Zhan Long

Chapter 185

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Chapter 185 – Class Change Certificate
Translated by: xDh20, Ciel, GGP
Edited by: Zephir, Based Jessica, thaddpole, NorthFury


In the party chat, I said under my breath “Get ready to sneak up behind Soaring Dragon and break his shield. Old K, use [Whirlwind Blade] to break a path through and I will follow up. Once Soaring Dragon retreats, Old K will use [Savage Jump Slash] to chase after him. Remember, if we kill Soaring Dragon, [Flying Dragon]’s morale will dissipate!”

Wolf nodded, “I need 12 seconds to adjust my position so I can avoid Musketeers!”

“Alright, get ready!”


I held my breath as I drew my Frost Rain Sword and rushed into the mob. The enemy’s Swordsmen and Berserkers attacked me endlessly with their weapons. Too bad for them my 1645 defense was so high where only a few people could break past my defense, and even if they could break past it, Darling Duck’s and my [Heal] were enough to keep my health up.

Within 9 seconds, I was only 7 meters away from Soaring Dragon while lowering my head and fighting against 2 Swordsmen. I could activate [Haste] at any time to rush in for the kill!

“Now!” Wolf shouted under his breath and activated his attack three seconds later, his Purple Tier dagger flashed through the air straight into Soaring Dragon’s [Mana Shield]!

“Pu…” The sound echoed lightly. The [Mana Shield] deformed but it did not break. Wolf did not give up and he crossed his arms, stabbing with the dagger three more times. All of his strikes were critical hits!


Finally. Even if Soaring Dragon was the strongest Mage on this battlefield, his shield still broke. However, his reactions were also fast and the second his magic boots touched the ground, he twisted around, lifting his staff, made the sound “Keng” and blocked Wolf’s final stab! As he retreated, he had already prepared an [Icicle] in his open hand while shouting “Eliminate the Assassin!”

[Scatter Shot], [Triple Shot], [Chilling Wind Spell], and [Pillar of Fire and Ice] and almost every other long range attack joined together. Wolf couldn’t dodge these attacks and was obliterated. He fell to his knees and said in the party chat, “I’m leaving the rest to you all!”

Instant kill! Even Zhan Long’s number one Assassin couldn’t defend that many attacks.



As a whirlwind erupted, Old K’s [Whirlwind Blade] slashed through a crowd of people and pushed into Soaring Dragon, dealing some damage.


Unfortunately, the attack did not kill him. Soaring Dragon roared “Kill Old K, now! Defend me as I retreat! Where the hell are our Assassins? Attack their far side and kill Darling Duck and Fox!”

“Sha sha….”

In the rain, my Purple Dawn Boots smashed against grass as I leapt forward. My Frost Rain Sword crept towards Soaring Dragon’s back without a sound. I only needed to touch him and he’d be done for!


Soaring Dragon turned his head, the horror of realization contorting into his eyes “Xiao Yao Zi Zai?!”

At that moment, he activated the skill, [Eject].
TL: Unique Skill to Soaring Dragon


An invisible force pushed the Lv 58 Mage back 20 yards, it was an ingenious skill for retreating.

I lifted my sword, and yelled “Old K, use [Savage Jump Slash]!”

Just as I expected, Old K slightly bent his legs, gathering the energy under his feet. A “Bang” sound was generated by his feet when he left the ground. The strong force pushed him upwards and he was like a massive bullet as he came down upon Soaring Dragon. His battle axe carried a frightening force of power that hacked into the shoulder of [Flying Dragon]’s Leader!


Finally, this attempt succeeded, and Soaring Dragon fell to his knees and decayed into a white light, leaving for the spirit world.


As I rushed forward I shouted “Keep advancing! Don’t stop until we see General Li Mu’s group!”

Nothing is certain in war; we must use everything in this battle where we are outnumbered two to one. The [Flying Dragon] guild was actually quite strong; their average strength was not worse than our own. Therefore for us to win, we had to rely on wild strategies that were almost crazy.

I waved my hand to heal Old K, while at the same time I dealt with an Archer. Matcha, Fox, Darling Duck followed closely behind me, afraid we would get separated. Of the team of 500, we had advanced the farthest into “[Flying Dragon] territory”. But our losses were heavy: only 70 of the 500 were still alive. Even for Zhan Long, only 11 players remained.

Luckily, at the mountaintop, a familiar shadow appeared; it was General Wang Jian waving his sword and shouting “Victory is ours! Kill your way down and regroup with Xiao Yao’s group!”

A flood of [Valiant Bravery]’s players rushed down the mountain and overran [Flying Dragon]’s players. I had never thought that this would go so smoothly, not even 20 minutes had past and the battle was nearly over. Of [Flying Dragon]’s 3000 initial members, approximately 70% have been killed and the rest were no longer a threat. They couldn’t continue fighting against [Valiant Bravery] anymore.

“How many people are left?” Li Mu brooded while charging into battle.

I turned around to look at my group and seeing no more than 50 people I said “At this point, we’ve lost over 90% of our group. Li Mu, you really gave me a tough task.”

Li Mu couldn’t hold in his laugh “Good brother, don’t be mad, now what should we do?”

“Immediately regroup to kill the boss. We must get it done within 10 minutes, otherwise they can regroup after reviving!”



