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Chapter 482

Chapter 482- Financial District

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9th month, 20th day, Shanhai City.

As Ouyang Shuo toured Zhaoqing Prefecture, the Song Family settled down in Shanhai City. To compensate them for the loss of Tianshuang County, Ouyang Shuo gave them a large span of land space, enough to purchase a huge mansion, shops, and a workshop, which they could build into an independent, small-sized neighborhood.

Of course, the Song Family would have to shoulder the construction fees themselves.

Along with the various Chambers of Commerce located in Shanhai City, and the rise of private ownership, there were many public teams in the current Shanhai City apart from the construction teams of the Construction Division.

These public teams just needed to register with the Construction Division. After obtaining the legal paperwork and qualifications, they could take up construction projects within Shanhai City.

Even in government construction projects, if the Construction Division lacked manpower, they could subcontract the project to these public teams.

The reason behind this change was to further stimulate the private economic activity of the territory.

The planning of Shanhai City was simply too large-scale, so if they solely relied on the government team, who knew how long it would take. As such, the Construction Division came up with such a plan.

Ouyang Shuo really did not expect that under his leadership, such a modern day construction organization would actually appear in his territory. This showed that the business atmosphere of Shanhai City was truly thick and prosperous.

Not to mention the construction teams, even the architectural college of the Xinan University started to accept projects. Some graduated students had already prepared to set up teams to accept private projects.

The real world full industry chain of the construction industry was slowly starting to form in Shanhai City.

In the future, the government could entirely step out, apart from public services.

The role of the Construction Division would change from leading the constructions of the territory to setting the standards for constructions, monitoring the projects, and making overall plans for the regions.

The government could just rely on the money from selling and renting land to get rich.

With that, funds for activities such as building the city walls, repairing the roads, water facilities, and public gardens would become available, and it would not burden the territory.

This was also the magic of the market.

Of course, they would still ensure the basic living conditions of the people; this was a line that Ouyang Shuo would not cross.

The land that the government sold could only be for stores, workshops, private mansions, and the like.

As a result, the proceeds from selling land would basically flow to public constructions, and it would not form one of the primary financial income sources of the territory.

The rise of the construction industry would be a result of the private economy of Shanhai City.

Ouyang Shuo's hard work was finally paying off.

The rise of a private economy did not just bring up Shanhai City; it influenced the entire territory. The news was passed to him that in the other parts of the territory, other public teams were appearing.

Shanhai City was going to become the financial center of the territory.

Any new wave of ideas of matters started and prospered mainly from Shanhai City.

The people of Shanhai City, especially the ‘elder generation,’ were all people Ouyang Shuo's thinking had influenced.

In the public construction teams of Shanhai City, more than half emerged from the first construction team of Shanhai City, back when it was still at the village stage.

These people were also the strength that helped to support and uphold Ouyang Shuo's rule.

Nanjiang Governor-General House, Shuangyun Palace.

Shuangyun Palace, the sleeping quarters of Song Jia, located at the east side of Ouyang Shuo's Wuji Palace.

In the main hall, Song Jia was having a conversation with her father, Song Tianxiong.

For the Song Family to move over to Shanhai City, the happiest person was Song Jia. This way, she could accompany Ouyang Shuo, and she did not need separate from her family.

This was killing two birds with one stone.

Of course, the other members of the Song Family would not think of this matter in the same way.

Being under someone's control definitely did not feel that way.

Especially those who knew his real-life identity, they truly did not feel good. How would they have thought that a poor boy in reality would become one of the greatest powers in China?

On the other hand, they, who controlled everything and had so much power in real life, were now under this poor kid. Their roles were now reversed entirely.

This kind of role reversal was one that most would not feel good about.

Song Tianxiong did not feel that way, and even if he did, he would suppress it in his heart. A merchant giant like him had faced many problems in his life.

Compared to those challenges, what was this small situation?

After settling down his family, building the Song Chamber of Commerce became the most important matter to him. Before Ouyang Shuo left Shanhai City, he had set three terms for the Chamber of Commerce.

Now, the three terms were all completed.

First, the sixty-eight thousand gold low-interest loan that Song Wen had told Song Tianxiong about at Wulong City. The day that Song Tianxiong came to Shanhai City, he had already completed all the paperwork at the Four Seas Bank.

