Age of Adepts Chapter 377

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 377‍ is out, nice and early for once.

It looks like we're in for a tough fight against King of Gods. We are staying pretty much tied with them in the GT Ranking so far. I'll give it another few days to see how things go, but it looks like they're going to give us a good fight. Also, though The Lord's Empire is once again in 3rd Place above us, there isn't too much of a gap. I don't know how much voting strength you readers can squeeze out, but it'd be cool to see if we could keep up with them. I don't expect to overcome TLE this month, but I'd like to see if we shorten the gap between us. 

Thanks to everyone who has been enjoying the burst of chapters this past weekend. I know several people felt that the Witch of Fate battle arc was going a bit slow and wanted to get back to Greem. I'm glad the bonus chapters came at the right time to help us power through into the action and get things moving along.


If you'd like to see what's happening in June, including how we'll be doing bonus chapters this month, then please check out the June 2018 Update post.

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