The Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich

Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Sinners Will Be Judged Eventually
“I, Wumianzhe, the founder and user of the Power of Law, in Liu Huang Mountain City, the land of origin of the Power of Law, declare to the world that I will Ascend to Godhood and take on the Jurisdiction of Law as a true God of Law.”

The declaration of a true God rings beside the war of all living beings. Regardless of whether it is an adventurer who have travelled great distance, the busy merchants advertising their products, the nobles who are socialising in a ballroom or even warring soldiers, all of them stopped in their tracks to listen to the declaration of a true God.

“I promise to treat all life equally. The fair Power of Law will shield all innocent and punish all sins. In order to carry out the Rules of Law with absolute fairness, I am willing follow in the footsteps of the God of Holy Light to give up my sense of self to become the Rules of Law itself. From now onwards, I am the Law and the Law is me. One doesn’t need to recite my name to obtain the Power of Law. One only needs to believe in enforcing the Rules of Law.”

To fight for devotees and land, expanding the faith and advancing the God’s power, even a few hundred years wouldn’t be considered a long time to achieve these. I do not have the time to waste time with other Gods and the Law Faction urgently needs a God Power Regulation System. So, I will become one myself.

A true God without self-awareness wouldn’t be met with.enmity by other Order Gods. Furthermore, by becoming a pure Conceptual existence, the growth would increase exponentially. As long as the faith in law spreads, the God would able to grow powerful very quickly.

A brainless God Power Regulation System won’t think of devouring other Jurisdictions after growing stronger so no matter how one looks at it, it is a great benefit to the Order Faction. This way, I don’t have to worry about Gods taking the initiative to start a war to destroy this newborn God.

Of course, it is impossible for me to serve obediently as a God Power Regulation System.

Then, is there any other way for my Ascension to fail? Is there any way for my declaration to be voided?

In history, there isn’t any precedent. But in theory, there is one possibility — Death.

If a person died and his soul goes into the cycle of reincarnation, how can he Ascend?

That is the reason why I ignited my soul without hesitation previously, seeking for death!

Of course, it is not like it is impossible for me to fail completely. Anyway, a God Power Regulation System doesn’t really need to think so it should be sufficient to split a fragment of my soul to it. I have prepared a horcrux-like Soul Container to build the new God. In fact, there are 2 SemiGod Equipment involved in it!

?SemiGod Equipment: Dignity of the Judicature (Bind)?

?Defence:10Points(Even metal plates only have 5Points of defense, for a cloth magic robe to reach these level of defense is already very incredible.?

?Unique Ability 1 The Self-Judgement of the Sinner: Induces guilt within sinners and as time passes, sinners would fall deeper into a state of fear and helplessness. The greater the sin, the greater the effect of this ability. The innocents are exempted from this ability.?

?Unique Ability 2 The Dispassionate Judge: The user equipped with the mask would have his charm fixed at 100. Resistance against seduction, detection, illusory and similar magic +20.?

?Unique Ability 3 Horcrux: A technique from a foreign world allows a fragment of Wumianzhe’s Soul to be embedded within. ?

?Unique Ability 4 Set Effect: If SemiGod Equipment Wumianzhe’s Gaze is equipped together with this equipment, the user will be acknowledged by the Rules of Order as the founder of Power of Law Wumianzhe himself and receive the following buffs from the Origin of Law. Power of Law +30%, Magic Immunity +50%?

?SemiGod Equipment: Wumianzhe’s Gaze (Bind) ?

?Defence: 0 Points?

?Unique Ability 1 The Gaze of Truth: No illusions or lies can fool Wumianzhe. The wearer will be able to see through all falsehood.?

?Unique Ability 2 The Voice of Justice: The wearer’s word cannot be recorded and tested by any magic, even if the words he speaks are true. Immunity to Intimidation, Deceive and related verbal skills +20?

?Unique Ability 3 Horcrux: A technique from a foreign world allows a fragment of Wumianzhe’s Soul to be embedded within. ?

