Zhan Long

Chapter 332

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Chapter 332 Porkchop Smiled

After two rays of light flashed, Ye Lai and Misty Clouds both arrived in the arena. Apart from the rank of their weapons, there wasn’t much of a difference between the quality of their armor. In Ye Lai’s hand was an Emperor Tier Battle Axe, whereas Misty Cloud’s weapon was a high level Purple Tier Battle Axe. Ye Lai was [Judgement]’s Guild Master, so naturally his equipment wouldn’t be bad. Similarly, Misty Clouds was the Guild Master of [Misty Palace], so his equipment wouldn’t be too inferior compared to Ye Lai’s.


The two battle axes clashed. Ye Lai leaned over his battle axe. With an arrogant look on his face, he smiled and said, “[Misty Palace]’s Guild Master and the 2nd strongest Berserker in Ba Huang City. You’ve only been in this game for 17 months. Hehe, Ba Huang City truly is where the talented come from. No wonder someone like Jian Feng Han would have such a hard time. Misty Clouds, do you recognize me?”

Misty Clouds swung his battle axe onto his shoulder, his eyes full of pride. He lightly smiled and said, “I don’t care what kind of a person you are. What I care about is the fact that you are what stands between me and getting into the top 16. Ye Lai, everyone says that you are the King of Berserkers on the Chinese servers. Today, I want to personally experience whether or not this number 1 is as strong as he is rumored to be!”

Ye Lai suddenly raised his battle axe and slightly opened his palm. A hexagon appeared, and a Fire Phoenix soared into the sky above their heads. Ye Lai’s face was filled with pride as he brandished his axe and said, “Come! The number of opponents like you that I’ve defeated every year is already in the triple digits. Come on, Ba Huang City’s 2nd best Berserker! Let me see whether or not you can endure a few hits from me!”

Misty Clouds didn’t say anything and raised his arm to summon his pet. An Ice Wolf roared as it leaped out. The system began its countdown-




Ye Lai shouted and picked up his battle axe as he rushed over. Misty Clouds didn’t waste a single second and rushed forward as well. At the same time, just like their owners, the two pets confronted each other. Just before Ye Lai got close, he raised his palm and commanded the pet to advance at the same time. As a flame rose from his forefinger, he yelled out, “[Conflagration]!”


Raging flames densely covered his body, making Ye Lai appear as though he was a god of war. [Conflagration] increased the damage output of fire element attacks by 50%; Ye Lai had the hidden class Flame Berserker, which mainly focused on fire type skills. After casting [Conflagration], his damage was unimaginable.


Yue Qing Qian gulped, squinting her beautiful eyes as she said, “Ye Lai cannot be allowed to land the first strike, or else Misty Clouds won’t stand a chance.”

I nodded, “Yea!”

The incisive Misty Clouds had already grasped the situation. With the dragging of his battle axe, “Keng Keng Keng” a fire star appeared, and his entire body slid forward, beautifully dodging Ye Lai’s attack. Simultaneously, the Ice Wolf, that had been battling against the Fire Phoenix, let out a roar as an icicle formed in its throat.


The icicle hit Ye Lai right in his chest! The slow succeeded!

Misty Clouds had been waiting for this opportunity and immediately turned around, gripping onto his axe even harder. [Flame Axe] + [Skyshaker Slash], his two most destructive skills fell upon Ye Lai’s back at the same time!

Ye Lai instinctively shivered and abruptly slid his feet. “Shua” his battle axe flew up and blocked the [Flame Axe] with a “Keng!” At the same time, his shoulder was hit by [Skyshaker Slash]; it was painful indeed!


Ye Lai’s health had dropped by more than half within seconds. Without a shred of hesitation, Misty Clouds raised his battle axe again then yelled out, “Die!”

Immediately after the battle axe flew out, his third tier skill [Battle Axe Throw] was activated and as long as it hit, Ye Lai’s 2000 or so health would definitely not be able to hold out. Unfortunately, the [Judgement] Guild Master had seen it coming and gulped down a health potion, recovering 3000 health. He picked up his battle axe and charged at Misty Clouds, laughing, “Now it’s my turn!”


A crimson light surrounded the battle axe as Ye Lai roared, “[Holy Fire Cut]!”


It was an extremely fierce strike; Misty Clouds was forced backward several steps. He immediately gulped down a health potion before looking up. Ye Lai, who was wrapped in burning flames, was charging right at Misty Clouds with his axe raised above his head. As soon as Misty Clouds was within range, he swung the axe down!


Misty Clouds knew that things weren’t looking good, but he put aside his worries and raised his axe with both hands to block. Maybe he could get through this attack!

However, didn’t expect Ye Lai to switch his strategy so abruptly. The battle axe in his hands suddenly disappeared; as he bellowed in rage, a fire sword began to materialize in its place.

That roar summoned a new weapon out of thin air – [Divine Weapon Breaker]!


Misty Cloud’s defense was broken through since [Divine Weapon Breaker] had the effect of nullifying an opponent’s defence, dealing more damage than a critical hit.


Misty Clouds was forced back several steps as his battle axe swept along the ground, leaving a long crimson mark. A large cut then appeared on his shoulder. He clearly took a lot of damage from that skill. He reached up to wipe off his blood then yelled out, “Again!”

“No need!”

Ye Lai smirked as he opened his palm; flames blazed around his hand as he bawled, “[Burning Tornado]!”

Magic! He was actually using magic!


The flame spiraled into a tornado which engulfed Misty Clouds. It was an AoE attack in which Misty Clouds had practically no defense against and killed him on the spot.
[Editor Note: AoE stands for Area-of-Effect: inflicting damage onto anyone in range of the targeted area instead of a specific target]

0:1 Misty Clouds’ defeat!



