Breakers Chapter 23

By rainbowturtle

Chapter 23‍ 

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I know that some people have been wanting sponsored chapters. I have decided to open a patreon. I chose this because I can set goals that I know I can meet, compared to the donations system where I'm unsure if I can meet demands. It is also an alternative for people who can't use paypal. Please check it out:

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I appreciate any support. 

As a celebration, I will be posting an additional chapter of one of my novels every day for the rest of this month.

 As you all know, I am currently releasing one chapter of DS and one of Breakers every day. For the rest of the month, I will be releasing an extra chapter of one novel. For e.g. today I will be releasing an extra chapter of Breakers. Then tomorrow I will release an extra chapter of DS. The stories will alternate every day. 

TL: Rainbow Turtle

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P.S. First goal has been met! There will now be 8 chapters a week for both Breakers and DS.