The Trembling World

Chapter 433

Chapter 433 - Crocodile Head

TL: LifeisaJourney

The Moonlight Gulf Theme Park it covered a wide range of land. There were several lakes in the vicinity. These lakes divided up the theme park into several districts. Some of the districts could be crossed over by bridges, but there were some bridges that had rotted away. The largest lakes had small row boats for an alternative method to cross the lake.

“This place is eerily silent! There’s no one. Not even bodies. Nothing at all!” Ana hopped off the the boat as she looked around. The group had just left their camp for another theme park district to search for clues.

“This is an instance that our group has entered. If we saw other people, then that would be strange. That would mean other people can enter into our instance. It could be spell trouble if that happened,” Cai Hao Chen replied to Ana.

After being appointed a group leader by name, both Ana and Hao Chen had undergone attitude changes. Both of them were trying to do their best to become a role model leader. If they could win the hearts of their group, then they would have a chance of being recognized by Liu Gan. This chance of recognition didn’t come easy or often.

Arriving at the shore, they experienced first-hand how vast the theme park was. They left from their campsite to this new district, which was mainly for resting. There was a grand central plaza and meadows, with shops lined up surrounding the plaza, and resting table and benches all around. In the plaza and meadows, there were recreational and exercise equipment installed. The tourists could rest in this district and enjoy the moment of serenity.

Right after arriving on the edge of the lake, they saw a towering building shaped like a dove. Within the bird house, there were a few rotting carcasses of doves. Prior to the catastrophe, the theme park must have sold bird feed to the tourists. The tourists would feed the doves, which was a type of recreational entertainment.

While everyone was looking around the plaza, a creature with two robust hind legs, two slender forearms that had sharp claws at the end, and a head like a crocodile charged out from its hiding spot. It was very light on its feet. Hiding behind the laughter of the people, it rushed forward. It chose the most vulnerable group of people closest to it. Its first target was standing right next to Liu Gan’s side - Ana! She had her back to the predator, as she was talking to her group members!

Liu Gan nearly mistook the sound of the creature racing closer as a critter. By the time Liu Gan can react to it, the Crocodile was two meters away from Ana. Due to the urgency of the matter, Liu Gan shoved Ana away. Ana felt the force from Liu Gan’s push, but she had no idea what was happening or what would’ve happened if he hadn’t done that. Like an artillery shell, she rolled away several times across the ground.

The Crocodile wasn’t successful at ambushing Ana. Instead the creature kept charging at full-speed, and the weight of its momentum slammed onto another player. The Crocodile missed its first prey, so it took an opportunistic chance on the second prey that was closest to its mouth. The Crocodile creature bit onto Sun Chao’s neck and snapped it clean off, tearing through his primitive Mist Armor with little to no resistance.

It all happened too fast. One moment, they were all joking, the next moment Sun Chao was dead. They couldn’t even put up defensive measures. The moment the other people realized what had happened, they started screaming. However, Liu Gan didn’t need to wait. He reacted to the ambush and attacked with his own greataxe.

The greataxe along with his Crescent Blade slashed down on the Crocodile's neck, creating a large gash. The Crocodile was enraged at getting wounded, and it shifted its target from Sun Chao to Liu Gan. With its mouth wide open, it was like a pair of scissors getting ready to snip Liu Gan’s body in half.

The Crocodile’s movements were very agile, and it was even quicker than Liu Gan. Liu Gan was struck by the initial attack, but he continued with evasive maneuvers. He continuously avoided its attacks, and when had the chance he would strike the Crocodile.

“Leave the area immediately! Be careful of nearby creatures!” Liu Gan halted the players from helping.

After exchanging hits with the Crocodile creature, Liu Gan could sense that it had strength similar to a level 13 player. Among the advanced monsters, its strength was considered the higher tier. Even Liu Gan was struggling against this opponent. Needless to say, the other players couldn’t help. The moment they tried, it would be their own downfall.

Obeying Liu Gan’s wishes, Cai Hao Chen and Ana didn’t allow their members to move anywhere close to the battle. Even they could tell that they are not a match against this Crocodile. They were just watching Liu Gan fight for his life, while standing idly on the sidelines. It didn’t feel right to do nothing, they were eager to help.

This group of people had a better attitude than the group that accompanied Liu Gan to the Mountain Valley Laboratory. At least they didn’t have any ulterior motives. These people were all trying to get recognition from Liu Gan by working diligently.

Liu Gan’s greataxe was sharp and sturdy. However, the reptile’s skin wasn’t weak at all. While it had been slashed by Liu Gan’s attack, it would swipe left and right, attempting to bite Liu Gan’s neck. The attack would chip off Liu Gan’s Mist Armor. Every connected attack would create sparks on the surface.

The people watching cried out in surprise. They hadn’t seen Liu Gan truly fight, as in struggle against an opponent. When Liu Gan fought, it was always a one-hit KO. Rarely was there a zombie or beast that could put up a fight. So up until this point, there was nothing that could hurt him. Clearly this Crocodile creature was very formidable! After dozens of attacks by Liu Gan, it still didn’t go down. Blow by blow, the Crocodile and Liu Gan were exchanging attacks!

After the Crocodile closed in on Liu Gan, it was hard for him to swing the greataxe. Instead, Liu Gan used his fist; he put away his greataxe. Using techniques similar to Muay Thai, he relied on his kneecaps, fists, and shins to attack the crocodile. After getting his Mist Armor damaged and Rage Aura’s passive availability, Liu Gan’s fury counter was quickly maxed out.

The Crocodile tried another bite attack on Liu Gan. Instead of getting bit, Liu Gan used his Crescent Blade on the Crocodile. It was very effective! While the Crocodile was stunned into temporary paralysis, Liu Gan punched out and used Enhanced Crescent Blade on its neck, landing four consecutive Enhanced Crescent Blades on the same location on the Crocodile’s neck.

This attack was extremely effective, slashing deep into the Crocodile’s thick neck. The attack shocked the Crocodile back into action; it could still move, but not as efficiently as before.

Liu Gan took advantage of the Crocodile being weakened, and pried the wound open wider. Then, he took two steps back and took out his greataxe to swing at it, since his fist didn’t reach as deep as his axe would. Having built up his fury from his Rage Aura, Liu Gan was able to use another Crescent Blade attack. This was enough to behead the Crocodile creature!

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