Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 479 + Major Announcement

By BinBin

Chapter 27/30 (At least) for the month!

Owed chapter: 10

Greeting everybody! Announcement again. I've never thought I have to write this announcement, but thing change all the time and it's impossible to avoid it. So without further adieu, let's get to the main point.

I guess all of you have noticed that recently, GT has undergone a major administrative change. Hence, with new management rolling in, I was told that Hedonist Sovereign, AKA, HS, will be putting into hiatus with indefinite time. Also, with my contract coming to an end this 31st of August, this week will be my last week translating HS. Until then, I'll still be around, so feel free to bash me with whatever questions on the Discord. 

Things come and go, and everything has to come to an end eventually. It's just happened to be HS this time. It has been a fun ride. Mr Voltaire, Wiwbiwb, Levs, Nova, Ellis, BinBin, or anyone who had previously involved in translating or editing HS sincerely thank you all for your support throughout the whole process starting from chapter one until now. Definitely, HS won't be able to go this far without you all. Once again, thank you. 

There might be a chance that HS will be picked up again, but I can't promise that, and I might not be the translator anymore. Anyway, there is a good news for you guys (I perhaps XD) after a heavy one (I think?), Ellis and I will be picking up a new project, so look out for it! 

Before that, let's enjoy the very last few of chapters for HS for the rest of the month.

Please enjoy the chapter here: Chapter 479

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