Abyss Domination — Volume 1 Chapter 50

By SaltyTank

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First off, thanks for all the support! You guys have been great, so here's a link to our own discord server! Nothing much, but I'll add in new stuff later.

Second, I've decided to revamp the voting system. I'll be removing the [Bonus chapter per 400 votes] thing. Before you guys start crying, here's the new deal. If we reach Top 10, I will post 6 Bonus Chapters the next month. For Top 15, it will be 4 Bonus Chapters. The number of chapters you guys get will be pretty much the same as before, but with better rewards if we reach Top 10.

Third, starting today, I will hold a "Buy 2 Get 1 Free" event for donations. For every 2 sponsored chapters (aka $100), I will post an additional chapter. This will last until end of May. Neat, yeah?

That's it for the announcement; as always, thanks for reading ^_^

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