The Black Card Chapter 230

By lav


Chapter 230 is up now~ 

I'm so touched lmao. So I use this app for timetable, and I need to invite three friends to unlock the comparison function. I asked my friends they are like well too bad why didn't you install it earlier ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Then I went to my Jap tut and talked to my senpai about it, he used two of the fb society accounts and made two new accounts for me to unlock it ;-; god bless this child ;-; And also my friend and I got kicked out of our Chinese course because the teacher said it's unfair to others that you guys are too good XDDDDD <- Actually my fault because I accidentally read the texts at my normal pace which is super fast :'D

But yes I did take you guys' advice and did get people's contacts just in case I lose myself in uni heheheh 

Goal for March: 7/45 Chapters

Translator: Lav

Editor Seliniaki Ilikia

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