A Dragon's Curiosity Chapter 169

By Chunwa

I've gotten a new editor, a big round applause for Tierciel please, who took mercy on my poor soul and took up the gargantuan task of making my messed up writing somewhat decipherable. Sorry for the slight delay in releases, I'm working towards making a more stable schedule and always do releases on either saturday or sunday, but I'm not that known for being reliable anyway.

I've also updated 168 with the edited version, so you can check out these two chapters to see that ADC has a premium editor looking after the series.

A big thank you to all my readers and Patreons, namely stormbreeze, Preston Payne, Brad Hawthorne, Pascal Salmon,

Beesley-Edgar, Daniel Richardson, Kristian Kellmer Andersen, John Cook,

Lord Vanyal, shaei-phet, Hannu Hautalampi, Rip Woodham, Nathaniel

Fritz, Travis Hampton, D.A.K., for your continued support.

You can find the new chapter here ~

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