you guys anymore……”



I suddenly pulled the Cloak of Disillusionment on my back and fold it into one cloth rope. Holding it with both hands, I asked, “Don’t waste time anymore, I’ll be in front. Everyone come and follow me. It’s just a small part of the map. We won’t be frightened by that much, will we?”

“Yeah, be careful!” Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue replied in unison, laughing.

Stepping back a few steps, I suddenly leapt forward. With my cloak, I landed on the iron rope accurately and my whole body started sliding down the iron chain. Behind me, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian and the other girls followed along. Dong Cheng Yue and Matcha were no longer able to fly either. Wind Elves in this case, their advantage of flying would be affected by the vast vertical distance between them and the ground. In this area’s altitude, they would also fall from the sky, unable to fly.

In the air, the wind blew hard against our ears as the nine of us slid down the metal chain, like the vines of a morning glory entwining around a fence. After descending from such a height, a flash of light appeared before us, revealing a sea of stars. As visibility improved, at the middle of the shimmering stars lay four floating pieces of land. Our next path was confirmed!

As Lin Wan Er looked into the distance, her beautiful eyes were filled with wonder as she laughed: “It’s so beautiful… these four suspended maps are truly the workmanship of the heavens; like a heavenly palace in storybooks, it’s exceedingly magnificent……”

Dong Cheng Yue laughed lightly: “These maps should be the Mohist Sect’s inheritance, Elder Yun Chen’s masterpiece right? Besides him, nobody else would be able to create such a heavenly map……”

Fox let out a cough and said, “ The specialty of the Mohist Sect is machinery and traps. Constructions and buildings are most likely the work of Lu Ban descendants.”
TL: Lu Ban is a extremely well known craftsmen who was famous for his architecture

Dong Cheng Yue’s face grew cold: “Uncle, go die. Stop being smart……”

Yue Qing Qian couldn’t keep from snorting, then she burst out into laughter, her graceful body shaking in the air. In the starry sky, her figure was quite beautiful.


The first area was steadily getting closer and when I was about ten meters off the ground, I let go of the cloak with my right hand and unsheathed my Frost Rain Sword.


My purple boots, upon contact with the ground stirred up clouds of dust. Taking advantage of my inertia, I charged forward. In my ear I heard a voice—


System Notice: You have entered the SSS-rank map — 【Dragon’s Temple First Floor】. Please take caution!


Behind me, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and the others touched down too. A row of 9 people stood silently on this ghost town of a map. This entire land floated on the ocean of stars, not giving any sense of security. Holding my Frost Rain Sword, I continued marching onwards. Darling Duck immediately cast a Lv 6 [Encourage], raising my attack damage by 6%, it was better than nothing.

“A monster appeared…”

Yue Qing Qian pointed at the direction of a dried up patch of overgrown grass. A figure slowly walked around. That’s a humanoid creature. It looked like a giant lizard but with arms, its body was covered with a scaly armor, and it wielded a broadsword. On its back were sharp and scaly protrusions, causing the creature to look like its back was full of swords. On its hideous head, was a purple helmet. A pair of aggressive eyes looked at us from far away. That’s right, it’s a monster. Likewise, the monsters in this SSS rank map had a strength that was far beyond the ordinary—

【Dark Draconian】 (Elite Monster)
Level: 62
Attack: 1180-1540
Defence: 1000
Health: 12000
Skill:【Thrust】【Dark Slash】【Dragon’s Spirit】

Introduction: In legends, Dark Draconians are said to be the descendants of the Dragon Tribe and Heavenly Tribe. They have enormous vitality. These Draconians were sealed in the Dragon’s Temple for over tens of thousands of years. Pure hatred filled their meaning of existence, causing them to become extremely aggressive. This, however gives them the perfect role as one of the guardians in the Dragon’s Temple.


“Good boy… Good boy…” Fox said gently. “In the Five Barbarians Desolate Tomb, there were Lv 60 Elite Monsters with 9000 health. It’s not peculiar for this map’s Lv 62 Elite Monsters to have 12000 health! But… I don’t think I could break through that 1000 defense… ”

Wielding her dagger, Lin Wan Er calmly said, “ Nevermind. Xiao Yao and I are enough to take them on. You can just take it easy… ”

Fox said with tears in his eyes, “I may be suspected of leeching, but don’t look down on me to that extent… ”

I smiled and said, “ Ok, that’s enough guys. Stop teasing Fox. I’ll go ahead first to test the Draconians’ defense and attack power. Everyone be careful.”



Wielding my Frost Rain Sword, I charged forward, immediately using [Fierce Ice Blade]. At the same time I took damage from the Draconian’s first attack!


Fox gasped. “Hell, that 1000 defense was so easily broken by Xiao Yao… ”

My sword glowed with multiple hexagrams, I released a [Combo]. Slicing and dicing the enemy, Dong Cheng Yue, and Fox started dishing out their attacks too. In a mere few seconds, the Dark Draconian’s health already dropped to around 30%!

“Hou… ”

With a sound similar to a dragon’s roar, the Draconian activated its third skill—[Dragon’s Spirit]! Momentarily, a gigantic apparition of a dragon’s talon flew down from the sky, sharply increasing the Draconian’s attack. The broadsword swung horizontally across. A [Dark Slash] hit my chest!




Yuzi Chengshuo said with her tiny mouth agape, “That’s not good… [Dragon’s Spirit] raised its attack by at least 50%. We must kill it as quickly as possible!”

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