I Am Supreme

Chapter 353

Chapter 353 - Broken Down

It was the first time Yun Yang had used all of Divine Edge’s three forms and six styles that he had already mastered during his practice sessions. He executed them flawlessly in a single breath, forming an unusually dense web of saber energy and charged towards Venerable Lord Ice.

"Merciless Saber!"

Yun Yang cried out as he ran at his opponent. Venerable Lord Ice took three steps back, barely avoiding the strike in a less than collected manner.

"Merciless Dao!"

With another loud cry, Yun Yang drifted another thirty feet forward, as if he dominated the world. Venerable Lord Ice swore softly. This time, he had to back away by a hundred feet to fully be out of the area of damage.

"Saber Laic!"

Yun Yang’s saber flashed again as if condensing everything of the laity into saber light. Venerable Lord Ice made a panicked roll, knowing that common countering methods could barely save him. Seeing that the technique was more brutal than before, he rolled a hundred and fifty feet away, successfully avoiding the attack. However, he was flushed red from his exertions.

Rolling was the most primal yet the most effective defensive technique. There were few attacks that could not be avoided using this method but it was terribly embarrassing. Plenty of experts who were somewhat sensitive would rather die than to use this technique!

No matter how Venerable Lord Ice moped, he was still a logical man.

"Life and Death within a Single Thought!"

The dazzling saber light flashed brilliantly in the air. With a flash, it streaked towards Venerable Lord Ice’s neck as if it had ignored the laws of time and space.

Venerable Lord Ice’s soul almost jumped out of his body, but his reflexes were speedy. He did not retreat but advanced instead, rushing forward and bending his body before dropping like a dead weight.

He fell rapidly, narrowly avoiding the beheading strike.

"Upended River of Blood!"

Yun Yang remained oblivious to Venerable Lord Ice’s techniques as he continued attacking with vigor. A river of blood filled the sky. It felt like there was no room between heaven and earth as the river poured out in huge torrents.


Venerable Lord Ice’s hair was disheveled, the serrated saber in his hand had turned jagged on both sides. He bolted forward with a low growl.

Venerable Lord Ice had met countless enemies before, many of them mighty and powerful. He knew now that each of Yun Yang’s saber truth styles was a rare skill that was impeccably perfect. Avoiding the several styles had already expended all of his techniques. If he were to continue dodging the attacks, his situation would grow even more critical. His survival would depend on how he counter-attacked.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Three rays of blood-red light flashed – Venerable Lord Ice, who was forcefully attempting to gain the upper hand was struck three consecutive times. In spite of this, he managed to evade the worst of the blows in the nick of time with the force of his strong counterattack, fleeing two hundred feet away for a breather. He was already pale and drenched in cold sweat.

"Reincarnation under the Saber!"

Seeing that Destiny Blade was blazing in glorious fury, Yun Yang did not hesitate to act. He threw in all his energy and executed the third style of Destiny Blade, determined to eradicate evil once and for all!

Seeing the killing stroke approach, Venerable Lord Ice, finally frightened, reached deep into his reserves to save himself. Hundreds of thousands of ice daggers appeared simultaneously, forming an unprecedented counter-attacking pattern. As the multitude of ice daggers emerged in a whirlwind of fury, they then… disappeared?

It seemed that this powerful retaliatory strike was utterly ineffective.

Venerable Lord Ice was appalled when his ultimate technique was deemed futile. His sense of self-preservation kicked in and he wished for nothing more than to flee. He immediately turned into a beam, only thinking of escaping and saving his life!

Even though Venerable Lord Ice was incredibly fast, moving as quickly as his thoughts, he still felt a pang of pain under his foot. The sole of his right shoe had been completely shaved off and along with it, a piece of flesh.

"F*ck, is this never to end?"

Venerable Lord Ice just wanted to flee, with no regard for anything else. F*cking hell, he must have met with a ghost today! Either that or he was truly caught in a nightmare.

What had just taken place was beyond his wildest fears.

The youth in the purple gown could be seen standing in the air amidst the snow in front of him with a calm expression. As his purple garments fluttered, his body floated silently like a cloud and drifted towards him.

"Merciless Saber!"

Again? Was there no end to this?

Venerable Lord Ice felt as if he was on the verge of collapsing.

"F*ck you! Your father can’t afford to evade his strikes, nor to provoke him!"

Venerable Lord Ice was rendered speechless regarding his opponent's state of being.

Usually, when a common person entered the state of epiphany, it was, at most, within a tenth or a hundredth of a breath. The duration of for an epiphany was usually measured by the most minuscule of scales.

However, you have been f*cking at it for about a quarter of an hour now, my ancestor! How many breaths has that been?

Helpless, Venerable Lord Ice attempted to flee, distancing himself from Yun Yang, heading in the opposite direction. However, he was not truly trying to escape, he was circling his opponent. No matter how he felt about the situation, he was certain that Yun Yang’s current state would not last for long.

The moment the bastard emerged from his epiphany, he would kill him instantly. This child was frighteningly deadly. He had such power when he was in a state of epiphany; it would be even worse when his cultivation base improved.

Such a character could never be allowed to live. He was too simply too much of a threat.