Including the gold from the Tianshuang County vault, Song Tianxiong had about one hundred thousand gold on him.

Of course, if one wanted to build a large-sized Chamber of Commerce, one hundred thousand gold did not seem much. Just the Song Family home they planned already cost ten thousand gold.

Second, the context of the pearl sole dealership contract. The Industry Division had already drawn it up and passed it to Song Jia. As long as Song Tianxiong signed it, it would come into immediate effect.

This contract would also be one of the money making points of the Song Chamber of Commerce in the early stages.

Ouyang Shuo had asked the Industry Division to calculate the possible earnings. From this contract alone, the Song Chamber of Commerce could earn two thousand gold every month.

Third, the ten merchant ships that the shipyard had already completed. These ships were now parked in the docks near the Shanhai City central region.

Based on the current market price, these ten merchant ships would cost up to forty thousand gold.

After understanding the situation, Song Tianxiong truly could not imagine what other things he could ask from Ouyang Shuo. Ouyang Shuo had really helped Song Tianxiong out in every way he could.

Even so, it would remain difficult for the Song Chamber of Commerce in Shanhai City.

As one of the merchant sharks in the real world, how could he feel content to let the Song Chamber of Commerce be useless and obscure in the game? After all, the development of the Chamber of Commerce would affect his future.

Amongst the members of the Song Family, Song Jia, needless to say, would have a high permission level. Even without Ouyang Shuo, her achievements in martial arts and her identity as the Dongli Sword Sect sect leader was enough.

Song Wen and Song Wu, these two brothers, had entered the Shanhai City system and had taken up the role of official and general. If they worked hard, their futures were bright too.

Apart from them, the other members of the family had uncertain futures. With no territory and now being under someone else, they would not have a chance to shine.

Just to maintain their luxurious lives and the expenses of a hundred family members would cost another vast sum. If they relied on the profits from the pearl business, they would not have enough.

Their only hope would be through the Song Chamber of Commerce.

Hence, Song Tianxiong needed to think of a way to let it prosper. Since he took over the control of the family, he naturally had the responsibility to take care of them.

After Tianshuang County fell, his father had been exceedingly dejected. As a son, he truly could not bear to see his father like that, as it meant that he was not filial.

Although to fight for power, the two of them had strained their relationship, they were still blood-related, and the other man was his father.

Song Tianxiong did not come to Shuangyun Palace complain but to visit his daughter. Her situation was his only consolation now.

"Dad, I heard Wuyi say that the fall of Tianshuang County had something to do with the Yuan Family?" This father and daughter duo talked about some family matters before she carefully spoke about this sensitive topic.

"That's right!"

In front of his daughter, Song Tianxiong did not hide anything.

Of the three family representatives who came over, the Zhou Family was actually close to the Song Family. They did not know anything about the intentions of the Yuan Family. They were purely there to calm things down and were used.

The territory of the Zhou Family was located in Zhaoqing Prefecture.

After the end of the war, as the Zhou Family's position wavered, Ouyang Shuo did not spare them and annihilated their group.

Song, Zhou, their two families had more than ten years of relationships. Now, they had walked to the end of their paths.

The Zhao Family was close to the Yuan Family, and they were also one of the members of South Alliance. Although the Zhao Family was not completely clear about the plans of the Yuan Family, they still knew something about it. They went to Tianshuang County to help act as cover.

Hence, the Zhao Family could be considered the partners of the Yuan Family.

The representatives of the two families, including Grandfather Yuan, were currently locked up in the Song Family Mansion in Shanhai City.

The moment the war ended, the Zhao and Yuan Family had sent over a string of letters that stated they were willing to use money to exchange for their family members.

Especially Yuan Ping, who was really anxious, as the person locked up was his grandfather.

Just this morning, he had sent his fourth letter and raised the money to twenty thousand. It was evident that in the Yuan Family, he was under a lot of pressure.

After all, he followed Yuan Ping's plan into the tiger’s mouth.

After Song Jia heard about everything, evident disgust appeared on her face, "Dad, you should just raise the price to thirty thousand and let him go. Do not keep them here and dirty our land."

Even if Song Jia wanted revenge, she did not want to have many dealings with them. Ouyang would destroy the Yuan and Zhao Families soon, so such actions lacked purpose. At that time, they would lose everything.

The current small actions were pointless.


Song Tianxiong also felt there was no reason to drag this matter on.

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