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Chapter 289

Chapter 289- Murderous Surroundings


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Luo Shixin was very clear that his first test as major general would be how to unite these 5 young generals by his side.

Probably this division trial would be a good opportunity.

In a blink of an eye, the situation on the battlefield changed.

The 2nd regiment was overconfident and unknowingly they were surrounded by the pack of wolves. As the soldiers were in a squadron as units, the sudden increase in wolves increased the pressure and casualties started to happen.

Luo Shixin waved his flag and ordered the 5th regiment to assist the 2nd regiment in order to save them. When Sun Chuanlin received the order, he ordered his troops to aim and shoot at the wolves on the west side.

The flurry of arrows resulted in heavy casualties for the wolves, allowing Sun Tengjiao to lead his troops to break out. As the second regiment returned back to the camp, they had sustained some casualties.

The medical squadron instantly rushed up to do some simple treatment on the wounded soldiers.

Seeing the actions of the wolves, Luo Shixin was certain that behind them there had to be a leader commanding. If not, it was impossible for them to retreat and advance at such opportune moments and even know tactics like surrounding the enemy.

The key to defeating them would be to find the leader.

Only that when one looked out, it was just a sea of grey and everything looked the same. In his eyes, each wolf looked about the same so how could he recognize which one was the lead wolf?

Luo Shixin started to change his thought process. The leader was a commander, so if he was like it, where would he hide?

With this question, Luo Shixin focused and tracked the movement of the wolf packs.

Hundreds of thousands of wolves surrounded the troops and engaged in a slaughter with the army. In the sky, wolf head after wolf head dropped down like it was raining wolf heads.

Their plan to surround the second regiment had failed, so the wolf pack had a new movement.

Their new target was the 1st regiment.

Similar to the 2nd regiment, the 1st regiment fought in squadrons. Luckily, Lin Yi was more experienced than Sun Tengjiao and didn't dare to advance rashly.

Even so, as the first regiment was heavy armored cavalry, it wasn't good at long battles, and long battles had a heavy burden on the bodies of the war horses. slowly the soldiers started to show signs of fatigue and their attacks slowed.

The wolf pack was really alert and upon sensing the enemy's weakness, they attacked. The other wolves on the three fronts also slowly gathered towards the north.

Luo Shixin laughed coldly, "Finally caught you."

He ordered the 2nd and 4th regiments to cut in from the east and west while the 5th regiment was to remain where they were. Luo Shixin led out his Guards unit and charged towards the north.

The Guards unit were dying for some action, and hearing the major general order them, they were like a group of wild horses that were released, charging relentlessly, killing any wolf in their way.

Luo Shixin led the way. He wanted to show off his skills in front of the generals, using the Bintie overlord spear to its limit. With a sweep, the head of a wolf was broken apart.

The generals were shocked, one must know that the skull was the hardest part of the body and he had just swept out at them.

Luo Shixin's spear technique was amazing, and with his god given strength he was just like an overlord. The other generals were nothing in front of him.

A Luo Shixin that tried hard was really terrifying. The wolf pack upon seeing him strut his stuff, a hundred of them surrounded him. Luo Shixin was unfazed and swept left and right, clearing out half of them.

Even so, the wolf pack was fearless and the next wave charged forwards. It seemed like behind them was something really important that they had to risk their lives to protect.

Seeing such a situation, Luo Shixin was more confident and he resolutely charged forward. The large wolf army couldn't stop him as he used the spear in his hand and burst apart head after head; the scene was very majestic.

Seeing their general being so godly, the soldiers all looked on in awe.

At this point, the morale of the soldiers had reached its highest point. A group of young men with their blood boiling, under the leadership of Luo Shixin, charged out of the encirclement.

Luo Shixin took the lead, and when he killed off the last batch of wolves, what he saw shocked him.

Behind them was the leader who looked exceptionally big, standing there motionlessly. This wolf, apart from being a little bigger, had no other unique points.

What was special was the little white wolf that laid on its head.

The wolf was the size of a cat, its fur was white without a single grey hair. What was special was its eyes, which were exceptionally quick at moving. A normal person's eyes wouldn't be as eye catching as those and filled with so much spirituality.

"Major general, is their commander the little pup?" The major of the Guards unit, Suwang, couldn't believe it.

