The Trembling World

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Spatial Laboratory

“Mister Jiang, are you a GM? You came to rescue us, right?” LuLu promptly walked over with high expectations for a yes to her answer as she asked Jiang JinYuan.

“Sorry, I am just the corporation’s technical staff. I was sent here to investigate the current situation, and I don’t have any GM authorities. I was originally supposed to be transferred directly to the main city’s laboratory to start my investigation, but it’s clear that I have been sent to the wrong location…” said Jiang JinYuan as he disappointedly replied to LuLu. Meanwhile, he looked at his PDA with the map.

“If you can come here, then you must have a way to bring us back right?” After hearing Jiang JinYuan speak, LuLu abruptly asked another question.

“A way… of course I do, but you guys need to update me on what has happened so far. Start from the moment you entered and be as detailed as possible.” Jiang JinYuan dodged LuLu’s question.

“The day before yesterday, when we entered the game…” For the sake of trying to get back, LuLu spilled the beans on everything that had happened so far to Jiang JinYuan. Pan Hua didn’t hide anything either and also told Jiang JinYuan everything he knew.

“You guys talked about Liu Gan. Is this player really strong? One time he could kill several zombies and another time he was able to kill five delinquents, is that right? Where is this person now? Can I meet him?” Jiang JinYuan was obsessed with Liu Gan from what he had heard so far from Pan Hua and LuLu.

“He went out to find more food because he felt like we would weigh him down, so he didn’t bring us along. He could possibly be at… possibly…” Pan Hua felt embarrassed even as he explained this to Jiang JinYuan.

“Everything you asked us, we have told you already. How come you haven’t told us how we can return to the real world yet!” LuLu interrupted Pan Hua. She asked the question she was most concerned about.
“The main city contains San Xing Corporation's largest interspatial laboratory. My computer has a map. If you guys could help me get to the main city and get into the laboratory, I could communicate through a special channel and request them to transfer you back to the real world.” Jiang JinYuan showed his PDA and offered his proposition to LuLu.

“Then hurry and bring me to the main city’s laboratory!” LuLu rushing Jiang JinYuan. She wouldn’t even want to stay a minute longer in this place.

“That is too bad. I was originally supposed to be at the main city’s laboratory working right now. I have no idea why I was sent here. You can look here… There are the several cities on the map, and the city in the center of the largest island is the main city. We are currently located on one of the islands on its outskirts. We need to think of a way to reach the main island. Perhaps a ship or an airplane could get us there.” Jiang JinYuan showed off the PDA to Pan Hua and LuLu, as well as explaining how it works.

The PDA screen showed a vast ocean with a large island in the center—six islands of various shapes encircled the main island. A green dot was on one of the islands flashing non-stop. This was obviously pinpointing Jiang JinYuan’s location, which also included Pan Hua and LuLu.

“How far away are we from the main city and laboratory?” Pan Hua and LuLu looked at the PDA map with a bit of disappointment.

“According to the map, it is at least several hundred kilometers away. We must find a method of transportation to reach the island.” Jiang JinYuan was disappointed after finding out how far it was. His original plan was to enter the game, arrive at main city’s laboratory, complete his reconnaissance, and then think of a way to get transferred back to the real world. He couldn’t have imagined that he would be sent so far off target. So if he wanted to reach the main city’s laboratory, he had to think of a way himself.

“You mentioned something about getting transferred? What is that? I thought we only just joined the game, so why would it do something so strange as a transfer?” LuLu suddenly had so many more questions she wanted to ask Jiang JinYuan.

“I don’t know; that is why the company sent me. I’m here to find the reason behind all of this.” Jiang JinYuan replied to LuLu.

“Where the heck are we? Why would San Xing Corporation have a laboratory experiment here? Is it possible that this game is a real world?” LuLu had a frantic expression as she asked Jiang JinYuan. She started second guessing herself, but the moment Jiang JinYuan confirmed it, she couldn’t help but to get angry.

Several hundred thousand players got trapped in this zombie world because of a mess San Xing Corporation made. She had personally witnessed players die in here, as well as a female getting defiled. If she couldn’t find a way to leave this area back to the real world, she suspected she wouldn’t be able to last too long. In addition, she had worked more than a year to get her broadcaster status, and if her fans dropped her, then who would compensate her?

“I don’t know. Although I work for San Xing Corporation, I am only a simple technical staff. I have a low position, so I don’t know much about the company’s operations.” Jiang JinYuan continued to shake his head.

“San Xing Corporation already knows how to use such advanced technology like instant transmission technique, right? This is a scheme, right? San Xing Corporation is using us as experiments, right?” LuLu kept pressing Jiang JinYuan for answers.

[TN: Yes, I used instant transmission because it conveys the idea best. I will use it from henceforth]

“I already told you. I am San Xing Corporation’s hired help, so it isn’t that I don’t want to tell you, but I really don’t know anything. Concerning any managerial questions, even if you keep questioning me, I don’t have an answer for it.” Jiang JinYuan helplessly sighed.

“For players that die here, what happens to them?” LuLu was unsatisfied with Jiang JinYuan’s previous answer, but she still asked another question. Pan Hua had so many questions he wanted to ask, but because LuLu asked Jiang JinYuan first, he chose not to interrupt. If there was a question LuLu hadn’t thought of asking, then he would ask Jiang JinYuan.

“They… may have… gone back to the real world?” Jiang JinYuan said that, but his eyes revealed that he was being dodgy.

“They went back? You mean if we voluntarily suicided, we could return back to the real world?” LuLu showed a hint of excitement in her expression.

She had already lost hope in being able to reach the main city across the several hundred kilometers of open water; not to mention, the search for the interspatial laboratory, so that she could return back to the real world. This was because she didn’t have any courage in being able to survive much longer in this zombie world. If there was a quicker method, she wouldn’t mind trying it out.

“I only said maybe. To be honest, I am not quite sure. I suggest… if you want to survive getting back, you should help me reach the main city’s laboratory first. I can’t guarantee what you might get out from it.” Jiang JinYuan clarified after he proposed his suggestion to LuLu.