?Unique Ability 4 Set Effect The Origin of Law: If SemiGod Equipment Dignity of the Judicature is equipped together with this equipment, the user will be acknowledged by the Rules of Order as the founder of Power of Law Wumianzhe himself and receive the following buffs from the Origin of Law. Power of Law +30%, Magic Immunity +50% ?

?Curse of the God Equipment, Weight of the Gavel: The user equipped must have a job related to the legislative system and must carry out his job impartially. If he were to twist the laws for personal reasons or speak falsely, the law robe would become an unquenchable fire, destroying the user’s soul and physical body.?

?”Please use the authority granted prudently. The choice made after the Gavel strikes down doesn’t merely decide the rise and fall of an individual, but represents the dignity of the legislative system and its impartiality. –The Supreme Court Wumianzhe?

This is my mask and robe that I don as Wumianzhe and SemiGod Equipment recognised by the Origin of Order. What I want to make use of is their Unique Ability 4 Origin of Order. As long as the Light Pillar or Order loses me as its target, then the equipments, which possesses a fragment of my soul, will become a qualified God Power Regulation System. At this moment, they are put together like a persona and under the effect of the Unique Ability 4, they form a Wumianzhe acknowledged by the Rules of Order!

But, as I expected, even if the Rules of Order lack self-awareness, it isn’t that easy to fool it.

The Light Pillar of Order which guides the Ascension of true Gods totally ignores that fake. At the same time, it didn’t gather around me. Instead, it binds the Roland Sacred Sword. After all, the only thing required for Godhood is the soul and the soul of a Lich is in its phylactery. As for my Phylactery, it is in this Sacred Sword.

In the endless silver light, the extinguishing Soulfire due to the ignition of my stone is blazing up once again and the broken sword is actually starting to reforge itself!

This was a possibility that I have considered. The matter that I was the most worried about has happened. The Power of Order actually started to fix my broken phylactery! If it is in the past, I would dance in joy and this means that I can level up and grow but now, it is the amulet to my death!

“I don’t want to be forced to Ascend! Elisa, carry out the plan!”


“There are no buts. From the start, I should have been judged! Sinners will be judged eventually.”

Yes, sinners will be judged eventually, regardless of their identity or the reasons. It is all because the sin exists.

?No matter what I do in the future, the past sins still weigh upon me. The souls that died because of me were sufficient to fill the entire River Styx. No matter how many people I save, how many good things I do, I am still a sinner. I can’t even lie to my own heart, so how am I able to get the system to admit that I am a kind person.

“The words on the law monument at the entrance of the Supreme Court were even handwritten by me  –Only impartial judgement and the punishment can wash away sins, no one is an exception. (Chapter 22) ?

Sinners will be judged eventually, this is my personal faith towards Law. A person who has his hands stained in blood isn’t qualified to become the God of Law. Perhaps, this is the main reason why I avoided the choice of Ascending to Godhood personally. Perhaps, it is because of my subconscious anticipating the day when I am saved through judgement that gave the God Equipment Origin of Codex the final Unique Ability.

?Effect 4: Sinners will be Judged (Active): Activate Great Judgement towards a single target, cleansing him of all his sins through the judgement. Requirement: The target must be willing to undergo judgement.?

Looking at the Silver Light of Order growing stronger, Elisa is finally forced to raise the Codex as she grits her teeth.

“Sinners will be judged! Sinner Roland! Are you willing to accept judgement?!”

Looking at the blood stains on Elisa’s red lips that were bitten by her silver teeth, I know that I am being too cruel. I actually forced Elisa to punish a person she likes… But the words for an apology rolls in my mouth, refusing to come out anyhow. In the end, it turns into a helpless sigh.

“Sigh… I am guilty and accept the judgement.”

Another Light of Order bursts and my soul is brought into a Court of Stars. All of the part-time jurors and the ancient Heroic Spirit audiences are already seated. Elisa sits on the Judge Stand and the Codex floats in front of her. Countless memories that I remember and forgotten flashes in the Court and right now, they serve as the evidence of my guilt.

