The First Hunter

Chapter 31

< Chapter 12. The Messiah (1). >


At another superstore located near Sinjung-dong station.

Compared to how busy it had been previously during weekends and weekdays it was now a rather quiet fortress. All the windows were covered with newspapers and the entrance was blocked by shopping carts that used to greet customers. 

Three guys wearing thick coats, safety helmets, and holding pitiful-looking spears walked up to the entrance. They stood in front of an automatic door which had its glass covered with newspapers. 

One of them carefully pulled out a name card from his inner pocket and slid it through the slit of the automatic door. 


The name card disappeared like the tongue of a snake and the door immediately opened. On the other side of the door were three men pointing spears towards the opening. 

The tension between them disappeared as soon as they recognized each other. 

“How is it?”

“Can’t see anything, the weather’s crazy.”

The conversation continued. 

“What happened to the team B guys?”

“Couldn’t find them.”

“Couldn’t find them?”

“Couldn’t even find their bodies.”

The conversation wasn’t very friendly.

“What about footprints? They should have left their footprints in the snow.”

“Really? You expect that with this weather? Our footprints are gone already!”

“So you came back with nothing?”

“Sh*t, what the f*ck do you want from me over this? F*cking move man! I’m about to freeze to death!”

The conversation escalated quickly, but the guys inside moved so the others could go in. 

The guys who were covered with snow on their heads and shoulders walked inside the superstore. They immediately took off their helmets and one of them with a chubby figure and scruffy beard started to speak.

“That bastard think of us as some sort of slaves for him even though he’s not even an awakened. He can’t do shit in front of a monster either.”

Compared to the rough language he was using the voice was rather calm and low. 

The other two changed the subject as if they didn’t want to participate in the topic. 

“It’s going to be really cold tonight.”

“It’s best to have a girl next to you on a night like this. What do you say? Did you want to get some tonight?” Suggested the chubby dude.

The younger guy, looking like he was in his mid-20s, answered back to the chubby dude with an awkward smile. “I’m alright.”

“One good thing about this horrible world now is you can get some without spending money. You gotta get it when you can.”

“.... what do you think happened to the team B guys?”

The younger guy tried to change the subject again. 

“In my opinion, they were trying to have some fun with that girl, Baek Jiyeon, and got into trouble.”

But again, the chubby guy changed the topic back to a rather uncomfortable subject. 

“That team has a dude named Ahn Taesuk, that guy is a sex machine. His dick wouldn't not say hello to a naked girl lying in the snow.” 

The younger guy gave up on changing the subject at this point. 

‘F*cking pig. Is that all you can think about right now?’

But the chubby guy’s vulgar words didn’t last for very long. 

“Sh*t. I really should get some ass tonight…”

“You keep that dirty shit to yourself.”

A woman walked out from the dark. She was very skinny almost like a skeleton. 

The chubby guy’s face scrunched up in anger as soon as he saw the woman but the moment he noticed the mark on her right hand, his face turned pale. 

“I, I’m Sorry.”

“Get lost, you’re disgusting.”

“So sorry. Please, please don’t kill me…”


The three guys nodded and immediately disappeared up the escalator leading to the second floor. 

The woman walked to a corner on the first floor which was originally a pharmacy. 

Inside were two guys.

One was standing stiff like a security guard, while the other was sitting on a sofa holding a sword. It was the type of sword that you would see in a historical drama. The guy was tapping his shaved head with the sheathed sword. 

The woman started to speak to the guy sitting on the sofa. 

“It seems like we have a little problem.”

“A problem?”

The guy stopped tapping his head as the woman spoke. 

“What problem?”

“The group that was supposed to kill a woman as an example is missing.”



“Did they get eaten by a monster, or run away?”

“The scouts tried to figure it out but it seems like they failed to do so.”

“Failed? Why?”

“The snowstorm….”

The man smirked a bit as if the thing she said was absurd and started to tap his head with the sword again, with the hilt this time. 

“We should have named ourselves something other than the Messiah. They think we’re some kind of angels sent from above. 

We should send the scouts to Sinjung-dong station tomorrow morning as the sun rises. With their achilles tendon cut with pliers. I hope the yellow devil would like that.”

The man had a smile on his face. 


The snowstorm did not look like it was going to end soon despite the darkness.

Kim Taehoon was looking down at the superstore from a building across the way. 

The snowstorm was disrupting his sight but there wasn’t a single issue picturing the scene inside his mind. 

‘Front entrance has heavy security but the individual’s weapons are shitty, and no one is on the roof.’

Kim Taehoon moved his eyes and scanned the darkness in the snow storm. 

‘According to Baek Jiyeon they have about sixty people that will be sacrificed inside the building, and about thirty others to keep an eye on them and to guard the superstore. The sacrifices are split between the second and third floors.’

Darkness and the snow storm.

All the animals would do the same thing in the darkness along with the snow storm. 

Stay in a safe spot where they could avoid the wind, and wait for the snow storm and cold night to pass. 

Humanity normally did not have to do the same since the development of technology, but currently, the person inside the superstore was no different from a beast. 

Kim Taehoon turned his body and the hunting began. 



It happened suddenly. A giant truck rushed towards the front entrance of the superstore, crashed through the automatic door and entered all the way into the front of the store. 


The three who were guarding the door was instantly struck by the truck.

“What’s happening?”


Here and there, the people inside of the store who were forcing themselves to try and sleep woke up gasping to the banging sound. 

