Apocalypse Hunter Chapters 65 & 66

By mqpark


Apocalypse Hunter chapters 65 & 66 are up!


I have become aware that "Slaughters" is a bit odd way to call the barbaric killers in the novel. At the very least, I should have called them "Slaughterers". But, I've been thinking that a better name for them is "Reavers". So moving forward, I plan to use the name "Reavers". I will be going back to the earlier chapters and updating the name. Please note that I will keep the name of the base of "Reavers" as "Slaughterhouse"

Also, I am planning to be update the term "monster(s)" to "mutant(s)" as I think it'll fit better in the novel about post-apocalypse.

Thanks again for your readership!

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Translator: Mqpark

Editor: Milkbiscuit

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