TFH update

By r_shrimp

Dear TFH readers,

We really appreciate your support and are grateful for your continued interest in the novel! Unfortunately, we have to take another break. GravityTales is currently going through some major administrative changes and sadly, our translator has been caught in the middle of the mess. The translator and editor work closely as a team to bring you these good chapters but until everything is sorted out with admin, it’s unfair for us to keep going.

We are hopeful that order will be restored and the green level setbacks monster will be slain sometime mid-August! We hope that you come back to TFH after our hiatus, as we plan to go back to delivering 5 awesome chapters weekly.

As always, you can read the novel here and show us some love here.

Thank you and all the best,

r_shrimp and celine :)  

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