Versatile Mage

Chapter 138

Chapter 138 - Awakening the Shadow Element




Mo Fan walked to the Awakening room which was completely lit up by luminous stones. As he walked to the location where the Awakening Stone was located, he realized there were many lustrous purple pearls around the giant Awakening Stone.

Mo Fan was confused when the pearls were clearly emitting the aura of the Lightning Element.

“I want to awaken a Dark Element, how come the Lightning Guiding Stone is placed here??” Mo Fan asked as Guo Liyu was about to leave and close the door.

Guo Liyun was currently pondering over how to remove the impurities from those precious Guiding Stones. He really did not want to waste another second with this second generation. He didn’t even bother to ask as he said to the female apprentice, ”He wants the Dark Element, then just give him the Dark Element.”

“Oh.” Xiao Mian obediently nodded, and changed to the Dark Guiding Stone straightaway.

Guo Liyu didn’t even bother asking as he once more focused on the difficult task of his own research. Before he began, he couldn’t help but mutter, “You want to Awaken the Dark Element on your first Awakening? You’re expecting too much! Whatever, the Lightning Guiding Stone and the Dark Guiding Stone’s price tags aren’t too far apart...”


After swapping to Dark Guiding Stone, Mo Fan was locked inside the Awakening Room.

The Awakening Stones felt so familiar, but there was a clear difference from the mass-produced cheap ones used by his school.

Awakening Stones were restricted items. You had to register yourself every time one was used. The Magic Association was basically in control of the Awakening Stones, and they dispatched them to the schools, military, Hunter’s Unions, or other appointed organisations.

Half of the tuition fees for High School were actually used to purchase the Awakening Stones.

Although the even more expensive Guiding Stones could be purchased, the high schools as well as Universities had no reason to provide something that expensive for their students.

Mo Fan wasn’t sure if he would succeed, either. Looking at the black elemental pebbles covering the Dark Guiding Stone, his heart couldn’t help but beat faster.

Mo Fan closed his eyes as he slowly placed his palm on top of the cold Awakening Stone. He felt uneasy, similar to a virgin boy touching his girlfriend’s breasts for the very first time.

When the glossy, cold Awakening Stone sensed the warmth from his palms, it immediately began to react. From the very center of the stone a light blossomed.

It was very similar to his first Awakening. With his eyes closed, Mo Fan was able to feel a bizarre energy flowing through the blood vessels within his body, and in a flash, it all poured into his Spiritual Universe...

It was as if a new life was being birthed somewhere in the chaotic field of his Spiritual Universe. It was changing his Spiritual Space, slowly forming a territory that belonged to itself.

The motes of energy were as tiny as dust as they carefully tiptoed into this territory, while carrying the intentions of invading. They wanted to own a much larger expanse of territory. The energy wasn’t as fierce and overbearing as the Lightning Element, and it wasn’t as active and inciting as the Fire Element, either. The motes displayed a different kind of calm and a coolness that other Elements didn’t have, like they were peeking around with ideas of their own.

What is this?? Mo Fan was momentarily unable to determine what it was.

From the looks of its color, this Element looked as if it was merging with his Spiritual Universe!

Dark color, yes, this was a dark color!!

Does dark have a color and its own luster?

The truth was Mo Fan’s dark Stardust had its own characteristics and its own luster. If he hadn’t carefully tried to feel it, then it would have been quite easy to completely overlook its existence. However, the motes existed right there as they gave out a dark Stardust radiance!

The guidance was successful!

Ms. Tangyue said this Guo Liyu’s Awakening Stones were renowned across the country, and the success rates of his Guided Awakenings were far higher than what the schools could offer. Who would’ve thought that it really would succeed!

Shadow Element!

So this is the Shadow Element, mysterious, crafty and dangerous!

Good! With the Shadow element in my possession, I’ll be able to escape through the shadows like Ms. Tangyue! The usage of the spell is one thing, but things the spell can do is extraordinary cool!

In a University filled with romance, how could I possibly receive the attention of everyone, distinguish myself above the rest, and capture the heart of the girls and teachers without the incredibly cool Shadow Element?

Cough, ahem! Forget it… Under his circumstances, where he had two violent magical Elements, obtaining a spell that was capable of quick relocation was extremely important to him. Perhaps the Wind Element was a good choice, but from how Mo Fan saw it, he thought Wind was missing that mysterious feeling and potential for controlling things.

Now, he had finally Awakened the Shadow Element. Give him some time to complete the Primary spell, Escaping Shadows, and he wouldn’t ever have to go through the efforts of sneakily peeking at Xinxia… Oh, he meant, he could fight against Magical Beasts without restraint!

Hahaha, three Elements in my hands!

Mo Fan was completely excited and about to retract his hands when suddenly a new sensation was transmitted from the Awakening Stone like lightning, hitting him so fast he didn’t have time to react.

Mo Fan trembled. Before he was able to regain his senses, a new mysterious power was flowing into Mo Fan’s palms. Just like the previous Shadow Element, it quickly melted into Mo Fan’s blood vessels, and furthermore, it opened up yet another whole new world within Mo Fan’s Spiritual Universe!



At this time, Mo Fan was unable to talk. He mouthed the words, but no sounds came out.

Recalling the first time he Awakened, the Lightning Element came first, and then the Fire Element immediately and vigorously followed. The Fire didn’t even give Mo Fan a moment’s leeway to wonder about it.

Now, the same thing had happened again!

After his third Element was Awakened, there was actually yet one more energy that charged its way into his Spiritual Universe. It didn’t even give Mo Fan the time to rejoice properly over the previous Element before sending Mo Fan to an even higher level of excitement!

This was just like a father who was about to hug his son who had been missing for many years before discovering that… It was a buy one, get one free? One hit, two sounds? Shit, there is no way to describe this. In short, he was happy beyond reason!

A fourth Element!

I have four Elements!

Other people at the Intermediate level would only possess two Elements. It seemed like they had to cultivate to a level above the Advanced stage before they’d be able to Awaken a fourth Element...

However, Mo Fan had only just stepped into the Intermediate level, yet he had directly Awakened a fourth Element!

This was against the rules of heaven!

Calm down, calm down...

Shit, I can’t calm down!

Mo Fan was so excited that he felt like he was blowing up. Controlling the emotions billowing up inside him, he finally directed his attention toward the color of the fourth Element.

What did I Awaken this time?

At this moment, Mo Fan’s mood was like he had won a lottery. As to whether it was a sports lottery or a money lottery, that wasn’t the important part. This winning pool’s reward was at a different level!

“What is this??” Mo Fan blurted out when he finally found the fourth Stardust in his Spiritual Universe.

The color of this Stardust...

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