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Chapter 167

Chapter 167 - Weapon Specialist 

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In the afternoon, Ouyang Shuo took the time to make a trip.

He wanted to visit a person that was super important for the future development of his territory.

He took a trip to an old neighbourhood in Jiao State suburbs. This kind of neighbourhood was considered a forgotten area, similar to the shantytowns 200 years ago.

Because of the massive drop in population and also the excellent welfare packages, this old neighbourhood was like a ghost town. Those who lived here were usually those who couldn't mix well into society.

When he got out of the car, he followed the memory in his last life and walked the streets of the neighborhood. On each side were old shops that were dilapidated and long closed. 

When he saw a weird advertisement sign, he was sure that the guy from the last life didn't lie. Ouyang Shuo walked into another alley and onto the muddy and dirty surface. Both sides had high walls and on them were creepers and other vegetation.

After walking 500 meters in the alley, he finally saw a similar advertisement sign that was hung slanted on a building.

The advertisement board was made of an iron sheet, and rust spots were all around it. A bullet was spray-painted on it. If people didn't pay attention they wouldn't recognize it. Such a bullet had stopped production 50 years ago, and it meant that weapons using gunpowder had left the stage of history and was replaced by higher quality and stronger weapons like lasers.

Seeing that advertisement board, it was like Ouyang Shuo entered a trance.

If nothing went wrong, living inside would be, apart from his few brothers and sisters, one of his best friends in-game.

He was called Liumo, a very basic name, and his in-game ID was Zidan Chutang. This was a guy who couldn't fit into this era, engrossed in the weapons that had already been left in history. From hobby to passion, he nearly went too far.

To analyze and study thermal weapons, he left home, broke up with his girlfriend and lived in the old neighborhood.

He stayed for 10 years and only stepped out of that little house when the galactic migration occurred.

At that time, his girlfriend had already married and given birth. Liumo who was disheartened and lazy, roamed around the game and did nothing. His talent was hard to use in the game.

Ouyang Shuo met Liumo by chance during a meeting. It was a coincidence, and both of them were similar to one another, so naturally they became friends.

During their casual conversation, he talked about this experience in his life that left a deep impression in Ouyang Shuo.

That was right. Ouyang Shuo had specially come to find him was to get to know this best friend again, and also to invite him to his territory to study thermal weapons.

In the later stages of the game, guns and cannons were the main weapons in the war. After history entered the Ming Dynasty, warships had to have cannons to be able to rule the oceans.

The system had strict restrictions on the technology tree, and it was difficult for players to break out of the restrictions of their country.

Europe and America, the countries that relied on the industrial revolution, the birth of guns were a standard part of their technological tree. Like in the Free Town defence, the arquebus had already come into play.

However in China, although there were already guns during the Ming Dynasty, because of the restrictions on them during the Qing Dynasty, they weren't developed and instead there was a drop in technology.     

Hence, to build destructive guns and cannons was difficult in the Chinese region.

Manufacturing manuals of these items were unable to be found on the market or the auction. Even using the freedom system in the game to craft items, they wouldn't have high damage and fatal power.

The appearance of Magnus had opened up a new door towards success.

As he was a western NPC, that meant that he grew according to the western technology tree. Which meant that if Magnus mad Liumo worked hand in hand, they could skip the manufacturing manuals and craft high damage guns and cannons.

Of course, this was much harder than the westerners using the manuals to craft guns. However, at least this was a possibility that was worth Ouyang Shuo investing in.

Ouyang Shuo did not want to lag behind in the future ocean battles.

Tossing aside such thoughts, he walked forward and knocked on the door of the small house.

"Who is that?" Inside said a shocked voice. Following which, a man opened the door wearing a work uniform and an unkempt mustache, his hair like a bird's nest.

Ouyang Shuo froze. One's image was improved and changed in the game, in addition to his clothing, Ouyang Shuo wasn't sure if this was the right guy.

"Hello, my name is Ouyang Shuo. Are you teacher Liumo?"

