A Dragon's Curiosity Chapter 115 + 116 + 117

By Chunwa

Two chapters for last week plus one bonus chapter! There will be two regular chapters this week as well and maybe one more bonus chapter if I can manage it ~

My thanks go to Rip Woodham, aimee herbert, kristian kellmer andersen, John Cook, Jacob Goerke, Lord Vanyal, Narthor, Cynder111 Benjamin Lee, Jörn Peters, CadiLACi and Michigo , FercoCQ, Daniel Thorén, Gjis Groenewoud, SerDracon Leonhard Münzer and Jude Rowe for supporting my Patreon, with quite a few additions since the last time!

Also a big thank you to chuchutrain for the editing, and now we come to the most important part, chapter links.

You can read the new chapters here, here ~ and here ~~

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