The Trembling World

Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Hijack

“I am actually the company’s hired help. I volunteered for this. The moment I joined, I was prepared to die here because… even if I am able to return, I believe I won’t have much time left. It will be very painful during those moments.” Jiang JinYuan said after pondering for a short while.

Liu Gan didn’t say anything. Jiang JinYuan came into the game because of cancer and after joining, he didn’t want to return. This point was something Liu Gan could relate to himself. In the real world, as a quadruple amputee, he felt like he had no higher purpose in life. Rather than live that way, he wanted to stay in The Trembling World with all his limbs intact.

Even if this area was highly dangerous, everyday, it would be a fight to find food to eat and water to drink. Even finding a place to sleep was a struggle. He had to be on high alert because a mistake could cost him his life. Living like this was definitely better than living in the real world without his limbs. In the real world he was like a pig trapped in a cage that only knew how to eat and sleep; he was only waiting to die.

“Before I entered the game, I overheard my coworkers talking. They said this on the day of the official server release. After entering the game, there is a scene that looked similar to San Xing Corporation's scenery. In fact, it’s actually hijacked by a powerful mysterious force. It is somewhat similar to an ill-intentioned person installing a cover over an ATM to purposely jam the card. The person might think they are inserting their card into their bank, but in fact it’s trapped in place.” Jiang JinYuan tried a different analogy to explain it.

“What you’re saying is that upon entering San Xing Corporation’s game, the player’s loading screen is no longer in San Xing Corporation’s jurisdiction? So the moment the players join the game, they were already in the process of instant transmission?” Liu Gan had already suspected this was the case.

“According to the conversation, that is what happened. The day of the incident, San Xing Corporation stopped all of its server functions and the government stepped in. The government organized a large investigation squad in an effort to control the executive-level workers . The strangest thing is that even after San Xing Corporation servers had been shut down, the player loading screen still showed up and were able to log into the game.”

“There are some players who didn’t install the game, but the moment they turned on their computer, the infamous game loading screen also popped up for them. There were rumors of cellphones showing the game loading screen, and all they had to do is press confirm to enter the game. Despite newspaper, media, and all other websites publically telling netizens not to enter the game, there will always be someone who didn’t receive the warning or miss-clicking confirm…” Jiang JinYuan continued explaining.

“Upon entering the game, would the person still be sitting in front of the computer in the real world? Or would they disappear?” Liu Gan suddenly interrupted Jiang JinYuan.

“Disappear. Upon entering the game, there is a split second when they become a hazy orb. Then, it disappears without a trace. The whole city is panicking and production was at a standstill in the city. Conspiracy theories and judgement day rumors started spreading like wildfire throughout the city. The government had to step in and send large armies to maintain the law and order related departments to investigate the origin of all of this.” Jiang JinYuan explained to Liu Gan.

“Looks like the real world started to become chaotic. It’s no wonder they need volunteers like you.” Liu Gan started realizing the situation.

“We came over on this side to establish communications between the two worlds. Furthermore we are to investigate the situation and report back to the real world. After establishing communications, the government would definitely send in armies of rescuers to save the hundreds of thousand players trapped within this game.” Jiang JinYuan explained the strategy.

“So according to what you just said, this game incident is unrelated with San Xing Corporation? It was only hijacked at the entry login? If this is all unrelated with San Xing corporation, then why is that device in your hand able to probe the location of zombies? How did you guys obtain that technology?” Liu Gan asked Jiang JinYuan.

“Whether this game incident is related to San Xing Corporation, I’m not completely sure. The game developers are all locked up for interrogation and for assisting with the government investigation squad. As well as paying a hefty reward for volunteers that opted to join the game, we are all part of the investigation efforts. The other volunteers and I have chosen to accept the offer presented to us and joined the game. I have a PDA that was given to me by the game developers. From the current situation, this device in game is very useful. So I am very skeptical that San Xing Corporation can completely brush off the responsibility of this incident.” Jiang JinYuan told the truth to Liu Gan.

“If that was the case, how come the game developers didn’t give you a set of god-tiered equipment for entering? Or maxed out your levels before entering? Even giving you guys GM authority would be better than nothing. So when you guys come in and investigate, wouldn’t that make it easier? Only giving you guys a PDA with probing device is pitiful.” Liu Gan explained his thinking to Jiang JinYuan.

“Before I entered, there were a couple of volunteers. The game developers attempted to change their levels and gave them more capabilities, but the result was a failure. They found that with this project, it was impossible to edit. So they changed their style of thinking, and instead sent us with some high technology equipment. Before, when they were in the process of transferring aspiring volunteers, the majority of the equipments were left behind in the real world.

“According to their analysis, the game login screen has a system of countering cheating. So the initial players joining the game had their data analyzed and revised.” Jiang JinYuan continued to analyze the situation.

“However, you were able to bring in the PDA and probing device; isn’t that considered cheating?” Liu Gan heard Jiang JinYuan explain, but he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrow. Upon mentioning the abnormal data, his own body’s data was highly abnormal. The alloy metal limb was wrongly misjudged as a real body, so in some sort of sense, it was a cheat that had not been revised.

“I think this device is the reason why I was sent to the wrong destination. Upon arriving, I encountered a colossal zombie. If it weren’t for players like you who killed the colossal zombie in time, I could’ve been easily killed by the colossal zombie. I think it is possible that The Trembling World has an alternative method of modification? So once I die, then I am unable to cheat.” Jiang JinYuan speculated.

After listening to Jiang JinYuan’s words, Liu Gan suddenly thought of something…. When he was chasing after the colossal zombie, the colossal zombie changed directions completely even though he didn’t hear any sounds. The colossal zombie started charging toward Lucky Garden District. It could possibly be the reason. If Jiang JinYuan’s speculation was right, then the colossal zombie must have been influenced by a mysterious force to change directions in order to kill Jiang JinYuan.

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