The middle-aged man also froze. "Yes, how did you find this place?"

Ouyang Shuo was relaxed. Seeing his good friend like this, he found it hilarious. In the game when Liumo talked about his past, the most he referred to were the 2 advertisement boards and not about his clothing. Ouyang Shuo guessed that he probably didn't know what state he was in.

Ouyang Shuo didn't reply and laughed. "So are you not going to invite me in?"

Liumo was forthright and wasn't afraid that Ouyang Shuo had any ill intentions, just inviting him in.

When he walked in, the entire house was like a thermal weapon museum. Different kinds of rifles and pistols were strewn all over the place. Apart from that, there were specialized tools to make guns and ammo.

Seeing Ouyang Shuo have an interest in such weapons, Liumo got a bit excited.

He didn't chase to find out how Ouyang Shuo knew his name and instead warmly introduced Ouyang Shuo to his weapons and their stats.

Ouyang Shuo could understand his feeling. Such recognition was something that was very important to Liumo.    

In modern society, of those Liumo was the only one other than those who specialized in weapon history who had such a deep understanding of these things.

Most crucially, not only did he have knowledge, but he had practical ability. Only such a place with no monitoring could allow Liumo to explore his interest.

Of course, although one could say that it was a dead monitoring zone, it was only because he didn't use the weapons to cause harm to others. If not, Gaia would have contacted the police to lock him up.

After viewing Liumo's gun museum, Ouyang Shuo brought up his main reason for coming. "You should have watched the president's speech on television today right?"

Liumo froze. "What television speech?"  

Ouyang Shuo nearly fainted, he really didn't know. These kind of people were usually the last few to be brought up onto the galactic spaceships.

"You can access the net here?"

"Of course, if not how would I search for information?"

"Go to the federal government website to see." Ouyang Shuo said impatiently.

"See what?"

"Just see, it's of the utmost importance." Ouyang Shuo started to use the tone of a best friend to talk to him.

Liumo didn't care. Maybe it was because it wasn't easy to meet someone that recognized him and his work. He opened his handbrain and went onto the federal government website.  

On the official website, the posts and details regarding the migration were placed at easy to see places. "Galactic migration?" Liumo looked at Ouyang Shuo with uncertainty.

Ouyang Shuo nodded.

He was stunned and started to read the articles.

5 minutes later he had finished, and he looked at Ouyang Shuo in shock. "Is this real?"

"Of course, this afternoon the president went on television to speak. This video should be on the website too." Ouyang Shuo could understand his doubt.     

Liumo opened the federal government website and found the video. After watching it, he went silent.

Ouyang Shuo left him alone for 10 minutes to gather his thoughts before saying, "If nothing goes wrong, the government will send gaming cabins tomorrow. Do you have any plans?"

He laughed bitterly. "What plans can I have? A person like me that society won't take in, migration or not what difference does it make?"   

 "Don't say that, at least you still have family right?"

Liumo kept silent for a long while before uttering, "Yes you are right. I'm such an unfilial son. I should go visit my parents, only I don't know if they will recognize me."

In the last life, Liumo had missed the chance because of such thoughts and considerations. This became one of his biggest regrets, and Ouyang Shuo didn't want history to repeat itself.

"Thank you, brother." Liumo said sincerely to Ouyang Shuo.  

Ouyang Shuo said, "That's right, we are brothers. Since you are older, I'll call you older brother. To tell the truth, I've been playing Earth Online from the start and have a small result so far. How about you come and help me in-game, and us brothers will work hard together."

"Okay as long as you don't despise me." 

Hence between people, things were extraordinary. With some people, even after a long time, you were unable to have in-depth conversations with them. Others, even meeting once, would seem like lifetime friends.    

"Big brother Liu, don't self-deprecate yourself, I believe that your studies on thermal weapons can definitely open up the sky in the game." Ouyang Shuo said.

"You are saying that I can still analyze thermal weapons in the game?" His eyes brightened up.

"That's right!"

"That's great, I can't wait." Liumo was really excited.

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