“A truck rushed in at the front door!”

The whole fuss spread up past the second floor into the third floor. 

The guards who were guarding what used to be a hair salon and a laundromat but was now being used as a prison to hold the sacrifices looked at each other amid the noise. 

“Sh*t something happened on the first floor?”


Amidst the commotion, the emergency hallway door located between the third and fourth-floor parking lots carefully opened. 


Somebody came out of the opening of the door. 

Despite the fact that the guy was moving rather quietly when he came through the door, as he exited he shut the door with a loud bang. 


Really hard. Almost to the point, it would hurt your ears and so all the people on the third floor could hear the sound. 

“Arg! What, what’s that sound?”

“Wha, what? It sounded like a door shutting?”

“Door? There’s no door here? The parking lot is connected with the moving walk!”

“The emergency exit! There’s an emergency exit. But I thought the door was locked?!”


The sound of them swallowing in nervousness was loud enough to hear. 

The sacrifices who were tied up, waiting for their death, were also shivering. 

“Go check.”


“Go check. It could be monsters.”


One of the guards fixed his hard hat and gripped the spear he was holding tighter and walked towards the emergency exit. 

‘Sh*it, why is this happening?’

His steps were full of regret and anger. Worry and fear made the steps heavier. 

What if it was a monster?

What should I do if anything happens?

Would I die here?

Or get eaten by the monster?

The guy found the emergency exit while worrying intently, then moved carefully towards the door. 

Turning his head, he looked around. 

‘Huh? Nothing?’

The guy couldn’t see any traces of any monsters or any humans either. He could see the door was shut, but there was nothing new. 

No, the guy was hoping there was nothing. So his eyes saw things as nothing important. 


The guy let out a heavy breath of relief. With the confidence that nothing has happened at the site, the guy went back to where he came from with much lighter strides. 

And then said. “Nothing! Nothing happe….”

When he came back to where he was previously, he saw was his colleagues’ dead bodies, some with their heads twisted 180 degrees or having holes in them. 


But that was the end.


That was the last thing he would see. 

The man approaching from behind quickly twisted his neck. 


When the guy collapsed to the floor one of the sacrifices, a woman, started to scream, but the man reacted rather calmly to the scream. He didn’t try to stop her from screaming. Instead, he left her alone as he took a jacket and helmet from one of the dead bodies and put it on. Next, he shouted to the people who were coming to the third floor because of the scream they had heard. 

“We got a problem on the third floor! Come quick!”


“Hurry! Quick!”

“Alright alright!”

The man went straight to the escalator. Behind the man, there was a featherless arrow following him like a bird of prey. 


“Crap, there’s no one inside the truck!”

One guy was checking the driver seat of the truck that had rushed into the front entrance. 

The ten guys who were gathered near the entrance all had the same expression at that. A frustrated, confused face. 

“The truck was moving by itself?”

“That makes no sense.”

“Sh*t, what’s going on? Don’t tell me the truck turned into a monster!”

But there was another problem coming towards them. 

“It seems like there’s a problem on the second and third floors!”

Yelled a man coming down the escalator to the first floor. 

He was wearing a jumper and safety helmet. He looked like everyone else in the group. So nobody stopped him from coming down the escalator to the first floor. 

Instead, the guys on the first floor were stunned and looked at the guy.

One of them asked him a question. 

“Third floor? What happened?”

“What? What happened here? Why is there a truck here?”

“F*ck, We don’t know. That truck rushed in out of nowhere!”

“So? That’s why you guys are all here? Where are the guards? And who is guarding the sacrifices?”

“Sh*t man, that’s not important now! Let the guys up there come down here. What can sacrifices do?”

“So that means most of you guys are gathered here.”

The man’s voice and tone suddenly changed. 

“Huh? Wa, wait. Who are you…”

His actions changed even faster than how his tone had changed. 


He punched the guy who recognized he wasn’t one of them in the face, and that fist caved in the face of the guy as if it were a giant hammer. 

The hard skull was smashed like it was a cream puff. 


At the same time, the man who punched the guy pulled a grenade from his jacket, removed the safety pin and threw it towards the others who were around the truck. 

It happened so suddenly that nobody could react to the situation.

Naturally, everyone was exposed… BANG!… To the merciless explosion of the grenade, without any resistance or preparation. 

And that wasn’t even the end of it. 


When one of the guys who luckily survived the explosion screamed, tata! A short shooting burst was directed at the scream. 

Confirmation shots. 

Within a short period time, enough for one complete breath, the shooting took out all the people who were around the truck. 

No one survived. 

Kim Taehoon’s gazed at the groceries that were located on the first floor. You could see it from the entrance of the building. 

At that moment, the hobgoblin’s sense warned Kim Taehoon. 


As soon as Kim Taehoon looked to the left, he could see two baseball-sized fireballs flying towards him.

The fireballs touched the jacket he was wearing and caught the jacket on fire as if it were living. 

Kim Taehoon immediately took off the jacket and pointed his gun in the direction from where the fireballs came, pulled the trigger and threw his body between the cashier stands. 

At the same time, Kim Taehoon could hear a voice. 

“I didn’t expect to fight against a good awakened this early, but this is interesting.”

It was a stranger’s voice but Kim Taehoon was sure. 

‘Lee Jinsung.’

That was whose voice it was. 

The head of the Messiah, he was here. 

< Chapter 12. The Messiah (1). > The end. 

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