The World Online

Chapter 162

Chapter 162 - Difficult Question 

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The real world

During breakfast, Sun Xiaoyue raised the topic of building the Fallen Moon guild to Ouyang Shuo.

"You are quite fast!" Ouyang Shuo was surprised.

"Well of course!"

Talking about that, Sun Xiaoyue was a bit demoralized and said embarrassingly, "Apart from a few of my friends, those that joined yesterday didn't reach 10 people."

"How come? Did you set the requirements too high?" In the last life, Ouyang Shuo also played in a guild and made a few close brothers and sisters, building the Liangshan Mercenary group together. The leader was big brother Songpu. Who knew if there would be an appearance of Liangshan Mercenary group in this life?

As for the dispute with Songpu in the last life, the anger had disappeared after Ouyang Shuo was reborn.

However, Ouyang Shuo wasn't sure how he would feel if he saw Songpu again. He wondered whether or not he could put everything down and become friends again, or if they’d just be passersby in each other's lives.

Sun Xiaoyue shook her head and said helplessly, "When I was recruiting, I found that most players who fit the requirements had joined big guilds. The remaining were solo players who didn't want to join guilds. We can't exactly invite players that are messed up or are here just for the guild buffs."

Ouyang Shuo nodded"You're right, quality over quantity."

"However, now that we can't get people, what should we do?" Sun Xiaoyue wasn a proud person and didn't want to accept defeat.

Ouyang Shuo drank a mouthful of her soybean drink and said, "Don't worry. Those solo players that don't want to join guilds just don't want to be bounded by the guild. They are actually the people with the most potential and whom we are looking out for. We must first make them trust us and show that that our guild is a place for work occupation players. We won't have any restrictions on them and won't need them to complete any quests. Anyways, we also won't plan on upgrading the guild."

Sun Xiaoyue's eyes brightened and she smiled"You're right, this is worth a shot. However, we might end up with nothing in the end."

Ouyang Shuo laughed confidently"Don't worry, as long as they join, they won't be able to escape me."

Sun Xiaoyue lips twitched"Tsk, you're bragging again. If you mess it up, youre going to cry."     

Ouyang Shuo didn't pay attention to her nagging and looked at Bing'er"Baby have you finished eating? Brother will send you to school."

Bing'er was fighting with the omelette and upon hearing Ouyang Shuo rush her, she gobbled down the remaining piece. It was only that she couldn't speak now.

Ouyang Shuo shook his head"Relax, eat slowly."

The little brat struggled to chew, finally swallowing the egg into her tummy. She took the tissue that Ouyang Shuo passed over and wiped her little mouth elegantly, giggling"Yes brother, Im full. Let's go!" She carried her little bag that was placed on sofa and led the way to the door.

On the way to school, Bing'er looked up at Ouyang Shuo and frowned"Brother, Sister Xiaoyue and you have been talking about games. Bing'er doesn't understand."

Ouyang Shuo patted her head and said, “That's because it's an adult game, so it's okay if you don't understand."

"Oh. Bing’er feels that playing catching with Xue'er is more fun."

Talking about that, Ouyang Shuo got a headache"It's all because of you. Xue'er became mischievous and hid my socks..."

"Hehe!" The little brat laughed like a little fox. Actually, she had asked Xue'er to do that.

"You cannot be like this in school."

Bing'er was unhappy and muttered, "I'm so well behaved in school. Even the teachers praise me."

"That's good." Ouyang Shuo looked up. They had already reached the school gate"We're here, go in yourself. While coming home, stay safe on the road!"

"En, bye bye brother!" Bing'er waved goodbye to Ouyang Shuo before hopping to school.

When he went back home, Ouyang Shuo started to cultivate.

Ever since learning the Yellow Emperor internal cultivation technique, he had not been practicing bajiquan in reality. As for the Yang family spear technique, he didn't even meet the cultivation requirements. Luckily, internal cultivation was the core.

