“The Trembling World: Book 2 - Flesh and Bone” Out Now on Amazon!!

By MindLitUp

Good day, GT Fans!

I hope your all doing well! Tonight we bring you the second installment in The Trembling World series, Flesh and Bone!! This VRMMORPG, sci-fi, and horror based novel features technological body enhancements, zombies, and a fight just to survive every minute in the game, so pick up this action-packed story now!

Grab your copy at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07F18R7F3

Also, here is a synopsis from the editor:

The second book of the Trembling World begins by revealing how rapidly the fall of morals has hit the society inside the game, and the primary foes of the book are not the risen dead, but in the end, the evil that men do… flesh and bone, indeed…In this book, Liu Gan begins his climb to power, almost despite himself, starting the process of picking up allies, subordinates, (and sometimes cannon fodder), as well as removing a potential competitor or two… and picking up an ally who isn't human at all!The Trembling World continues its ambiguity about whether the players are truly trapped inside a virtual world or not, to the point of actually telling more snippets based on a few of the local survivors… extremely strange if they are virtual beings. The Liu Gan remains true to his self-serving sense of honor, his callous treatment of those who mistreat him, and his cunning in dealing with problems as he claws his way up looking for levels, power, and “phat lewt”. There’s even a dungeon delve!So strap in, and prepare yourself for the next installment of The Trembling World!

If you are new to the series, start with Book 1 - Blood Rain and Iron Fists: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BTK3PB2

Happy reading!


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