Age of Adepts Chapter 646 + January Update

By TsukikageRyu

Happy New Year, fellow adepts! Ryu here to ring in the new year with you all. First off, pleasure: Chapter 646 is up to get the year off on a good foot.

It's been an eventful 2018 here at Age of Adepts. We started in late January 2018 and have slowly worked our way up. Things got shaky towards the end of 2018, when we unexpectedly shifted from being paid by GT to being entirely funded by you, our readers and patrons. Still, I feel like 2018 was a good first year for AoA here on Gravity Tales, and I continue to look forward to its future. 

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us this past year. To those who have voted. To those who have posted reviews. To those who have continued to read week after week. Hell, even to those who don't read for a month or so to stockpile chapters and read in one big run.

...not like I've ever done that...

Anyway! Thanks to everyone who has stayed with us. An extra large thanks to our Patrons who, as with the past couple of months, have made it possible for Age of Adepts to live and survive into the new year. If not for their support, we'd have been dead before 2018 even came to a close.

I won't go too much into plans for the new year; I need to hold a meeting with Eris to discuss a few things. I have lofty plans for Patreon, but I'm also a procrastinator...something to work on for 2019.

So once again- happy new year, thanks for the support in 2018, and I look forward to continuing this journey with all of you throughout the coming year!


Patreon Tier/Chapter

First Grade: 648

Second Grade: 651

Third Grade: 656

Fourth Grade: 661

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