However, as he circled, Yun Yang gave chase in a leisurely manner. He seemed to be at ease, but his speed was not the slightest bit slow. However fast Venerable Lord Ice was moving, Yun Yang was just as fast. It had only been an instant, but the both of them had already made close to eighty loops.

Venerable Lord Ice was close to tears!

He was finally certain that Yun Yang did not need to exert much energy as long as he was locked onto his target. His speed was entirely dependent on Venerable Lord Ice’s speed. As long as he moved, Yun Yang would move along as well.

However he chose to escape, Yun Yang would give chase the same way!

The two of them now, with a more appropriate metaphor, was a joint vessel of movement – the latter would be as fast as the former’s speed!

"F*ck! Why must I meet someone like this?" Venerable Lord Ice howled in despair. "This is so f*cking horrible!"

Behind him came a string of cries.

"Merciless Dao!"

"Saber Laic!"

"Life and Death within a Single Thought!"

Venerable Lord Ice was tearfully running, exasperated and vexed.

What the f*ck, your father is the Venerable Lord Ice of the Five Venerable Lords!

On a roof, somewhere far away, Dong Tianleng was rubbing his eyes furiously, his mouth agape like he could swallow a pig. "Is… Is that boss? Boss?"

He was obviously in shock; he did not know how to speak nor what to do.

Dong Tianleng, who was filled with the passion of brotherhood and wished for nothing more than to stick through life and death with his boss, had seen his boss being hunted just as he arrived. His blood boiled with fury immediately.

Boss has indeed chased us away for our safety! It’s alright, your brother has come!

However, before he could even jump out, crying for justice and brotherhood, he was frozen by the scene before him – boss had retaliated and turned to predator from prey!

Venerable Lord Ice rendered helpless by his opponent who had obviously gained the upper hand.


Dong Tianleng could not speak clearly with his eyes bulging eyes and his thoughts muddled.

Is this the boss I know? This is not the boss I know! My boss was never this powerful!

Is that Venerable Lord Ice? Venerable Lord Ice of Four Seasons Tower’s Five Venerable Lords? Upon my grandmother, that is truly Venerable Lord Ice!

Dong Tianleng clutched Qiu Yunsan’s thigh as though his life depended on it. "Am I dreaming? See, I’m clinging to my leg but it doesn’t even hurt. I must be dreaming…"

Qiu Yunsan hissed, baring his teeth, but did not cry out; his eyes were equally large as he repeatedly sucked in cold breaths. "Is that our boss? Really, is that him? My… I… My- my lord, my dear lord, whose hand... what the f*ck? Ouch, ouch… f*ck, my leg…"

Xia Bingchuan and Chun Wanfeng were dumbstruck as well; they could not even mumble. The seventeen family experts who had come along were rooted like statues. After all, the scene before them was challenging the known facts in their head!

The Four Seasons Tower’s Venerable Lord Ice was a renowned expert even if placed within the cultivators of the entire Tianxuan Continent. Ranking the known peak forces, Venerable Lord Ice was securely in the twenty, even if he could not be ranked among the top ten! In addition, such ranking included legendary figures like Ling Xiaozui, Jun Moyan and the first in command of the Four Seasons Tower, Mr. Nian – it was a ranking of the world’s top fatal forces!

Now, they had seen it all. It seemed that Young Master Yun Yang was in hot pursuit of Venerable Lord Ice alone with his saber. He was basically hunting him and was so relentless that Venerable Lord Ice could not even escape, no matter how he tried to flee.

Venerable Lord Ice, who was famous in the world and highly praised in Tianxuan, had no way to avoid his pursuer and could only run like a stray dog!

The saying regarding the wretchedness of a stray dog was most probably based on a situation like this. The dozens of men were all rubbing their eyes in disbelief at what was happening.

Fang Mofei, Lao Mei, and Bai Yixue were all in hiding. Three of them were severely injured but they were close to suffocating from watching the scene as well.

Is this our young master?

Is this really our young master?

How could our young master be so amazing?

Dong Tianleng laid prone in the snow. Yun Yang had tossed him with great skill as he landed right on a pile of straw. He was safe and sound here but he could not move. He could only look at the sky with his face lifted up and was only limited to the sight of the sky above him. There was no difference between him and a frog in the well; he could see nothing else other than the sky but the vigorous sounds of battle and the piercing ringing of blades were incessantly. He was terribly anxious, calling Yun Yang an idiot in his heart.

How can you hope to be the Four Seasons Tower’s four Venerable Lords’ opponent with that insignificant cultivation base of yours?

You have followed my instruction to keep me hidden but how is this hidden? The moment you fall, this young master will follow your fate as well. I shouldn't have suggested separating earlier; it’d have been much better if you had continued to run, carrying me!

Of course, Lei Dongtian was unaware that the situation had changed now – it was Yun Yang hunting down Venerable Lord Ice!

Yun Yang waved his saber, executing technique after remarkable technique, filled with joy and confidence. He had utilized Destiny Blade’s three forms and six styles for over a hundred times now in this single battle.

For each and every time he completed the technique, new realizations dawned upon him, and he began to gain insights into his own power!