In one of the images, my Yongye army is engaged in reckless slaughter. The towns that the Undead army crosses path with are reduced to rubble. The dead rises as new soldiers and the fresh blood of the living forms a river of blood. The overwhelming resentment rises even to the Heavenly Pillar, enraging the Gods.

?Sinner Roland, you are sentenced to death penalty for war crimes!?When the trial begins, the user of the Codex is under the control of the absolutely fair Codex. Even if reluctance was written all over her face, Elisa reads out the verdict.

Yes, death penalty. Death penalty without any doubts. If we are talking about creating tragedies and war, then Shou who just died in the battlefield isn’t even qualified to serve as my apprentice. It is right for me to be sentenced to death because of war crimes.

“Yes, I plead guilty.”

A sudden leap in space-time and my soul and flesh is locked on a black-colored guillotine simultaneously. Then, the decapitation blade descends and kacha, the head separates from the body..

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Even if I was prepared, but the pain and emptiness of death is still intolerable. The head that was cut off may no longer be able to make any sound but my soul was shouting in agony.

Pain, absolute pain. My life is quickly receding from me with my head missing. The instincts of a living being makes me scream uncontrollably.

In the final throes of my screams, my soul and flesh start to disintegrate. This is true death. The me who doesn’t believe in the true Gods of Order enters the cycle of reincarnation and falls into the River Styx!

But, a silver light suddenly falls and in an instant, the scattered soul becomes clear once more. To think that I would be forcefully revived by the Origin of Order!

Looking up at the slightly thinner Light Pillar of Order, I grit my teeth.

“Continue the judgement! It is useful! Let’s go all out against it.”

Under the heartless command of the man, the tears of the young lady drips down silently. In the end, it turns into a quiet weep. However, under the effect of the God Equipment, it turns into a solemn and cold judgement.

?Sinner Roland, you are sentenced to death penalty for fraud!?

The image in midair shows all of my truthful lies. In the biggest screen, the video of me handing over the Yongye Scepter I created to the auction with ill intents could be seen.

Yes, ill intentions and fraud are heavy crimes, the death penalty is definitely a fitting punishment.

In midair, I was pushed onto the gallows. Then, the steps under my feet suddenly disappear and endless blank space could be seen below my feet.

The rope on my neck tightens and the pain on my throat escalates to crazy levels. The choking sensation of my soul is even harder to tolerate then the one on my flesh. I want to shout but no sound comes out. In the end, both of my legs slacken and everything went silent.

Just when my soul starts to disintegrate, a silver light falls and I am revived once again…


?Sinner Roland, you are sentenced to death penalty for murder!?

This time, it is death my poison. Boundless pain gathers in my veins. The pain from my veins expanding, a stabbing pain, a frosty feeling, a burning sensation and in the end, what is left is a corpse without any feelings.

Silver Light falls…

“Continue!! It is already much thinner.”

Elisa’s face was long tear-stricken. But, she is unable to stop now. Once the judgement begins, the Court will not stop until all of the sins of the great sinners are judged. I, who have committed many crimes within these 300 years, dying 3 or 4 times are far from sufficient!

?Sinner Roland, you are charged with the crime of anti-sentient being crime (Anti-humanity Crime)…?

It is the soul electrical chair this time.

Silver Light falls.


Burnt on a stake.

Silver Light falls…

?Crime of poisoning?

Drown to death.

Silver Light falls…

One crime after another is played on the Judgement Stand as I revive and die again and again. My soul disintegrates and reforge again and again. At this moment, I had the thought of simply dying and ending it all.

Finally, after dying a countless times, just as I, numb from everything, started to give up hope, the Light of Order that falls finally has a short delay in between!

“Quick, quick, use that!!”

The one that I was pointing to is the large blade that is leaning by the Judgement Stand, Dragon Saber!!

Elisa releases her grip on the Codex, carries that heavy blade and strikes the Roland Sacred Sword with it.

