Age of Adepts Chapter 287

By TsukikageRyu

Good morning fellow adepts, Ryu here. Chapter 287‍ is up to get your week off to a good start. I'd also like to thank everyone for voting this weekend- we've almost caught up to #14, Chaotic Sword God! Excellent work everyone.

Eris asked me to remind you about bonus chapters being offered at the end of the month, based on our final rank. She posted about it yesterday, but some may not have seen. It goes as such:

Rank 14- 1 Bonus Chapter.

Rank 13- 2 Bonus Chapters.

Rank 12- 3 Bonus Chapters.

Rank 11- 4 Bonus Chapters. (I'm looking at you, Abyss Domination)

Rank 10+. If we somehow crack the Top 10, through a fortuitous encounter, or a landslide of votes, or some other miraculous event, then Eris will put out 7 Bonus Chapters!

A reminder that the bonus chapters are based on the rank we hold at the end of the month, so no stacking of chapters (no 17 chapters for top ten). Eris is cranking out extra work on top of our ten chapter a week workload, but even they have limits. We can't break our translator for short term gains :)

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