After being sent out of the arena, he took a short pause, picked up his axe and let out a sigh, “Is there… is there really such a big gap between our skills? His pet did practically nothing, yet he still managed to kill me……”

From a distance I said, “Ye Lai’s only trump card was the [Holy Fire Cut] skill, and his weapon, [Divine Weapon Breaker]. You might be able to win next time if you trick him into getting one of them on cooldown or use [Reflect] to divert the attack…”

Misty Clouds looked up and said, “But Xiao Yao… the casting of [Reflect] is too obvious. The moment he sees the skill, he’ll definitely change tactics and break the skill with his bare hands, making it pointless…”

I shook my head and said, “No, but you’ll have to time your [Reflect] well. Next time, when he uses [Holy Fire Cut], wait until the last 0.2 seconds of the cast time before activating [Reflect]. The average time it takes for a person to react is at least 0.2 seconds, and since you’ve prepared yourself in advance, he won’t be able to stop the skill in time. It’ll definitely work!”


Misty Clouds’ eyes lit up, and he beamed, “I got it…”

A few seconds later, he entered into the arena again. Time for Round 2!

This time, Misty Clouds was much more vigilant than before. He picked up his battle axe then circled the arena with his ice wolf. Both him and his pet were looking for the perfect opportunity to attack.


However, it was Ye Lai who attacked first! His burning battle axe came sweeping over!


Misty Clouds blocked the attack, but his strength was slightly weaker thus forcing him backward from the impact. Ye Lai used [Conflagration] again and with a swing of his battle axe, flames began to rise. [Holy Fire Cut] was coming!


The flaming axe made a beautiful arc as it chopped towards Misty Clouds’ shoulder. Ye Lai’s young eyes carefully watched his opponent’s every move, as if he was trying to catch any tricks his opponent might have. These two were just too clever. They weren’t your average Berserkers like Old K who just relied on brute force, these two were Berserkers that fought with their wits.

At the 0.2 second mark right before the axe fell, Misty Clouds made his move. With a wave of his arm, a mirror appeared before him; it was [Reflect]!

However, in the midst of the blazing fire and light, Ye Lai also summoned a mirror to protect himself. It was also a [Reflect]!!

“Bang Bang!”

Two bounces had occurred, the [Holy Fire Cut] was reflected by Misty Clouds, but was also reflected by Ye Lai, therefore, the strength of the chop was still rebounded onto Misty Clouds’ shoulder!



Even after that sudden change, Misty Clouds had not given up yet. Instead, he surpassed everyone’s expectations and suddenly charged forward. He then raised his battle boots and kicked right into Ye Lai’s stomach!


He swung his battle axe. “Ka Cha!” the axe chopped right into Ye Lai’s chest plate. Misty Clouds was truly terrifying when his life was on the line. At the same time, he took this chance to use [Sky Shaker Slash] and kicked Ye Lai’s waist again. “Peng!” Immediately leaping off as the critical hit landed squarely on Ye Lai. From behind Ye Lai came the sound of a wolf roaring. The wolf’s sharp claws slashed at Ye Lai attempting to steal the last bit of his health!

Beside me, Song Han, Qing Qian and the rest were stupefied. Such a fast-paced PK was just too rare. The speed at which the two adapted to new tactics was just astonishing!

Even when the Ice Wolf was pouncing right at him, Ye Lai didn’t show the slightest bit of fear. He gulped down a health potion and hurled his battle axe at the wolf!


The Ice Wolf cried out and retreated. With his bare hands, Ye Lai tackled him and started to wrestle with the wolf. He spread his hands and cast [Fire Tornado] to trap Misty Clouds. Ye Lai stood up with raging flames engulfing his body as he laughed and said, “Let’s finish this!”

[Divine Weapon Breaker] broke through Misty Cloud’s defense and dealt 4000+ damage. Ye Lai took advantage of the downward force and forced Misty Cloud’s body even lower. He kicked him down then grabbed onto the returning battle axe and threw an [Icy Spear]!


Misty Clouds’ entire body shook. He gripped the battle axe as he stood there, his health hitting rock bottom. Eyes widened, he looked at Ye Lai and said, “I will defeat you, sooner or later!”

Ye Lai slowly pulled out his battle axe and smirked, “I’ll be waiting!”


2:0 [Judgement]’s Guild Master had smoothly obtained the ticket into the Top 16!

Compared to Ye Lai, Misty Clouds was just too young. He needed more experience. But, based on Misty Clouds’ unwillingness to admit defeat and his outstanding talent, it wasn’t impossible for him to surpass Ye Lai. After this Rise of the Heroes Tournament, the hierarchy of the three big cities will become even more interesting. Only with this freedom of expression can there be competition.

And thus, Group C’s final formation had also been decided –

Cang Tong vs Simple

Ye Lai vs Cang Cheng


Group D’s round began soon after. It was the internal struggle battle of [Zhan Long]’s group!

In the first round, it was Yue Wei Liang vs Blazing Sun. Blazing Sun was a mysterious Knight, and his spot in the Top 16 was mysteriously taken by Wei Liang in a 2:1 round.

In the second match, it was Drunken Spear vs General Wang Jian. The great battle ensued for 5 minutes, and 4 health potions were used. In the end, Wang Jian was defeated 1:2. Drunken Spear not only had top tier reflexes and tactics, but he also had excellent equipment and skills. Wang Jian’s defeat was not too unjust.

In the third round, it was Hero Ran Min vs The Seventh Tang!


From a distance, The Seventh Tang looked like a 25 year old elegant gentleman. He was donned in an elegant cloth armor and held an iron fan. He was a Lv 70 Fengshui Master and an extremely mysterious person.

Old K picked up his battle axe and said, “I’ll kill this b*tch!”

I was speechless.

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