The First Hunter

Chapter 37

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It was an empty lot prepared for a high rise to be built.

Kim Taehoon was standing in the middle of it, and the soldiers of Maek Clan and not a small number of awakened were waiting near it for their time to do their assignments.

‘You just have to pull the trigger.’

‘Do as told. It’s not so difficult.’

They tried to remind themselves what they had to do a million times.

But everything they tried to focus on vanished as soon as the devil snake appeared after the howling Kim Taehoon made.

The moment the giant monster appeared— which was over 20 meters long and could easily swallow a car. Ahh! Everyone froze in fear.

It wasn’t that the devil snake had already spread its fear out. It was just that the people who saw the devil snake for the first time easily imagined their own deaths.

So they instantly froze.


It was Kim Taehoon’s repeated howling that loosened everyone’s body and mind. The howling made the devil snake focus only on Kim Taehoon, and the others were able to get themselves together and didn’t miss their chance to make their own moves.

“Discharge water!”

“Discharge water!”

The first to make their move was the fire engine.


Two fire engines, which were already stationed nearby started to wet the ground, let out thick pillars of water into the air.


The devil snake made an annoying sound at the water pillars and looked at the fire engines. To the snake which hated cold things, water wetting its body would be worse than the bus that just hit the snake.

Of course, the snake was planning to smash the fire engines that were spurting water everywhere.


But only if a sword didn’t leave a finger-width cut on its skin.

The devil snake’s eyes moved towards the object that made the wound on its body.


It could see a sword flying around the air. The sword refused to follow the laws of physics, and couldn’t be compared to any type of winged animal.

Kya! Kyaaa!

It wasn’t easy even for the devil snake to deal with the blazing sword with its shining blade. It chased after the sword moving its body this way and that, but the sword managed to avoid its attacks while leaving wounds on devil snakes body each time it passed by.

No wound was deep. Most of the cuts that the sword made were finger-width wounds.

Considering how thick the devil snake’s skin was and how large its body was, the wounds were just tiny little scratches.

But it did not stop because the wounds weren’t deep.

‘As I expected so far.’

The wounds would be deeper if he stabbed harder. But that would be the end.

That’s why he was practicing how to make slight cuts. Not deep stabs just slight cuts which were enough to cause it to bleed a bit.

Of course, it was impossible to make the snake die from small wounds.

“Water discharge complete!”

“Fall back! Fire engine fall back!”

That’s why he got the fire engines.

The reason he brought the fire engines wasn’t just to annoy the devil snake.

“Would the pesticide work?”

“It’s half water half pesticide, it would have some effect on the body.”

He had put lots of pesticide into the water he had just sprayed using the fire engines.

If that gets absorbed through the cuts on its body, it would affect the snake in at least some way. After all, those chemicals were made to kill something.

That was one of the reasons he chose to have this battle on a ground with dirt. The soil that absorbed the pesticides would become muddy and stick to the devil snake’s body, continually transferring the pesticide to the snake.

Or if the snake ate the soil, it would affect the internal organs.

After all, it was only the start.


‘It has focused on the sword.’

After watching the devil snake keep chasing the sword Kim Taehoon pulled out the arrow from his waist.

The arrow of Sunshin.

Without its tail and the whole shaft coated with ice, it looked different than usual. That ice was not only ice. It also contained a toxin called tetrodotoxin. It was the toxin from the pufferfish.

When he heard about the devil snake Kim Taehoon hadn’t expected to kill the snake with just physical power. Instead, he came up with the idea of poisoning it.

At the same time, the place where he heard the story about the devil snake also inspired him. The sashimi restaurant. The inspiration of pufferfish toxin.

The moment he came up with the plan, Kim Taehoon started to collect all the toxins from dead fish from the pufferfish restaurants all over the city of Bucheon.

He also checked the effectiveness of the toxins. Farmed pufferfish did not have any toxin or what it had was weak. But the fish Kim Taehoon collected also included some wild ones, and he confirmed the effect of the toxin with a pigeon.

He also knew that the toxin he collected from pufferfish would not be able to kill this devil snake. What he expected wasn’t something big, maybe stumbling, staggering, or possibly pass out for few seconds.

That was what he was hoping for.

The arrow flew towards the devil snake with Kim Taehoon’s hope.


Like a syringe, it inserted into the devil snake’s body.


The feeling of the arrow piercing through the devil snake’s body was transferred to Kim Taehoon through his telekinesis. He lost the sense of the arrow almost immediately.