?Special Ability The Unyielding Saber: 100% chance of directly destroying a weapon below Elite-tier. 50% chance of directly destroying an Elite-tier weapon. 30% chance of directly destroying an Epic-tier weapon. 1% chance of destroying any weapon below God-tier.?

This is the most useful ability of the God Equipment Dragon Saber that came from a foreign world. Even though Roland Sacred Sword is a hard-to-come-by Godly Weapon, able to stand toe-to-toe with SemiGod Equipment, but it is still not a God Equipment and there is a 1% chance of it being destroyed in an instant. Furthermore, once the phylactery of the Lich is shattered and it doesn’t revive on time, then I will be dead for sure!

That’s why, my first reaction upon seeing this Godly Weapon is to involve it in my backup plans in case something goes wrong.

Dang dang dang!”

This the sound of the clashing between the sword and the saber and the sound of my impending demise. However, I wish from the depths of my heart that it would come faster because the Light Pillar of Order is starting to gather in the sky!

“Get away! This Light of Order is fatal to someone who has Demon Bloodline like you!!”

However, Elisa ignores my words and increases her slashing speed.

However, the silver Light Pillar sudden falls in the next instant without any warning.

The moment the Light Pillar falls, I fell into despair. I don’t really mind Ascending and at worst, I just have to find another idea or just become a God Power Regulation System but Elisa…


I have never felt so regretful, so regretful for the decisions I made! Regretful that I will never be able to see this young lady again! Regretful that I ignored Elisa’s hints and regretful that I was unable to say some words!

“The Rage of Lightning!”

A rampaging lightning suddenly strikes towards the Light Pillar in the sky, colliding forcefully into it. But, the Light Pillar quickly destroyed the lightning and continued its descend.

At the same moment, a figure shrouded in lightning is already standing in the face of the Light Pillar.

“Adam!” Yes, despite just finishing his operation and is still in a weak state, Adam stands once again in the battlefield.

He doesn’t need to ask why we are struggling against the benevolent Origin of Order. Just the furious roar and cry of agony from his companions is enough for him to put his life on the line and come to our rescue!

“Lightning, respond to my summons!!”

Countless lightning bolts gather under the order of its master. The enraged Swordsman aims his sword at the heavens and slashes. This time, when the smoke finally scatters, the lightning and Light of Order has destroyed each other under the collision.

In the next moment, as thought incited, an even larger Light of Order descends. If struck by it, even Adam who possesses the Titan Bloodline will die instantly.

But, glancing below, he didn’t have the slightest intention to dodge the attack. Instead, he raises his sword and charges ahead!

“Corridor of Time!!”

Fortunately, a voice suddenly echoes and under the entire strength of a SemiGod Saint, the time surrounding the Light of Order is forcefully slowed.

“You bastard! You want to die that much?!”

Alright, facing the interrogation and angry howl from the blue figure, Adam could only smile foolishly.

Even with the combined strength of 2 SemiGod experts, the slowed time and the lightning bolts that continuously ascends to strike, they were only able to slow down the descend of the Light of Order.

But, this gave an opportunity to reverse the situation below.

Finally, that 1% Unique Ability has been activated.

Kacha.” With a crisp sound, Roland Sacred Sword shatters and the gray soul within dissipates.


Hearing my voice, Adam gives way and Magaret, who is already perspiring from the struggle, immediately removes her magic, allowing the Light of Order to descend.

This time, the shattered phylactery can no longer attract its attention. Instead, it strikes on the fake persona beside!

At this moment, I took this opportunity to activate the soul fragments in the SemiGod Equipment to make it more reminiscent of a complete person.

Afterwards, following the flow of the Light of Order inside, the incomplete soul is being filled and this faker persona gradually becomes completed. Even more so, it started its evolution from a human to a true God.

As for me, I am already lying peacefully on the ground, waiting for the call of death. But, in the last moment, I saw the red eyes of Elisa and that bizarre smile on her small face as she grabs a saber while walking towards me.

?Special Ability Frenzy: 1% chance of falling into a frenzied state that recognizes no kin. In this state, you will first target and kill your own kin.?

