Age of Adepts Chapter 337

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 337‍ is up. Another quiet day on AoA. You guys are doing amazing on keeping up with votes, though King of Gods below us is slowly trying to inch closer. The Lord's Empire has secured their number 3 spot. That's okay, I'm not too greedy. Rank#4 us already far ahead what I expected for the month- I honestly hoped for something closer to #7, and you all have exceeded that goal in every way. We'll take #3 and higher at some point :)  For this month, though, I'll lay off with the vote spam and just say thanks for all your contributions to this series. I am still blown away by how well the series is doing this month. I can't reveal  back-end numbers, but I can say that we've done a great deal better this month than the last one by a solid margin. I don't know how much is from Novel Updates, how much are from new readers. I don't know how much is from the bonus chapters from the first of the month (By the way, if we hold #4 til the end of the month, that'll mean a mind-blowing 13 bonus chapters on June 1st!), or how many new readers are coming from our Ranking or other places. 

Huh, that's a good idea for a new poll.


May 2018 Update post, including how we'll be doing bonus chapters for the end of the month.

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