Shura's Wrath Raffle (Provisional) Winners!

Drumroll please...

And the winners are...

Adam, Travis Fowler, Sorcs, Exuberant, Bob The Bob, Cracky, Ben Bontempo, Moonwulvz, Lily Pham, Judai Y., David Mooney, Brandon Paw, Naseem A., Teisen and JBJ! 

If your name is here but you haven't received an email, please email me at [email protected], or message me on Discord with a screenshot of your donation :)

Congratulations, you lucky people are Provisional Winners! An email has been sent to you; please respond within a week to claim your prize! If your Paypal email is not your preferred email, please contact me with another method and provide a screenshot of your donation to verify that it is you :)

IMPORTANT NOTE: JBJ's payment is still pending, so the prize will be sent to him when it clears. In the event that it does not clear, Rajiv Thakoer, you will be a Provisional Winner! I will email you if this does happen.

FURTHER NOTE FOR JBJ: When you made the payment, there was no email provided by paypal. If you see this, can you please email me with a screenshot of your donation so I can send you your prize? Thanks! :D


Below are screenshots for the draw (website:

Green: First 15 Numbers; Orange: Second 15 Numbers; Yellow: Provisional-Provisional Winner


First 15 Numbers:

Winners & Winning Numbers:

Second 15 Numbers: