The Trembling World

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: No Rush

“Once we reach the main city’s interspatial experiment laboratory, you can return back to the real world! Is it possible that you don’t want to leave this terrible Trembling World? Don’t you want to return to the real world to reunite with your family and relatives? The main city’s interspatial laboratory is heavily guarded with zombies. Without my help, you won’t have a chance of entering at all.” Jiang JinYuan already thought of a way to convince Liu Gan.

“If I told you that I’d rather stay here than head back to the real world, what do you think I would choose?” Liu Gan coldly replied to Jiang JinYuan. This came as a shock to Jiang JinYuan since he was so convinced that Liu Gan was going to accept his offer.

“Then… you will be able to level up even more, because once you reach level 5 killing normal zombies will not have any effect. Only if you can kill colossal zombies will you be able to become stronger. I have my probing device to help, so that you can effectively hunt and kill more colossal zombies.”

“In addition, staying at the main city is a lot better than staying at Ninjing City. There would be even stronger zombies than colossal zombies. Once you reach the next stage, killing colossal zombies won’t level you up anymore. Your only choice is to enter the main city to reach an even higher level.” Jiang JinYuan counter-offered with his reply. Even if Liu Gan didn’t want to return, he would want to get stronger in this world. Jiang JinYuan must be prepared here to convince Liu Gan to go.

“Oh? Since you told me the report for it. I already know the main city will have more advanced zombies. So why should I follow you to protect you? Even if I don’t have the probing device’s help, I can also hunt down colossal zombies. Once I am stronger, then I will find ways to enter the main city to kill those advanced zombies.” Liu Gan shook his head, as he wasn’t too pleased with Jiang JinYuan’s reply.

These San Xing Corporation workers wouldn’t be honest with you to tell everything right away. Since Liu Gan was in control of the flow of the conversation, without receiving anything beneficial, he wouldn’t easily accept the task.
“Okay then…” Jiang JinYuan seemed to have thought long and hard about it. After thinking about it, he then tiptoed whisper to Liu Gan’s ear.

“The Trembling World has a lot of San Xing Corporation’s laboratories and top secret experiments. Every laboratory has a secret location for storing different drugs that don’t exist in the real world or never-before-seen high-tech gear. These drugs can directly increase your level or certain aspects of your attribute. The high tech gears can be equipped on your body to help supplement your defense, so it will definitely help you.”

“However, without my help you can’t enter San Xing Corporation’s laboratories and the secret locations. So don’t even think about getting high tech gear or those drugs that can strengthen. According to my map’s indicator, we are at Ninjing City. If we leave this small district and head a few streets over, we will find a large San Xing Corporation’s laboratory. If you are willing to bring me there, maybe I can find you some good equipment like I told you earlier.”

After Jiang JinYuan finished speaking, he took a step forward to Liu Gan, aside from his PDA and the probing device, he had nothing else to give to Liu Gan as of right now. Jiang JinYuan wasn’t sure if what he said was enough to convince the person in front of him, since his benefits seemed a bit vague and not something he could receive right away.

“You better answer a few questions honestly, then we can continue talking about the protection duty! If you aren’t honest in answering my questions, not only will I not escort you, I will kill you myself!” Liu Gan thought of something after Jiang JinYuan’s reply.

He wasn’t in a rush, but the only person in a rush was Jiang JinYuan. There was no one else Jiang JinYuan could rely on, so he had to rely on Liu Gan.

“Okay, ask me.” Jiang JinYuan knew it was hopeless, and that Liu Gan wouldn’t be easily convinced since Liu Gan was thinking clearly.

“You just entered into the game world, so how do you know that the main city has even more powerful advanced zombies? Do you have some sort of strategy?” Liu Gan tried to get more intel from Jiang JinYuan.

“Before entering, my coworker was telling me about it. I don’t play games regularly, so when he was talking about the zombies, I didn’t quite understand it. I also didn’t memorize it. However, for the laboratory portion, I memorized it. As for zombie combat, I can’t give you much information. However, once we reach the laboratory, you will definitely be surprised.” Jiang JinYuan replied to Liu Gan’s question. All Jiang JinYuan has to do was take Liu Gan to any laboratory, and after that it would be a lot easier for him to convince Liu Gan.

“Why did you join the game without any GM authority? If I think you are lying or attempting to use me, it will only have one ending. You will die by my axe.” Liu Gan showed off his fire axe with its characteristic features of sharpness.

Jiang JinYuan went silent for a long time, and he was thinking long and hard on for an answer to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan wasn’t in a hurry, so he stroked the edge of the axe and stared down at Jiang JinYuan. This only added to the pressure. Jiang JinYuan, a San Xing Corporation worker, was sent into the game, so he had to have information that regular players wouldn’t have. This information would help Liu Gan understand the game better, so he could live more easily.

“Let us walk away and then speak.” Jiang JinYuan looked at LuLu on the terrace as he suggested to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan guessed that Jiang JinYuan was definitely hiding something from LuLu and Pan Hua, so whatever he had to say next, he didn’t want it to be heard by LuLu. To him, that didn’t pose any threat, so he followed Jiang JinYuan further away.

LuLu was on her knees crying, and she was immersed in her own suffering and hopelessness. She wasn’t even paying any attention to Liu Gan and Jiang JinYuan’s conversation.

“If you don’t want to return to the real world but want to remain on this side, then I will tell you everything regarding the game and all that has happened in the past two days. I don’t have any further purpose in continuing to lie to you.” Jiang JinYuan came forward with the truth.

“Ah, continue.” Liu Gan nodded his head. If his guess was right, this should be enough to force Jiang JinYuan to tell the shocking truth.

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