Alright, I’ve already known that with my Luck, if that 1% probability of destroying the Sacred Sword of the Special Ability is able to trigger, than this 1% Special Ability of Frenzy is bound to trigger as well.

Looking at the lady who raises the giant blade to slash down, I was unable to move at all. I could only smile helplessly.


But, the next instant, my eyes completely went dark. In the end, I have no idea whether I really got decapitated or Adam managed to stop her.


2 months later, in the Inferno Abyss of the Lower Realm, on the River Styx that is normally quiet, there is a soul that is creating a ruckus, very much different from all of the other lifeless souls.

“I love bathing, to get good skin~ With my shower cap on, prancing about~ Piranhas try to escape, rinsing the top while cleaning the bottom… Never mind since I can’t remember it. Ah, boss, if you don’t come soon, I wouldn’t even be able to remember my own name!”
TL: This is the original song. The original lyrics should be Mermaids try to escape

That person looks like a teenager and the song he is singing is a nursery song from a foreign word but somehow, there is something there that doesn’t fit into the song.

“…one hundred and eighty-four thousand six hundred and twenty-one, one hundred and eighty-four thousand six hundred and twenty-two…”

Fortunately, just when he was so bored that he started counting from one to two hundred thousand, a small black boat appeared on the River Styx, where boats shouldn’t appear at all.

The boatman is a dashing young man dressed in black.. He isn’t tall or short and there isn’t anything that is defining about him. The black robe seems especially fitting on him, giving the impression of a silent dark night.

I was overjoyed after floating for such a long period of time! Even the soul of a Transcender is about to be unable to withstand it.

“Hey hey, here!!”

Hearing the shout, the small boat changes its direction and very quickly, I was pulled up by the boatman.

“Boss Ayer, if you came any later, I would have really thought that you have went against your words.”

Yes, the young man who seems extraordinarily ordinary is the most ancient God, the High King of the first generation of Humans, Death God Ayer.

“Hehe, you have done such a great job so why would I go against my words. Your avatar, the God of Law Wumianzhe, is currently the hottest topic among the Gods. In order to help shield you from all probing-related Magic, even I had to spend quite a bit of effort. Even so, it is worth it.”

The praise of Death God Ayer is rare. Even towards the ‘absolute’ true Gods, he rarely shows them any consideration.

“Then, let’s carry on as we planned.”

“Of course, I have already spread the word. Whoever who dares to touch Wumianzhe would be waging a war against me, so you can rest easy about your avatar. Your next step should be to expand the faith of Law and increase the God Power of the God of Law.”

“Un, yes. That is the 2nd part of my plan, to make Law replace Holy Light as the number 1 faith of intelligent lifeforms. It may be difficult, but it isn’t impossible and I have my own plans in this aspect.”

The black-clothed Dark God smiles. For the first time, he feels that letting this lad with a silver tongue go back then was a fortunate thing.

“Fine, but to make the God of Law into the God of Judgement and even the God of Hades and build your own God System, you would have to defeat at least 4 to 5 strong Gods to take their Godhood and Jurisdiction. This path isn’t easy.”

Yes, the Ascension of a God of Law is just the starting point. To turn all of this around, just a God of Law isn’t enough.

In the East of a certain foreign world, if one starts talking about Judge, the first reaction of the elderly wouldn’t be the dignified judges in court but the King Yama and his Judges of Hell in the ancient Myths. There are also many legends in Egypt, Japan and many other countries about a similar system of judging one’s soul after death and determining how they should be treated based on their actions when they were alive.

This is the expectations of people for the kind to be rewarded and the evildoers to be punished, as well as a warning in ancient times for people not to commit evil. In the past, when a large portion of people believed in the existence of Gods, it successfully played its role in warning them. Nowadays, the elderly still often tell the younger generations not to commit sins, otherwise they would go to hell.

While there are true Gods in this world, but there isn’t any Gods of the Underworld. The only God that is related is the Death God Ayer, but he is only in charge of managing the system of reincarnation.

