Abyss Domination — Volume 1 Chapter 13

By SaltyTank

Here's the chapter for today ^_^ Hope you guys are liking it so far

Just wanna let you guys know the first 20 or so chapters had been TLed quite some time ago, and it took me some time to get used to the terms and all that as well, so there might be slight errors here and there. I'm going through them again before posting, but there's always the chance I'm missing something >.< Please do let me know if something sounds off and I'll fix them. Sorry and thank you :)

Read Chapter 13 here (redirect)/ or here (new tab)

P.S. If you like it so far, remember to vote here for the series for (potentially) more releases!

In case you're new, no worries. Start reading from the beginning here!


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