SPSF Survey Results!

By Prismiko

Hi all -

We just wanted to share some of your responses from the survey especially those who haven't seen them on Discord yet.


- We have readers from US, Canada, Philippines, Romania, India, Malaysia, Egypt, UK, Netherlands, France, Mexico, Brazil, Myanmar, Chile, Indonesia, Nepal, Costa Rica, Norway, Trinidad and Tobago, UAE, Switzerland, Singapore, Peru, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Thailand, Spain, Finland, Bolivia, Ecuador, Belgium, Italy, South Africa, Pakistan and Malta (listed in random order).

- Most readers are males ages 20-25

Some interesting survey replies:

- Some said they are a 2D lolicon who type on a 3D computer

- Some said that they have been loyal and following VinceStar’s translation for 2 years -  I had only started translating this year (any VinceStar clones here?)

- Many of you expected VinceStar to be a magical genie who can binge out 10 chapters a day. Nope. Not happening. Unless I suddenly stumble across a magical typewriter like how Yang Ming stumbled upon the magical lenses.

Fun responses from survey & my comments:

- What's your favorite part of the novel thus far - "Yanyan's betrayal" - Damn. Burn

- What do you like about this novel? "Zhao Ying" - I guess we have a secret Zhao Ying crush here. I think one day we can segregate our Discord to team Zhao Ying, team Mengyan, team Lan Ling, team Ling Zhiyun and see who goes where - evil laugh

"How can we share this novel with more readers?"

- “Get 1st Ranking in Gravity Tales” - get VOTING people!!! I am humble. I am very happy if we get 2nd rank already. But I mean first place always sound more awesome.

- “Change the cover photo” - what do you guys think? Please comment below…

- “Posting on social media” - yup, we are looking into it. Twitter coming in later!

- "kill some people and write its name with their blood in the crime scene" - really? Sounds like a good idea. Who would like to take the lead? PM @ Discord.


  1. How did you guys get into translating SPSF?
    - VinceStar - A friend of mine was GT translator. I just dropped out from my business at the start of this year and needed to sustain my studies. Loved novels all the while - since my friend was doing it, I got into it. Picked SPSF b̶y̶ ̶r̶o̶l̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶a̶ ̶d̶i̶c̶e̶ ̶after I skimmed the novel and thought it's good.
    - Miko was reading another novel on GT and saw they were recruiting editors. She sometimes gets annoyed finding errors in translated games and novels, thought she could do it, then she signed up. She was reading novels all the while.

  2. What country are you from?
    - VinceStar: Malaysia
    - Miko: US

  1. Increase release rate, please?

  • Hmm. You see. We could technically do 10 chapters a day then you will see in the news the next day “Translator in Malaysia dies of overwork.” Let’s stick to our present release rate.

  • Oh! Patreon coming in too!

  1. Are these questions I'll have to sign up to discord in order to find out? XD
    - Totally, yes. Sign up now @ https://discord.gg/xvjj4dA ! See you there!

If you have enjoyed reading the novel thus far - please help us write a review at Novel Updates too!

Thanks so much for your support, comments, suggestions!

- VinceStar & Miko

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