The Trembling World

Chapter 387

Chapter 387 - Fearsome

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

These Elders were listening obediently to every word the new leader had to say. There were some that had a pleading look at Zhan Nan Shan. However, Zhan Nan Shan stood in place without any intentions of stepping in.

After Liu Gan killed two people, he walked back on stage. Standing right next to Qu Han and Ge Rufeng.

“Lord Liu, spare me!” Fourth Elder Qu Han and Seventh Elder Ge Rufeng started pleading. Even though these two were untied, they were paralyzed with fear. They were on their knees pleading for mercy at Liu Gan. They didn’t have any intentions of running away.

“Mercy? Pardon your offenses so you can try to scheme and hurt me again?” Liu Gan raised his axe, and promptly lopped off both Qu Han and Ge Rufeng’s heads.

“I know that when a new regime is in power, there will be some people who won’t sit well with that knowledge. There will always be some who refuse to obey, and try to pull small stunts. Let these people’s blood be a warning for those who want to follow in their footsteps. The things you ought to do, and the things you should never do! Think about it. I think that with the sacrifices of these ‘pioneers’, you understand the way of your new leader’s style, right?” Liu Gan shouted.

The Proceedings Hall was still silent. No one wanted to make a sound.

“Hey, are you all deaf? Mute? Don’t you hear me asking you a questions? Do you understand?” Liu Gan shouted louder. This time he walked off the stage. The feeling was that it was like a high school teacher lecturing the new students in the class, except this teacher had a brutal personality.

“Understood!” the nearest Elders instantly replied to Liu Gan.

“Elder Committee will comply with all Lord Liu’s demands!” shouted a few of the Elders who could think quickly on their feet, as they pledged their new allegiance.

“Good! From now on, under normal circumstances I won’t interfere with how the village operates and the Elder Committee’s decisions. However, when I do give my opinion, then the Elder Committee must obey! This is the one new rule you must remember. That will mark the end of the discussion. Go back to your residences. Remember, if you congregate to stir up trouble, I will kill everyone I catch. I won’t be lenient!” Liu Gan shouted at the Elders, and then dismissed them.

As if these Elders had received amnesty, they all rushed out through the back door. They passed by Yin He and returned to their homes. In the Proceedings Hall, only Zhan Nan Shan, LuLu, Han GuangMing, and a few others remained.

“I knew I wasn’t wrong in choosing Lord Liu. You are a strong leader. In this apocalyptic world, only Lord Liu’s style will have a prosperous village,” Zhan Nan Shan continued with the sweet talking.

“Chaotic times requires heavy-handed tactics. With a new leader in charge, if I don't kill the rebels today, then there might be more than just three fatalities in the future,” Liu Gan calmly replied.

The two continued to chat in the hall before leaving. Qiu Zi Tao’s residence had been cleared out. The bedsheets and furniture were all swapped out for something new. This was now Liu Gan's temporary mansion.

Liu Gan realized that his mansion was located right next to LuLu. Naturally, LuLu was very excited. LuLu occasionally bumped into Liu Gan as she was talking to Yin He. Liu Gan wasn't bothered by the arm-to-arm brushing, but LuLu was satisfied.

“Arrange for someone to call over the Ninth Elder. I need to speak with him,” Liu Gan motioned his hand to Han GuangMing.

Han GuangMing in turn instructed a player to bring forth QiuTao.

Ninth Elder QiuTao received the message and instantly rushed his ass over to Liu Gan’s mansion to report in. After today’s tense situation, he didn’t know Liu Gan’s temper yet. Arriving in the living room of the mansion, QiuTao bowed ninety degrees while standing at attention. He felt miserable since he was unsure of his situation. Was he getting recognition since he snitched on the Third Elder?

“Sit,” Liu Gan pointed at the sofa across from him.

“Thank you, Lord Liu,” QiuTao carefully walked over in front of Liu Gan. QiuTao sat down with his chest up and back straight, both hands on his knees.

“No need to be so nervous. You did the correct thing today. When we return, I will find someone to send you a reward. Aside from that, I want to ask you about that Evil Dragon Gulf, tell me everything you know about it. I will add additional rewards for the information,” Liu Gan said to QiuTao.

Snitchers were looked down upon by others, but it would be advantageous to have one on his side. To maintain a regime, a clear-headed leader must use wisdom and power to rule. Having a few of these players who would have no problem snitching was necessary, as long as the leader put on a poker face when receiving news from the informant.

“Thank you, Lord Liu. Evil Dragon Gulf’s original name was Moonlight Gulf. Prior to the catastrophe, it was a seaside state park. The deepest part of the sea reached ten kilometers. It is surrounded by mountains and bordered by the sea. It could easily accommodate up to ten thousand tourists…” QiuTao continued to explain to Liu Gan. As QiuTao was explaining the details out to Liu Gan, he also handed over a detailed map. Everything he could think of was told to Liu Gan.

Back when Zhan Nan Shan and Qiu Zi led his men to Evil Dragon Gulf, both times led to complete annihilation of their men. Both times, only two were able to return. It was said that there was a horrifying monster there that was shaped like a dragon. From then on, they changed the location name from Moonlight Gulf to Evil Dragon Gulf. That way, when players heard the name, no one would dare get close to it.

QiuTao heard a rumor in private, that a courageous player had disobeyed Qiu Zi and Zhan Nan Shan’s rule and ventured to Evil Dragon Gulf. From afar, he could see the giant monster. He returned with his pants soaked from urinating himself. He was able to confirm that it wasn’t a dragon, but the shape was like a dragon. From several kilometers away, he could see it move like mountains were shifting position.

This was just a rumor, it was hard to know if that player did sneak away to explore on his own.

Liu Gan guessed that since Qiu Zi and Zhan Nan Shan were heavily injured, the monster couldn’t be just an Advanced monster. Its rank must be a level above Advanced, possibly a General rank monster.

Based on Liu Gan’s current fighting capability, he could easily kill an Advanced beast. With Yin He and NaNa, along with his new, large, and very sharp axe, he could struggle to compete against this General rank monster, right? The current information on this monster was too little. Once the current task at hand was complete, he could check out what monster was lurking at Evil Dragon Gulf.

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