The Trembling World

Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Wounded Beasts
“Yes, I want to start learning now.” LuLu lowered her head because she didn’t have any other choice. Either she would be abandoned and left to die, or she would have to work hard to survive by learning how to kill zombies.

In modern society, there are many children who act arrogantly when they are with their parents. Even when they are only slightly unhappy, they will throw a tantrum. However, when they are placed in the care of their nursery school teacher, or parents’ friends and coworkers, they become obedient and will stop throwing tantrums.

The reason is simple: children will stop relying on their parents when their parents aren’t by their side. Without anyone to rely on, the foundation for their arrogance will also subside. They know that they will be punished and scolded for throwing a tantrum. Their attitude now, compared to when they were with their parents, would be completely different.

LuLu had the support of her super-fan Pan Hua by her side before, so she could be a bit unruly. Now that she had nobody else to count on, she could only rely on herself.

“Do you have your alloy watch?” Liu Gan turned his attention to tell Jiang JinYuan.

“Alloy watch… yes, is this it?” Jiang JinYuan lifted his wrist for Liu Gan to look at.

“Yes, that’s it. Now take a look at your current attributes, and check out if you have the line that says level?” Liu Gan advised.

“Yes, there it is. I’m level 1!” Jiang JinYuan said as he nodded.

“Let’s go, I will take you to kill zombies.” Liu Gan said to Jiang JinYuan and LuLu, as he headed toward the front door.

LuLu placed DongDong on the floor. Only after she coaxed him, he finally let go of her hand. Then, she headed toward the area where she left her machete. Her complexion turned somewhat pale from fear.
DongDong quickly went back to hide underneath the bed. He clenched the toy airplane he left behind earlier, as he fearfully peeped out from below.

Liu Gan brought Jiang JinYuan and LuLu to the district’s back exit. Earlier, he had already completely scouted this district, so he remembered that a street behind the back exit had quite a lot of zombies. It was a perfect chance to bait some zombies for Jiang JinYuan and LuLu to practice.

LuLu trailed behind Jiang JinYuan and Liu Gan, knowing that she would be forced to cut down zombies. She grew nervous, but it was too late to change her mind. She could only ride it through. If she didn’t take this opportunity to learn how to kill zombies, then how would she protect herself in this apocalyptic world? The moment Liu Gan left, she would have no choice but to wait for death.

She was also unsure of how Liu Gan would train them. Surely he wouldn’t directly lure them to her to kill right? Actually, according to Liu Gan’s behavior, he might do that. He might not give her time to adjust. LuLu felt as if she was being torn apart by the zombies. Thinking about that moment, her scalp felt numb as the hair on her head started to stand up.

Should I escape?

What happens after I escape?

“You guys wait here; I will come back shortly.” Liu Gan said to the two and quickly went out the back exit.

LuLu looked nervously in the direction out of the district’s back exit. Deep within her inner turmoil of emotions, she felt a variety of things: hesitation, conflict, then a moment of regret, and a feeling of fear. But in the end, she encouraged herself to be brave and face this trial.

Jiang JinYuan’s expression was peaceful. He tried his best to maintain a distance from where LuLu stood. He avoided looking at her as he was afraid she might blame him for not bringing her along. Luckily for him, LuLu was paralyzed in fear for what was going to happen next, so she wasn’t even thinking about blaming Jiang JinYuan.

She already knew that no matter how much she blamed Jiang JinYuan, it wouldn’t help.

After a few minutes, Liu Gan came running towards them from the back exit. A male and two female zombies were shouting non-stop and following behind him. LuLu paled in fright, as she subconsciously retreated. She was so afraid that she thought about running away. Jiang JinYuan got nervous as well, as he had only witnessed zombies through movies. He didn’t even play zombie games regularly, and now he had to view the zombies up close. His body was covered in goosebumps, as he realized how sinister a real zombie looked like up close.

Jiang JinYuan regained his composure and didn’t run away. He knew that Liu Gan definitely wouldn’t let the zombies do as they pleased.

Liu Gan definitely wouldn’t allow these zombies to charge directly at Jiang JinYuan and LuLu. The remaining distance between the zombies and them was only a few meters. In a few quick movements, Liu Gan knocked down the three zombies, but he didn’t kill them, only knocking them down until they couldn’t put up a fight.

“You can use the axe to chop off its head and kill them.” Liu Gan gave his short axe to Jiang JinYuan, so he could try to kill them.

Jiang JinYuan frowned. Even though he loathed doing these type of things, he lifted up the hatchet while standing a few meters away from the zombies. He had to choose from the three zombies lying on the ground, and in the end, he chose the weakest looking female zombie and walked over.

Before this female zombie was infected, she was a middle school student. She still wore a schoolbag, but the textbooks inside were all gone. Now, her face didn’t have a middle school girl’s pure look. She was roaring like a wounded beast, constantly trying to charge at Jiang JinYuan from the ground.

Jiang JinYuan got closer to the middle school female zombie lying on the ground, and both of his legs suddenly trembled. However, under Liu Gan’s constant shouting, Jiang JinYuan kept one of his eyes closed, as he used both his hands to hold up the axe and slash down.

“Are you a man? Did you put any effort into it? I told you to chop off its head; why would you chop down on the chest?” Liu Gan screamed at Jiang JinYuan.

Jiang JinYuan quickly glanced at the zombie, then realized where he chopped at and felt cold. Under Liu Gan’s urging and cursing, Jiang JinYuan put some more effort into his slashes, finally managing to chop off the head from the neck.

After successfully chopping it off, Jiang JinYuan kept panting as both of his hands started shaking. His stomach churned, and he had the urge to vomit. Unsure of why he felt like that, it was as if he had killed a human being for the first time.

A faint hazy black orb leaked from the zombies body, and it seeped into Jiang JinYuan’s body.

“Who told you to stop? Hurry and kill these two as well! If not, after a while when they are able to move, I won’t help you!” Liu Gan ordered Jiang JinYuan, as he got ready to leave through the back exit.

Hearing Liu Gan say that these zombies could move again, Jiang JinYuan got really scared. Liu Gan wasn’t here, so if these two zombies got up, no one could save him. Jiang JinYuan held in his vomit, and with both hands he lifted his axe and started chopping at the two zombies’ necks until their heads fell off.

After the first time, the second and third time didn’t feel that bad. Even though the urge to vomit still existed, it was still possible to suppress that urge.