Reforming a defensive line, General Wang Jian led 500 people to set up defenses, Li Mu led the other remaining 500+ people to kill the boss and Zhan Long was in charge of the assault. The strategy was simple, I’ll tank and attract the boss’ aggro while high leveled Mages attack the boss from afar with [Mana Shield] up and an army of Healers will Heal from behind. Only this way would we have a chance.

“Sha Sha…..”

Guardian of the Earth, this Lv 60 Emperor Tier boss was slowly moving around. It’s whole body was covered with branches that could shoot needles to attack any players that went near it. So these needles were the boss’ max attack range. However, these were not attacks that normal players could withstand and was far longer than the distance long range players could attack from. Mages would need [Mana Shield]s to protect themselves while they attack and even had to keep track of the shield’s toughness, they would die the moment the shield is broken.

Holding the Frost Rain Sword, I charged forward. There were vines swinging over my head and waves of pine needles flying towards me.



Luckily, I could withstand these attacks and so I arrived at the foot of the large tree. Once I got closer, I saw on the trunk of the tree were eyes that were similar to those of humans but at least more than 100 eyes, closing and opening. Then there were these two large branches that served as arms.

[Fierce Ice Blade]!

That put a layer of frost on the boss and at the same time I activated [Strength of a Thousand Men]. Not being too fancy with the attacks, I focused on the fastest method in killing this boss. Otherwise, when [Flying Dragon] members revived and came here, this would become impossible.


A shadow passed over me then my arm suddenly went numb. I got attacked and lost 1700+ health; thankfully there were enough Healers. “Swoosh Swoosh” was the sound I heard as my health fill back up. At the same time, General Li Mu instructed a group of Mages to attack.

“Mages, use fire based attacks, the boss is a wood-type monster, so fire should do more damage. Don’t hold back!” General Li Mu spared no effort and pulled out his sword to attack the boss together with me. His stats were more or less high enough for this dangerous; he was indeed one of the top 3 heavy armor players of Ba Huang City. Even though he was no match for Jian Feng Han or Yan Zhao Warrior, he wasn’t too far off.

“Clang clang clang”As the chaotic attack ensued, the Boss’s health gradually lowered. My heart started pumping faster and faster and when the Boss only had 20% health, I started chanting in my heart, “Drop a Guild Creation Tablet… Drop a Guild Creation Tablet…”

If we get a Guild Creation Tablet, Zhan Long will have some hope! Either way we can’t always be [Valiant Bravery]’s helpers, that was definitely not our goal!


“7% health left! Let’s keep going!” Shouted General Li Mu.

Frost Rain sword was almost dull and chipped while I was using all of my strength attack the boss. Meanwhile, in the party chat, Little Wolf’s spirit cautioned “Brother Xiao Yao, be careful, I saw Drunken Spear and about a hundred other spirits arrive in the basin, They can revive at any time. The only reason they haven’t should be because they are waiting to steal the boss right?”

I gnashed my teeth, “Yes, tell Li Mu that he must do whatever it takes to stall Drunken Spear and his people, this boss is ours and we can’t have them stealing our kill.“

“Got it!”




As I saw the Boss’s health reach 1%, my heart had jumped to my throat. At this time, my luck had finally expired and not far from here, rays of light began to flash as members of [Flying Dragon] had begun to revive. Drunken Spear lifted his Soul Spear, and rushed straight at me. He immediately used [Scorching Spring], killing some of the Mages whose [Mana Shield] had been broken. At the same time, he aimed his spear at me yelling “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, go die with the boss!”

I quickly lifted my sword at Drunken Spear and activated [Shield of the Crimson Dragon]


With a forced collision, I pushed Drunken Spear away from the boss area and at the same time, I shouted “Li Mu, the boss is yours to kill, hurry!”


Within the short 5 seconds, General Li Mu finally killed the giant tree and the Guardian of the Earth let out a cry and fell. The tree’s vigorously waving branches drooped and it’s green blood stained the ground with multiple equipments and items falling to the ground!


System Notification: Everyone take notice, player General Li Mu has killed the Emperor Tier boss 【Guardian of the Earth】, +3 Charm has been awarded!

This means that the first Emperor Tier boss in Demons’ Descent has been killed!



Drunken Spear’s True Soul Spear flashed and my Frost Rain Sword shook at the same time. The two of us stepped back a few steps. Drunken Spear’s eyes followed my every move and his mouth twitched into a smile as he said “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, you are indeed a good rival. Too bad we aren’t friends!”

I weakly smiled “We can still be friends, as long as you leave [Flying Dragon]!”

Drunken Spear hesitated, then smiled “I hadn’t considered that. Ha, good-bye!”

Quickly withdrawing, this top player of [Flying Dragon] took hundreds of people to leave. Since the boss had already been killed, there was no point in continuing the battle.


“Li Mu, what was dropped?” I asked as I walked towards the foot of the tree.

General Li Mu stood up with a frown “Our luck wasn’t too good; there weren’t any Emperor Tier weapons but two Purple Tiers and a Gold Tier dropped. Xiao Yao, there’s also a Class Change Certificate, do you want it? Besides that, there isn’t anything else I can give to you…”

“Oh, a Class Change Certificate? Let me see….”


A cyan letter fell into my hands, a Class Change Certificate——

【Phantom Knight】 (SS) : This is an ancient letter that allows any heavy-armor class to obtain this class from their City’s Knight Instructor. You will become a legendary yet mysterious Phantom Knight!

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