Shura's Wrath Art Competition!

By Mr Voltaire

Hey everyone, since I'm lacking a good cover picture for the Patreon, I decided that I would hold an art competition! The winner(s) will receive a lifetime subscription to the $25 Patreon Tier and will be acknowledged! I may also commission more art from the winner(s) in future :)


  1. The art must feature the main character, Ling Chen/Ling Tian (adding other character is optional)
    1.1 Something along the lines like the ones for MGA ( or BBTH ( would be nice :)
  2. The art must be Safe For Work
  3. The art must be 1600 x 400 pixels (standard Patreon cover picture size)
  4. There is no restriction to how many art pieces a person can submit

Dates and Submission:

  1. Competition closes on 21/5/17 11:59pm AEST
  2. Entries must be sent to [email protected] to be a valid entry
  3. I will announce the winner(s) (if any) by 23/5/17 11:59pm AEST

Terms and Conditions:

  1. By submitting your art you acknowledge that if your art  is chosen, Mr Voltaire and Halcyon Translations have the right to use and display the art (with acknowledgement), whether on Patreon or elsewhere
  2. I am not bound to choose a winner. A winner will only be chosen if the art fits what I am looking for (in terms of professionalism, style, etc)

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