"Heh, that's right. Think about it, which normal wolf would have eyes like that?" If it were before, Luo Shixin would not believe that there were spiritual beasts. Until he came to Shanhai City and saw the Nian Beasts, the world was filled with mysteries.

"So we kill it?" Suwang couldn't bear to.

"No." Luo Shixin shook his head. "This spiritual beast is very rare. Let's capture it and give it to the marquis. I'm sure 3rd miss would really like it."

"Hehe, major general. When did you start sucking up to the marquis?" Suwang teased.

"Tsk tsk tsk!" Luo Shixin was embarrassed. "Go take it down; if it escapes, you're at fault."

"Yes!" Suwang regained his focus and led the Guards unit to surround the white wolf.

At this moment, the wolf pack went insane and rushed towards the north. Luo Shixin was now sure that the little white wolf was the commander.

Seeing that victory was in their eyes, the generals gave it their all to match up with the sudden frenzy of the wolves.

Suwang although looked like he was joking all the time, but when he worked, he did it diligently and carefully, catching the little white Wolf quickly. The little thing was smart and not strong. It's combat power was similar to that of normal pups.

It was the mount of the little white wolf that died a terrible death in the hands of the Guards.

After being captured, the little wolf wasn't afraid, curiously looking at Luo Shixin and the others.

Luo Shixin picked it up from Suwang and grabbed it by its neck, dangling it in mid-air. "Little guy, I know you can understand me. Ask the wolf pack to retreat and don't make unnecessary sacrifices.

The little brat fixed Luo Shixin with a look, using its claws to scratch its little head before turning around and calling out to the wolf pack, "Ao wu~"

"Puchi!" Luo Shixin tried his best to hold in his laughter.

Such a cute sound was totally different from the position the little fellow held. What was key was its cry wasn't loud so Luo Shixin was worried whether the wolf pack could hear it.

What happened next stunned Luo Shixin and the others.

The wolf pack that had been fighting for their lives instantly stopped, looking toward the direction of the little white wolf before turning around and leaving.

In a moment, the wolf pack left like a flood, disappearing as quickly as it came.

Luo Shixin heaved a sigh of relief; he finally did it. What confused him was that there weren't any notifications, and that the teleportation gate didn't appear.

He didn't dare be careless and ordered the troops to set up defensive positions to wait for the next wave.

As expected, before the 2nd division could react, a huge change happened in the grasslands.

In the east, south, and west, fire started. As the wind blew, the fire started to spread and turned the grassland into a sea of fire.

Such a scene was what the soldiers had never seen before, throwing the forces into an uproar. However, Luo Shixin was calm and ordered the troops to compact their defenses and go towards the north where there wasn't fire.

Just at that moment, from the safest north direction, the rumbling of horses galloping could be heard.

Luo Shixin snickered; he knew that things wouldn't have been so simple. He ordered the troops to not panic and take the chance that the fire hadn't spread to form up properly.

In a short while, a black line from the north appeared. It was tens of thousands of grassland cavalry. Then cavalry followed the sound of whistles and surrounded the warriors of the 2nd division.

Luo Shixin laughed coldly. The 2nd division had no way out, and if they wanted to live, they had to break through.

He placed the 1st and 2nd regiments as the main force, the 3rd and 4th as the two wings, and the 5th regiment at the front line. Once they finished reorganizing, they instantly charged forward.

"Kill!" Once again Luo Shixin led the soldiers of the Guards unit and charged in front.

The rumbling of horse hooves exploded in the grasslands like a shocking tsunami.

The two groups of cavalry under the encampment of the fire had no choice but to give it their all.

The first to contact the enemy was the 5th regiment. Both sides had an archery battle. Compared to the grassland cavalry, the 5th regiment was weaker. Luckily, they had prepared crossbow machines.

The crossbow machine that the Bow and Crossbow Division had designed for the cavalry was light, fast, and easy to load. What it sacrificed was the range. Even so, the crossbow machine had a longer range than a bow.

The arrow rain met in mid air; both sides wanted to kill their enemy.

Luo Shixin's decisiveness to make the 2nd division take the initiative was what the grassland cavalry didn't expect, hence, they couldn't react in time.

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