A Dragon's Curiosity Chapter 132 - 135

By Chunwa

With this release, we're on track for the regular releases, I wanted to do some bonus chapters but ran out of medicine and spent the last few days ill, which threw me somewhat behind on that. still, I'll try to correct that.

There have been another two donations, so a big thank you to Alice C. and Cody F. for their generosity,

as well as my patreons and supporters, namely Jean-Jacques Beesley-Edgar, Daniel Richardson, Milad Eslamifar, Jonas Erhult, Antonio Islas, Kevin, Rip Woodham, kristian kellmer andersen, John Cook, Jacob Goerke, Lord Vanyal, Narthor, Jason J., Jacob I., josbus, Kosie van der Merwe, Demian B., and all of the others.

You can find the four chapters here and go from there ~

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