The Trembling World

Chapter 117

TL: xdh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Amaranth

Chapter 117 - Grouping Up Around The Leader

The few days after he became a fugitive, was the day that [The Trembling World] launched. Tiger Lord was at a certain underground internet cafe to log into the game. Then he was transferred here.

After getting into the game, he relied on his own physique and fierce personality to survive. Out of the three-hundred players, he was one of the lucky few that survived. Then he was able to gather these players to form a camp. Yesterday, with thanks to sacrifices of several level 4 players, he was able to kill a Colossal Variant zombie, and reached level 5. Now he was truly a survivor.

Just like Liu Gan, Tiger Lord felt that this world suited him well. Everything here was obtained through strength. In addition, he didn’t have to worry about getting arrested.

The biggest difference between him and Liu Gan was that, Tiger Lord didn't like to be alone. He enjoyed being a boss. Especially the feeling of getting whatever he wanted. He had a goal, he wanted to expand his camp, this way in the Trembling World he would become a very important person. With land and people, he could create an empire and rule his empire as the emperor.

However, Liu Gan was giving off a dangerous aura, the type that surpassed the time when he faced off with the Colossal Variant Zombie. So his best scenario was that he wouldn’t lose face in front of his underlings, and get a verbal apology from Liu Gan. However, if things didn’t resolve peacefully, then he can only use his fist to solve it.

To establish this camp wasn’t easy, Tiger Lord didn’t really want to take a risk and lose everything by fighting with Liu Gan. If Liu Gan decided to take action, then he must kill Liu Gan in one move.

“I didn't come to take what I wanted. Although I did come here to take some food, but the moment I arrived, Brother Wang DeCheng told me that this area was occupied. I gave up that idea. I only wanted to barter for goods.” Said Liu Gan.

“In the apocalyptic world, what is the most expensive thing? Of course it is medicine. I have a bottle of antibiotic that could easily trade for at least two brine chicken, but I only demanded one brine chicken. I also threw in a bag of fresh water caltrops with my bottle of antibiotic, but your lackey Li ChangHui ate my water caltrops then he took my bottle of medicine. On top off everything, he threw me a bag of chicken bones. He also wanted to take my girlfriend. Brother Wang tried to persuade him, but he pushed Brother Wang to the floor. So tell me, was I wrong to teach him a lesson?” Liu Gan asked.

Originally, he didn't want to reason with Tiger Lord. However, after a lengthy deliberation, Liu Gan realized that if they were to fight, one of them would survive. Since this camp wasn’t large enough for the both of them. After killing Tiger Lord, the camp would naturally belong to Liu Gan and the players would all be under him.

In order to leave a good impression for his future crew members, Liu Gan didn't immediately take action to kill. Instead he would slowly reason with Tiger Lord.

“Tiger Lord! Don't listen to his bull*h*t!” Li ChangHui overheard Liu Gan speak. Even though Li ChangHui didn't hear entire conversation clearly, he just started shouting.

“Wang DeCheng, is that true?” Tiger Lord asked Wang DeCheng and ignored Li ChangHui.

“Wang DeCheng, don't you dare betray me and bull*h*t! I will kill you if you do!” Li ChangHui threatened Wang DeCheng. He knew that if Wang DeCheng told the truth, then everything would be revealed. Li ChangHui was still arrogant even though he was disabled.

“It is just as Brother Liu had said.” Wang DeCheng hesitated briefly before replying to Tiger Lord. Wang DeCheng held a long grudge against Li ChangHui, even after he had become disabled, he was still so arrogant and it was unbearable.

“Li ChangHui! I knew that leaving you here would result in trouble! You alone managed to create this trouble!” Tiger Lord immediately started to shout in anger at Li ChangHui and marched forward.

“Tiger Lord! I, Li ChangHui, fought with you side by side to get this supermarket, now because of an outsider…” before Li ChangHui could finish speaking, Tiger Lord in a quick hand maneuver sliced open Li ChangHui’s neck. ChangHui’s throat was producing ‘ka ka’ sounds, soon both his eyes lost the glint of life.

“I said to everyone here before, all players are our brothers! As long as they are pass through here then we must passionately greet them! Li ChangHui embarrassed our guest today so he deserved to be punished! I certainly hope the same thing won't happen again!” Tiger Lord turned around to his group and announced out loud.

“Yes! Tiger Lord!” All players in a respectful tone replied in unison.

If this was a simple regular online game, then the camp that Tiger Lord established was similar to an union, and the strength wasn't in numbers it was the fact of having players to rely on. This was discovered by players who were trapped within the game, they realized the importance of having a camp, in this game it was no longer as simple as an union.

[TL: What the author is trying to convey is that 'it is not just a simple Union that fights for your rights.]

Tiger Lord was their leader, their protector. Even though, this was a camp, it was ruled by the leader. Their respect to Tiger Lord was due to both fear and admiration. They knew that if they accidentally anger Tiger Lord, they would get kicked out of the supermarket and it was hard to survive alone in The Trembling World.

Liu Gan coldly stared at Tiger Lord. He wanted Tiger Lord to make a single mistake and attack him. Just when Liu Gan was getting ready to kill the leader and take over the supermarket. No one would've thought that Tiger Lord was so sneaky and avoided taking the bait. Tiger Lord acted righteously and killed Li ChangHui. Now, Liu Gan had no justification to kill Tiger Lord, what a disappointing turn of events.

“Brother Liu, I apologize on behalf of the person who disrespected you. I have punished him. Are you satisfied with the result?” Tiger Lord walked in front of Liu Gan.

“Yes, since you have been very sincere and apologized. I will give you face.” Liu Gan stood up after wiped his face, he called Yin He to prepared to leave. As if they were getting ready to slip away.

 [TL: ‘face’ synonymous with respect and pride. Some people have died to keep it.] 

“Tiger Lord!”

There were three level 4 members of the elite team who witnessed everything, but they couldn‘t bear to witness it. Who was this stranger? How could he dare to act so arrogantly in front of Tiger Lord? How could they face their subordinates after this scene?

“Brother Liu, your words doesn’t seem appropriate! They were as if I did something wrong? The person to apologize should be Brother Liu. You owe me and my brothers an apology! Even though Li ChangHui made a mistake, but Brother Liu injured him already. Then, you messed up my supermarket. On top of that you ate so much of my food, there must be a suitable explanation about everything right?” Tiger Lord’s look turned sour.

“Tell me what you have in mind.” Liu Gan raised his brows.

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