King of Gods Chapters 847 - 851

By Thunder


From the 12th October onwards, King of Gods will be solely hosted on and will become Premium - this means that for every latest chapter of King of Gods the readers will have to pay a certain amount of Spirit Stones (the currency used to unlock latest chapters - they can be obtained freely or bought). Patreon will also be removed at the end of September. I hope that all of you will continue to support the author and I. (However, from the beginning of October to the 12th October I will still be releasing at 13chaps/week even though there is no more Patreon)

What is

For those that don't know, is one of the largest translating sites and has a large collection of both translated and original works (They even have an app too where you can download the chapters and read offline!). King of Gods will be moving there and posting solely on there from the 12th October onwards.

How do I use is an extremely easy website/app to use. The King of Gods novel page can be found here

What will happen to the release rate?

From now till the 12th October, the release rate will still be done at the Patreon goal - 13chaps/week but will be reduced to 10chaps/week from the 12th October onwards. However, this release rate can be increased dramatically if it's Power Ranking is high. This shall be explained in the next section.

How do I increase the release rate and what is Power Stones?

Power Stones is a function in webnovel which gives the readers the ability to cast 2 votes to a novel of their choice. It is usually a symbol of how well the novel is doing. If KoG is ranked in the top 15 places for the previous week, the release rate for the next week will increase by 1. If KoG is ranked in the top 10, the release rate will increase by 2. Top 7 = 3, top 5 = 4, top 3 = 5 and 1st place = 7 more chapters


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KoG Chapter 847

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