Age of Adepts Chapter 430 + Next Voting Goal

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 430 is up.

So, we fell short of the needed votes to reach our first bonus chapter goal. We ended up at about 760/800 votes, which was a pretty admirable last minute push yesterday. Sadly, because we fell so short, there will be no bonus chapter today.

However, all hope is not lost. We will be rolling over this bonus chapter reward into the next goal on the 20th. In fact, we'll practically be giving it away. The next Bonus Chapter Goal will conclude at the end of Friday, July 20th. We will have two goals. The first will to 1500 votes, where we will immediately release one bonus chapter. That's in line with our current voting pace, and it's very doable. The second is to 1600 votes, which would have been the original goal. If only a handful of extra people vote over the course of the next 10 days, then it's also quite doable. If we hit the 1600 vote goal, we will also release a second bonus chapter. So on the 21st, there is a good chance at two extra chapters that day (and it's already a double chapter day, so you'd have a nice 4 chapter feast that Saturday). So, to recap:

If we hit 1500 votes, One Bonus Chapter. If we hit 1600 votes, a Second Bonus Chapter.

Vote Count (as of the time of this post): 760/1500 (5th Place), 50.06% to Bonus Chapter #1.

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