‘Now is the start.’

It had just been the prologue so far.

This was not a simple fight. It was a battle with the top predator of Bucheon as the prey and to contend for the land.

All or nothing.

‘The first will be mortar fire.’

It was natural for him to prepare for the all-out war and the first thing in the all-out war was mortars. Mortars had a huge difference over rifles but were harder to use. No battles against the monster so far had let them use the mortar fire.

They did not have enough distance or time to aim.

To reiterate, when the target was within range there’s nothing more effective than a mortar.

And since the target was way much bigger than a tank it was hard to miss.

The brilliant thing was that it wasn’t very hard to find an artilleryman among the 100 or so South Korean men.

Kim Taehoon lifted his head and watched the sword that was distracting the devil snake.

The sword’s movement had the devil snake wrapped around its fingers. While moving just enough to distract the snake, as soon as it noticed a slight opening to attack it raced towards the snake’s body.


The only thing the devil snake could see was the sword. It couldn’t see anything other than the sword.

Kim Taehoon started to direct the devil snake now. Controlling the sword with his telekinesis, he brought the snake to the center of the spot.

‘Right time.’

The only thing left was to signal. As soon as he gave a hand signal, the mortars would continuously spit out the rounds.

At that moment. SHAAAA! The devil snake’s eyes changed.

The snake’s eyes turned golden while chasing the sword. It wasn’t a simple beam coming out of it.


An aura. Something that could be called that just went through everyone’s senses around the empty ground.  

Everyone who was exposed to it froze.

They felt it while being frozen. The devil snake thoroughly scanned through everything like it was performing a dissection on them.

The devil snake’s eyes stopped following the sword and started to trace the invisible power that made the sword move, which was the telekinesis.

Of course, it was Kim Taehoon at the end of the trace.


The devil snake tongue went in and out while looking at Kim Taehoon.



The moment the devil snake’s eyes beamed, Kim Taehoon instinctively understood that the snake could see the power that controlled the sword.

Kim Taehoon confirmed that when the devil snake’s stare finally landed on him.

‘I’m dead.’

The man, Kim Taehoon, would be dead tonight eaten by the devil snake.

It wasn’t just an assumption or feeling. Because he had already experienced death. Through Napoleon’s golden glass he learned exactly how dying felt.  But that cause Kim Taehoon life to flash before his eyes.

‘I’ll die because of that.’

Kim Taehoon never wanted to die so far and he always tried his best to stay alive.

And he learned from that. What you would need to survive in that sea of death.

Tenacity and an obsession towards survival.

‘I have to kill it before I die.’

Kill it before I die.

At that point, Kim Taehoon’s frozen body started to move.

The Energy also supported the willpower of its master to live. It put vitality into Kim Taehoon’s frozen body.

But a giant shadow was already directly over Kim Taehoon’s head as the devil snake with its mouth opened wide.

Run? No, he couldn’t run.

Kim Taehoon’s body told him. Do not ask for a chance to run with your frozen body.

So Kim Taehoon did not run. Rather he did the opposite.

He threw himself into that giant wide open mouth that has striking toward him.

Kim Taehoon’s body was sucked into the devil snake’s mouth.


It sounded like that the devil snake was choking on something. It had been going to eat it, but the prey threw itself down its throat so it was not a surprising thing to happen.

But the devil snake appreciated the choke. From what it had seen, Kim Taehoon did not possess any poison.

No, it didn’t really matter if he did.

The glowing devil snake’s eyes could see. That it was only Kim Taehoon who could fight against it and as soon as it ate Kim Taehoon everything else would just be its prey.


So the snake immediately swallowed Kim Taehoon.

And straight away, the snake’s body started to crush Kim Taehoon.


His body was pressured, the flesh burst, bones started to dislocate and eventually started to make cracking sounds.

Kim Taehoon could also hear those sounds.


It was literally a sound of death. To hear the sound that your own bones made, from the inside of your eardrum, was an experience that only people who were facing death could go through.

But Kim Taehoon did not focus on those sounds.

‘Let me hear it.’

It was a sound of the snake that he was trying to hear.


As it was a snake, the heartbeat of the devil snake was slow.


Finally, after a wait which felt like an eternity, he heard that pat sound again, Kim Taehoon commanded the sword that was still connected to his willpower.

Stab this sound!

< Chapter 13. Territory Dispute (4). > The end.

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