When he finished, it was already close to noon.

After taking a break, he opened his handbrain and went onto the forums. He found his anonymous post to see if anyone replied.

As expected, there were people that had noticed the post. However, everyone thought that he was bluffing on purpose, and wrote it to attract attention. Those impolite ones even said that he was retarded and couldn't differentiate between reality and the virtual world.

Ouyang Shuo laughed humorously. It seemed like the number of people that learned authentic secret techniques in the game was so small that none had seen his post.

In the forums, a post like this which was done anonymously was easily forgotten and drowned out. Ouyang Shuo couldn't bump it up too vigorously, or else his intentions would be very obvious.    

However, Ouyang Shuo wasn't worried. As long as one or two people who cultivated in authentic secret techniques saw this post, it wouldl gain traction.

On the forums, the news about Shanhai County was still the hot topic. Apart from that, Handan Town failing was also being discussed, and poor Di Chen was getting destroyed.

Shanhai County's upgrade had motivated all the other lords. Following the failures of Sanli Town, Bengalore Town, and Free Town, many players were scared. At least now players knew that the upgrade quest could be completed, and that it wasn't a death quest. 

One could predict that the next wave of upgrade applications would soon come.

Other than that, the process of the Shanhai Town’s upgrade piqued much curiosity. In the past, be it Sanli Town, Free Town or Bengalore Town, they were all very high-key and didn't lock down any information. As for Free Town, the lord had even done a live stream of the whole process.

Only Shanhai Town kept it low-key, and apart from the Shanhai Alliance, no one knew. The same went for the specific battle process.

Everyone was very curious how Shanhai Town had completed such a high difficulty quest. Unfortunately, this was going to be a mystery, and the originally Shanhai Town which was getting clearer had again worn a newly mysterious veil.

Getting off the forums, Ouyang Shuo started searching for historical information, especially regarding the next battle. In the last life, he didn't participate and as such didn't have such an advantage. Now he could only find some opportunity from the books and stories.

At night when Sun Xiaoyue came back from school, she brought back with her new news.

"Do you remember my two ex-roommates?"

"Are you talking about Qinruo and Pan QiaoQiao?"   

"Ya, you remember so clearly. Do you have intentions towards them?"

"What, please don't randomly say things." Towards a girl's thoughts, Ouyang Shuo couldn't understand. 

"What I wanted to say was today in school we talked and talked and suddenly talked about Earth Online."

"This game had attracted a wave of discussion. I didn't hide that I'd started playing. Now both of them are excited to join, and they want to see what kind of magic it has."

"Well if they want to play, then go ahead!" Ouyang Shuo didn't care.

Sun Xiaoyue froze, having a feeling of landing a punch only in thin air. "What, people are trying to help you, and you don't care?"

"What help?"    

"Think about this. If they join, their boyfriends would join too. Pulling them all into the guild, our powers will increase by a lot."

Ouyang Shuo laughed bitterly and said, "You're thinking of it too ideally. Firstly, they might not play work occupations. Secondly, even if they did, theyre rookies, what use would they be? Even if they were talented, theyre only 4 people. So the focus must still be on what I said this morning."

"Oh." Hearing Ouyang Shuo's explanation, she got demoralized again.   

Science guys had such low eq, and always analyzed things from a rational perspective, refusing to think about the warmth and communication that exists and is necessary.

Ouyang Shuo didn't want to see her give up and consoled her. "Don't be demoralized. Your hard work for the guild is worth praise. And no matter what, them joining will make your journey more fun."

"En." Being consoled by Ouyang Shuo, she felt much better. It was just that she wasn't as excited and happy as before.

At this time, Bing'er suddenly jumped out and said, "Big Brother is stupid."

Xue'er, who was flying in mid-air also joined in and shouted, "Stupid stupid."

Ouyang Shuo was speechless"Who did I make angry this time?"

Sun Xiaoyue, seeing such a scene, burst into laughter.

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