The Trembling World

Chapter 292

Chapter 292 - Accidental Kill

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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“What did you want me to see?” Huang WeiTao whispered softly into Treadmill’s ear.

“Don’t turn around, don’t make noise. Take a look into the mirror to see the bitc… no woman, that framed me…” Treadmill passed the mirror over to Huang WeiTao so that the mirror was facing HuJun and Zhou JingJing’s direction.

Huang WeiTao was still puzzled, but he still took the mirror. He pretended to look into the mirror at himself, but it was actually reflecting in HuJun and Zhou JingJing’s direction. In the reflection, it showed HuJun with his naturally angry face, but Zhou JingJIng…her face had Black-Spots. The sclera in her eyes were black without any white parts. It had a sinister face looking in their direction.

“Damn! You raped a ghost?” Huang WeiTao quickly put away the mirror and replied back to Treadmill. Then, covered his own mouth so he wouldn’t scream when he realized what it was.

“Cut the crap! What do you mean, I raped her? Obviously, she deliberately tried to frame me! Sit here, don’t move, so we don’t alert them. I will report to Elder Liu.” Treadmill whispered to Huang WeiTao. Then, pretending he had to stretch, Treadmill walked toward Liu Gan and Han GuangMing.

“Elder Liu, I have something to report to you.” Treadmill walked over to Liu Gan and Han GuangMing’s side and whispered.

“What is it?” Liu Gan lifted his head to glance at Treadmill.

“Nothing, I was just joking with him! He thought it was real! He needs to use his brain more often!” Huang WeiTao suddenly rushed over to pull Treadmill away from Liu Gan.

Huang WeiTao discovered something, so he quickly came over to pull Treadmill back.

Liu Gan looked strangely at Huang WeiTao and Treadmill. Once Huang WeiTao had pulled Treadmill far enough away, then they started talking.

“What is the matter with you?”

Treadmill asked Huang WeiTao to explain himself. From time to time, he would look at HuJun and Zhou JingJing. He discovered that Zhou JingJing stood up and was walking in the direction of the bathroom, with HuJun following behind her.

“HuJun don’t follow her!” Treadmill quickly rushed over, with hands extended.

“What do you want to do? Attack me?” HuJun lashed out, with a dagger in his hand to strike Treadmill.

Treadmill wasn’t able to dodge quick enough, he was only able to use his hand to block a portion of his body. The palm of his hand revealed a bloody hole from the dagger, Treadmill immediately screamed in pain. HuJun retracted the dagger. Under the influence of anger, unconsciously, HuJun activated his own ability, [Tear], to once again stab at Treadmill’s internals.

When [Tear] is in effect, the dagger in his hand moves fast like a shadow. The power behind the attack depended on the proximity of the target. The skill was a first-class offensive ability.

“Hey! Don’t be like that! Treadmill only wanted you to know…” Huang WeiTao rushed forth to stand in between HuJun and Treadmill.

Still influenced by anger and using the ability, HuJun’s attack couldn’t be stopped. Since Huang WeiTao stepped forward in between the two, the ability landed on Huang WeiTao’s body. It struck his neck.

Huang WeiTao’s neck was severed by HuJun’s dagger. Huang WeiTao’s head was rolling on the reception hall, Treadmill shouted loudly and leapt backward.

HuJun looked at the headless Huang WeiTao, and was stunned. The dagger dropped to the floor. He was blinded by fury, and wanted to take advantage of Treadmill coming close so he could kill him. It was due to the lack of experience, that he activated his ability and accidentally killed Therapist Huang!

“Elder Liu Help!” Treadmill quickly ran back over to Liu Gan to hide.

“HuJun, What are you doing?” Han GuangMing rushed over. Then forced HuJun’s hands to his back, with ropes tying him up.

“Elder Liu, spare my life! I didn’t mean to kill him!” HuJun finally realized the mess he was in, as he started to plea.

“Elder Liu, spare him! He only wanted to help me! If you want to punish, then punish me!” Zhou JingJing rushed to Liu Gan to kneel on the floor.

“Lock him up to a nearby cabin!” Liu Gan saw Huang WeiTao’s body as he ordered Han GuangMing.

Normally, HuJun was the honest type, but the moment he learned his wife was raped, he went out of control. The emotionally unstable HuJun killed Huang WeiTao.


HuJun realized that Liu Gan wasn’t going to kill him, so he obediently followed Han GuangMing over to the nearby cabin. Zhou JingJing said she wanted to be in the cabin with HuJun. Han GuangMing asked Liu Gan for permission, then agreed to Zhou Jing Jing’s request.

Treadmill watched HuJun and Zhou JingJing enter into the cabin. He thought of something, but didn’t say it. Originally, he wanted to save HuJun from danger, but HuJun wanted to kill him. Even his ability was used, so that meant HuJun wanted him dead.

If it was like that, then Treadmill no longer worried about the safety of HuJun. So the moment HuJun dies, then they will know that Zhou JingJing is the Variant Zombie. That way, he doesn’t need to prove his own innocence.

As a matter of fact, Treadmill felt that he should stay close to Han GuangMing or Liu Gan, so he would be safe.

“Treadmill, what did you want to tell me?” Liu Gan walked over with needle and thread toward Treadmill.

“I… I… just… just… that WeiTao had found evidence that Zhou JingJing had framed me. I wanted to invite Elder Liu to come listen, but then he pulled me away. What a funny world right? Who would’ve thought that he would die from trying to dissolve the fight…” Treadmill started shaking. It was hard to tell if he was shaking from lying or from fear.

Originally, Treadmill was going to report to Liu Gan about his findings in the mirror with Zhou JingJing being the Black-Spot Variant Zombie. However, now that HuJun is trapped with Zhou JingJing, he changed his mind. He was going to use Zhou JingJing to kill HuJun first, then report to Liu Gan.

“Are you lying to me?” Liu Gan asked Treadmill once again. Then asked for Treadmill’s hand so he could stitch up the hand wound with the needle and thread.

“No…no! Ah! hurts! I wouldn’t dare to lie to Elder Liu! I am just still shock and scared…” Treadmill explained himself to Liu Gan. Meanwhile, Liu Gan was suturing up the wound on his hand.         

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