The Trembling World

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Allocation

Still feeling hungry after finishing the first packet of biscuits, Liu Gan opened two more packets and stuffed them into his mouth.

Truth be told, the biscuit tasted pretty bland and stale. Liu Gan was dreaming about sitting before a stove and eating a whole grilled chicken or a bowl of pickled minced meat noodles, both of which were way better than the biscuits.

However in this kind of situation, the fact that there were biscuits to eat was a very good thing. It would be a major problem if there were nothing to fill his stomach. Using the light emitted from the flame of the lighter, Liu Gan checked the expiry dates of the food products.
While Liu Gan was checking the expiry dates, his mind drifted off to the day when he was trapped on the billboard and his conversation with the San Xing Corporation female worker. Liu Gan reckoned that in this world, the time between when it was normal and when it turned into the now chaotic zombie filled world was not very long.

With the sudden influx of the tens of thousands of players, and the non-infected natives of this world, it would be a norm that everyone would be scrambling for food and water. With this type of competition, the next time Liu Gan attempts to salvage more food or drinks will be even more difficult
[TN: Competition for food is strong]

Therefore, the stale and dry biscuits are already a luxury. Grilled chicken and minced meat noodles would be best forgotten.

On the other hand, the red-haired player was not able to find any food items. He was looking at Liu Gan eating the biscuits and smelling the fragrance of the biscuits. He looked at Liu Gan eagerly with eyes filled with hope; he was hoping that Liu Gan will share some of the biscuits with him. However, Liu Gan did not pay any attention to him and continued to eat his biscuits.

The plump Pan Hua, who was waiting outside the minimart, was getting impatient. Previously, he could see the light emitted from Liu Gan’s lighter. After the flame was extinguished, he did not know what was happening inside. Pan Hua looked in that direction and he happened to smell the fragrance of the biscuits as it wafted out from the minimart. He reckoned that Liu Gan and the red-haired player were having a picnic and they started to eat the biscuits already. Hence he hurriedly beckoned Wang ChangShun and LuLu to enter the minimart to join in the feast.

The moment LuLu logged into the game, she was picking up her phone for a phone call, so coincidentally, the phone got taken along with her inside this world. Although, there was no signal on the phone, all phone functions were still useable. It was used as a flashlight to light up the path and she followed Pan Hua and Wang ChangShun into the minimart.

Liu Gan had already finished eating and his stomach was fully satisfied. Previously, he managed to find a functional flashlight. Hence after loading it with batteries, he continued to look for items like food, drinks, scissors, more batteries and any other items that were light in weight and useful to ensure survival in this zombie filled world. Those items that were big and bulky would be left behind as they would be more of hindrance than of help.

“All the food in the minimart has been looted by Liu Gan and it is all inside his backpack.” The red-haired player whispered to Pan Hua in a low tone as he walked towards him.

“Oh…” Pan Hua looked at Liu Gan but he did not have the courage to approach Liu Gan and ask for food. However, he spotted the cartons of bottled mineral water that was not far from Liu Gan and hurriedly walk towards it. He was hoping to quench his thirst with the delicious looking bottles of water since he was not able to satisfy his hunger. He would drink the whole bottle if he could.

“No one is to touch the water, I will ration them later!” Liu Gan without looking back, as though as he had a pair of eyes behind his head, coldly said to Pan Hua.

“Yes Boss, your wish is my command.” Pan Hua licked his dry and parched lips and replied, not daring to reach out and grab the water that was just right in front of him. It was so close, yet so far away.

“The water belongs to everyone, plus everyone is very thirsty now. Aren’t you going too far by forbidding us from drinking the water?” The bespectacled player, Wang ChangShun, asked Liu Gan in an unwilling tone.
LuLu and the red-haired played also walked over with their eyesights on the carton of mineral water. They were hungry and thirsty, so without any food, their next best option was being able to quench their thirst.

“Since the water belongs to everyone, that is exactly why I should be the one to distribute it, do you have any objections?” Liu Gan turning his back and chopping the shelves right next to Wang ChangShun with his axes, scaring him silent and silencing those behind him too.

In this dystopian world, there is no democracy. The law of the jungle is the will of the strong.

“We should go find other materials, and by the time we return, boss will distribute food and water to us.” Pan Hua trying to mediate the situation and pushing Wang ChangShun aside.

LuLu and the red-haired player didn’t speak up, so they just stepped aside to try and scavenge the minimart for other things, hopefully, they will find something for themselves to eat.

At this moment, they had a small feeling of regret of choosing to follow Liu Gan. Now that they have reached this stage, if they chose to leave him, their situation would worsen. If they just do as Liu Gan says, then he will distribute the supplies. At this moment, it was better to just endure the hunger and thirst, because if they really got him angry, he might just kill them.

“There is definitely a lot of money inside the cash register, do you guys think that money would still have any use?” Wang ChangShun walked over to the register to find a couple of hundred bills and as he turned and asked Pan Hua this.

“Who knows? You should just grab some! Perhaps, you can use it to buy some stuff.” Pan Hua was busy searching for more useful materials, so he casually replied to Wang ChangShun’s question.

Wang ChangShun found a few hundred yuan notes in the cash register, after which he wanted to check the drawer of the checkout counter to see if there was any more money. However just as he turned his body, he had this ominous feeling that something was not right. But it was too late!

A zombie with only its torso left was lying under the checkout counter. The moment Wang ChangShun reached out , the zombie caught hold onto his hand and took a bite. “KACHA!” The sound of his fingers being bitten off by the zombie echoed throughout the minimart.

Wang ChangShun suddenly cried out loudly in pain. The type of excruciating pain after his fingers were bitten off was unbearable. Huge drops of perspired sweat started to form on his head and slowly drip down to his forehead.

When Liu Gan heard his scream, he immediately rushed towards Wang ChangShun. When he saw the zombie, the axe he was holding in his hand swiftly flew forward and split the brain of the zombie into halves; the zombie laid there lifelessly.

“Oh my God! This is unbearable! Why is it so painful? Isn’t this just a game? Why does it need to feel so real?” Wang ChangShun looked at his hand which was missing a few fingers and continued to scream. Tears flowed out uncontrollably as he was shocked and frightened by what just happened. .

Pan Hua, LuLu and the red-haired player also rushed over after Liu Gan. Looking at Wang ChangShun’s bloodied hand which was missing fingers, their face turned pale with fright. LuLu covered her mouth and stopped herself from screaming when she remembered Liu Gan’s warning.

“Your shouts will attract more zombies! Stop shouting!” Liu Gan scolded Wang ChangShun.

“Didn’t you give a clean sweep of the minimart for zombies? Why is there still a zombie here?” Wang ChangShun endured his pain and begrudgingly complained about Liu Gan. From his point of view, if Liu Gan had thoroughly check for zombies in the minimart, he wouldn’t have been bitten. It was very obvious that Liu Gan didn’t do a good job.

“I demand that you stop screaming now! If you continue, I will cleave your head into two just like that zombie beside you!” Liu Gan walked towards Wang ChangShun and threateningly placed his axe one centimetre above his head, causing a strand of hair to fall off from his head. Just now, Liu Gan did indeed search for zombies in the minimart, but he didn’t notice the zombie who was hiding below the checkout counter. Furthermore, he wasn’t obligated to do a clean sweep of the area.

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