Introducing Breakers – Translated by Rainbow Turtle!

By Jaspaaar

Hi everyone,

Those of you who followed Dungeon Hunter, which recently ended, will have been waiting for news of what Rainbow Turtle's new project will be.

It's called Breakers, and you can read the first five chapters here!
The tentative release schedule is one chapter per day, although it's not set. However, knowing Rainbow Turtle, it definitely won't be slow.

I'll let Rainbow Turtle introduce the novel herself:

Hey everybody,
I wanted to introduce my new series to you, Breakers!
Breakers is a novel that is consistently in the top 5 daily charts on Munpia and the author has previously completely several popular series that haven’t been translated yet.
I haven’t read that far ahead but it seems to be an interesting novel that involves game elements, being transported to another world, politics, etc.
Unfortunately, the author hasn’t written a synopsis so I can’t provide one for you here. If someone can think of a synopsis while reading then please write it in the comments.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this novel. I have released the first five chapters and will be releasing the next five chapters throughout the rest of the day.

Rainbow Turtle



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