Versatile Mage

Chapter 126

Chapter 126 - Dual Element is Burning Money!




Fire Soul?

Numerous question marks emerged within Mo Fan’s head.

This appears to be a concept that school doesn’t teach?

Mo Fan couldn’t help but gaze toward the Mrs. Tangyue, who was extremely close to him.

Mrs. Tangyue had an extremely delicate oval face, and her eyes were bright, like electricity ran through them. Her tall nose seemed sexy, and her small, red mouth was fascinating. Her skin was fair white and ruddy, and despite her face being so close to him, he was still unable to find a flaw on it.

Mrs. Tangyue noticed Mo Fan’s lecherous glint, she harshly glared at him and said, “If you blasphemed a teacher in the past, you’d be beaten to death!”

“Sister Tangyue, please, currently, it is you who’s pressing me! Seducing a student in the past would result in being soaked in a pig basket!” Mo Fan said.

As Tangyue saw that person leaving, she finally let go of Mo Fan.

The second after she released Mo Fan, their figures once again emerged behind the trees. It was extremely strange.

Tangyue felt disinclined to blabber with Mo Fan, she knew that Mo Fan definitely did not know what a Soul was. In that moment, she also began to dispel his doubts, as a proper role model, “The world produces elements. And these elements would also have different rankings depending on their environments. In some of the special areas, the elements are rather active, and as a result, it’d give birth to a Fire Soul. If this kind of Fire Soul was to be refined and absorbed by a Fire Magician, then the might of the Fire Magician’s spells would increase several times over!”

Several times over?

As Mo Fan heard this, he became excited. 

Mo Fan had already realized that no matter which cultivation level you were at, the cast spells essentially still had the same might.

For example, he was currently an Intermediate Magician. His speed in casting Primary spells was extremely quick, but its power was the same as other Primary Magicians.

The Fire Burst: Rupture which Xu Dahuang cast was not much different than the one which Mo Fan cast. This had become a big problem for Mo Fan. In the Xuanhuan novels that he had read in the past, the hero’s might would increase along with their cultivation!

Mo Fan thought that the power of his spells would never increase, who would’ve thought that the thing that would allow him to increase his power would actually be in this place!

A Fire Soul!

Magicians had to go through absorption and refining of the elemental seed produced by Heaven and Earth to increase their own magic power. Furthermore, if it increased the power several times… did that mean it would be able to reach a power where Fire Burst: Rupture was capable of directly killing those Three-eyed Magic Wolves and Colossal-eyed Ape Rats?

Mo Fan didn’t have a Stardust to store his Mana anymore, but a Nebula. Casting ten or so Primary Magic spells wouldn’t be fatigue him too much. Intermediate Magic’s ability in killing was indeed very strong, but there’s no way they’d be using Intermediate Magic to kill the smaller enemies as well. That way, he’d be wasting too much mana and energy!

The power of Primary Magic was obviously not on par with Intermediate Magic; however, the effects of the spells were something else. For example, Lightning element’s paralysis would be useful in any kind of battle.

“The most common kind of Fire Soul in the market would still reach up to 2 million RMB, and there’d still be people fighting over it. I was wondering why this criminal would take a risk and wander about, it seems like he was drawn out by this Fire Soul.” Mrs. Tangyue came to an understand the situation, and her cherry mouth turned up into a slight smile.

“Two...two million, oh my heavens. That amount of money could get me a large villa in the downtown of Shanghai.” Mo Fan subconsciously took a deep breath. This Soul was even more precious than diamonds!

“I’m sorry, that still wouldn’t be enough!” Tangyue gave Mo Fan a knowing glance.

Alright, the prices of real estate in Shanghai were just too excessive.

However, a small Fire Soul’s price could reach that of degree, this really shocked Mo Fan.

Furthermore, this thing could directly increase the power of Fire Magic. Not only would Primary Magic receive an increase in its power, but even Intermediate Magic would, as well...

Just thinking about the unreasonable power of Fiery Fist… If the power of Fiery Fist doubled, then not only would it be able to directly kill those Minion-class Magical Beasts, but even those Warrior-class Magical Beasts wouldn’t be able to resist it!

“Oh right, I remember that girl Mu Ningxue had an innate something…” Mo Fan suddenly thought of something as he quickly asked.

It hadn’t been long since Mo Fan had gotten here, so there was a lot of knowledge that he needed to replenish.

“Mhm, other than the special elemental seed produced by heaven and earth, there’d be some people from those noble and ancient families where they’d innately have a soul of some sort. These people would awaken a few years earlier than normal people, and their awakened element would be much stronger than others by a level… Mu Ningxue should be an Innate Glass Ice Seed. It belongs to the strongest type of Ice within the Ice Soul Seeds. The power would be 2.5 times stronger than your normal ice user. When someone like her uses Ice Spread: Cover, she could freeze anyone in a certain area within two seconds. Against a group of Magical Beasts, she’d be able to have twice the effect with half the work. Pairing that with the Earth Wave of Earth Element that can slow the movement of Magical Beasts, she’d be able to freeze countless Magical Beasts,” Mrs .Tangyue patiently explained to Mo Fan.

Mo Fan gasped.

No wonder why that old scoundrel Mu Zhuoyun thought of Mu Ningxue as a treasure, and why the entirety of Bo City referred to Mu Ningxue as the number one girl genius. This kind of Innate talent that allowed her to be stronger than others by 2.5 times truly let her sweep past her peers. Furthermore, this girl awakened her element a few years earlier than others, her advantage was very clear. No wonder why she was directly recruited by the Imperial Institute.

“Normal people indeed have no way to compete…” Mo Fan whispered.

Tangyue’s face revealed a smile as she said to Mo Fan, “Your Innate gift is also tyrannical. You have one more element than others. If we were to compare, then your Innate Dual Element would be much more favorable than Mu Ningxue’s. Element seed ranking can be increased through absorbing the seeds produced by Heaven and Earth. Having another one being produced is something you can discover, but not search for.”

“Mrs. Tangyue, since you’re putting it like that, then I’m feeling better about myself.”

“There are also cons. That is because you use more resources compared to your peers. If you can’t increase your cultivation, and lack in resources, then you’ll be no different than an useless person. In short, your Innate talent burns money and resources.”

The corner of Mo Fan’s mouth twitched.

Mrs. Tangyue, if you stop rubbing salt on my wounds, then we can still remain a happy student and teacher.

The aspect of burning money was something Mo Fan have already experienced. When other people bought a Star Trail, they would at most spend around 50,000 RMB. When Mo Fan had to buy them, he’d need a Fire type and a Lightning type, making it 100,000 RMB in total!

Furthermore, if he was to think about it in the form of Soul Seeds… Then he can’t just get a Fire Soul Seed, but it seems like he’d need to get a Lightning type, too… If a Fire Soul Seed cost 2 million RMB, then just what kind of price would that put a Lightning type at?

Shit, this means I’ll have to live in the rural areas for the rest of my life!

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