For the eternal war to stop, we must stop the reincarnation system which keeps pumping new blood into both parties so as to stop the awakening of the two Goddesses. To reject the reincarnation system is meaningless. If one feels that the reincarnation system is wrong, then he must propose a new system to replace the reincarnation system.

Thus, I thought of Hades and Hell.

If a soul doesn’t rise to the Heavenly Pillar or fall into the River Styx depending on his faith when he is alive and rather, a neutral God System is allowed to judge them so that those innocent can continue on in their path of reincarnation while sinners would have to serve their sentence, this could perhaps be a warning and restriction to the living. This world would become a much better place. More importantly, the two Goddesses who lost their source of tributes would never be able to awaken.

But just thinking about it, it is an impossible mission. However, since the implausible move of allowing an avatar to rise to Godhood has been accomplished, perhaps there isn’t anything impossible in this world.

“Un, only the words of the powerful would be heard. This is also true for the world of Gods. The first thing to do is to spread the faith of Law and allow the God of Law Wumianzhe to grow stronger.”

“Hehe, this isn’t easy. Do you intend to head to the human world yourself?”

“Un, I don’t think that other people would be able to accomplish this mission. I will head out after reviving. The first stop is the West Mist Communal Country. After all, that is my homeland.”

“The country built by the legendary Holy Knight Roland.Mist? The descendants of the Mist?”

Hearing that, I shook my head. I have heard of the legend but I’ve never treated it as seriously.

“They are probably just making use of my name. I died when I was 14, so it is impossible for me to leave behind descendants.”

“You sure?”

“… I’m unsure, the memories I lost are simply too much. However, going by my habits, the possibility of leaving behind descendants are simply too low. Perhaps, they might be descendants of Karwenz. He was always popular with the girls. Why, is the Death God interested in the gossips of humans as well?”

“No, I’m just asking for someone else.”

“Who would be able to get you to help them to get these gossips?”

“Your lover.”

“Wait! When did I get a lover! How come I don’t remember!”

“2 months ago, on the day before you Ascended, do you not remember?”

?Master, do you remember the favor you owe me? Accept my confession. That is my condition.? Instantly, I remember the words that I said then. The condition then wasn’t making a show in front of Adam but to accept this supposed ‘confession’.

“Elisa… you were aiming to strike 2 birds with one stone! Making a show real? Is this considered a confession?”

In that instant, my brain turned into mush so how could I respond quick enough. I thought that that was to allow for a happy ending, so how would I have thought of it as a confession!

“Un, it is that girl named Elisa. She is really brave. She insulted me by the side of the River Styx to incite me, so that I would fulfill my promise to fetch you.”

“Lord, please don’t hold grudges against her!”

“Hehe, why would I hold grudges against a little girl. On the other hand, I admire her courage and determination, so I sent her a little present. However, it might spell trouble for you.”

An foreboding premonition floats in my head. The frenzied figure holding a saber appear in my head once again. Somehow, I felt like jumping from the boat and escape, even if this is the River Styx which represents death.

“That, where are we going now?”

“Of course it is to meet your little girlfriend. I have promised to bring you to her.”

“Can I jump off the boat?”

“Feel free, as long as you feel that you can escape from me.”

A soul escaping from the hands of the strongest Death God? Helpless, I can only howl in misery.


I guess its a blessing to be ‘sent off’ by your loved ones :P

TL: I know I translated it as horcrux in the past but the more accurate term for it is phylactery, so I will stick with this. Horcrux is more of splitting a fragment of your soul while phylactery is placing your entire soul into an object.

?? -> It is actually a Chinese version of God of Hell. Because there isn’t word for it in English and I’ve already started using River Styx anyway, I’m just going to call it Gods of Underworld/Hades and Hades would be referring to the underworld (in case someone thinks that I’m talking of a certain God)

I get that there is a sudden transition from 3rd person to 1st person POV in the 2nd part but that’s how it’s written. It isn’t as unnatural as it is when in Chinese than in English, so just bear with it.

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